34 Best Dice Bots for Discord

No more physical dice, no more tedious calculations!

Why not let’s sprinkle some excitement and inject some fun into your server? Gone are the days of searching for a coin to toss during a passionate game night to decide who’s on dish duty. There is a multitude of mischievous little Dice bots for Discord and we have compiled a list of the best ones for you. 

Best Discord Dice Bots

Best Discord Dice Bots

Dice bots are not just about rolling the dice during games on Discord. These virtual companions are equipped with different features to help players in a wide range of tabletop games and add an extra layer of fun. Let’s go through the best of them. Prepare yourself to roll the dice and determine your fate.

1. PixxieBot

PixxieBot | best Discord dice bot

PixxieBot is the versatile key if you want to boost the overall interaction among members, keep them engaged, and add value to your server. With its range of features and games, it can help uplift the experience and provide hours of entertainment for your community. It provides multiple games such as Hangry Games, Guess The Number, Make A Sentence, Truth or Dare, and claims 99.99% uptime. 

2. Bogsy’s Dice Bot

Bogsy's Dice Bot

Bogsy’s Dice Bot assists users in rolling dice with best-named modifiers and quick rolls and streamlines the gameplay of tabletop games played on Discord. If you want to keep track of dice rolls, this is the one you can opt for to bring entertainment to your usual gaming sessions. Slash commands make it easier to integrate and use the bot.

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3. Ghosty

Ghosty | best Discord dice bot

Ghosty is a highly adorable and versatile dice roller bot for Discord, the best to encourage interactions and entertainment within the server. It offers multiple features and games such as Hangman, Cards Against Humanity, Truth or Dare, Minesweeper, and more.  It is available in multiple languages such as English, German, and Portuguese.



BobTheBot aims to make your community more active and engaging by providing features that encourage interaction and participation of members. It offers a random number generator (RNG) feature that lets users generate numbers for various purposes. It provides new fonts that can be used in Discord messages.

5. Alfred

Alfred | best Discord dice bot

Alfred is a multipurpose useful bot that offers you various entertainment features, music and voice commands, etc. to help you uplift the interaction levels in the server. Utility commands to search YouTube for songs, and lyrics, search and generate random images.

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6. Dice Roller

Dice Roller

As the name suggests, the Dice Roller Discord bot is perfect for server members who play tabletop role-playing games or activities that depend on chance and luck. Roll multiple dice, special dice, and dice with modifiers. Slash commands keep it user-friendly. 

7. Goomba’s 8-Ball

Goomba's 8-Ball | best Discord dice bot

Goomba’s 8-Ball is as interesting and fun as it sounds. This Discord dice roller bot is best for situations where you want to ask witty questions, get fun responses, roll dice, or do a coin flip. All you have to do is invite it to your server and that’s it. Provides inspirational, humorous, or thought-provoking quotes that can be shared with other members. /insults command randomly selects an insult that can be used in a light-hearted manner to pull the legs of your friends.

8. Dice Witch

Dice Witch

Dice Witch is quite a popular and advanced bot option that rather than making things boring and monotonous, brings your rolls to life. It rolls a TRPG dice that is displayed visually on the screen for a more realistic experience. You can roll dice with any number of sides, but the images of four, six, eight, ten, twelve, or twenty-sided dice can be seen.

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9. Button Dice Roller

Button Dice Roller | best Discord dice bot

Button Dice Roller is a visual bot, particularly useful for smartphones that use buttons, i.e., touch response instead of slash commands to trigger rolls. Once you configure it to any Discord channel using a command, the bot will provide a message with different options. Players have to tap and select any option that will prompt the bot to post the result. It supports Discord Threads that allow users to roll dice within a specific conversation or topic.

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10. Dice Golem

Dice Golem

Dice Golem is a clean & user-friendly bot on your Discord server that can roll common RPG and TRPG dice expressions, like 2d6+1, with the support of modifiers like drop/keep, re-roll, and more. Secret Rolls allows you to roll the dice without having to switch windows, and with Private Rolls, you can message the bot directly and have results sent back to you as DMs.

11. Hector

Hector | best Discord dice bot

Hector comes under one of the best multipurpose, beginner-friendly, and 24/7 online Discord dice bots. Created with intuitiveness and functionality in mind, it can be a great addition to your server. The best part about Hector is that it works in English, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, and Spanish language. Pre-determined list of roles that users can assign themselves. Attractive and advanced giveaways such as re-rolling, sending automatic sending, and attaching graphics.

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12. Feyre


Feyre is designed for playing Dragons and Dungeons (D&D) and other role-playing games within the Discord platform. It aims to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience and you can enjoy multiple advanced features during your gameplay session. Roll dice of any size with built-in advantage and skill checks. Re-roll button to re-roll previous rolls. The Tracker keeps a note of characters’ turns and wallets.

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13. Wizbot

Wizbot | best Discord dice bot

Often there can be situations of indecisiveness in a Discord server, and for that, the Wizbot can be the best dice bot choice. All you need is to simply spin the wheel and turn the tough decision into an easy choice within seconds. Rather than going over something, again and again, this is a great way to leave everything to chance. Supports coin flipping, magic 8-ball answers, deal blackjack, and dice rolling. Generates and displays facts using random pics, and uses AI to generate an image.

14. Realm of Darkness

Realm of Darkness

Realm of Darkness Is a multipurpose tool that helps Discord users play different games such as Vampire: the Masquerade and Hunder: the Recoking 5th edition games with ease. You can ask it to track characters, integrate websites, or simply roll the dice. Moreover, you can use different commands to set or delete characters and view character lists.

15. AnyDice

AnyDice | best Discord dice bot

AnyDice Discord bot is a versatile bot with multiple capabilities. It provides an option to flip coins and roll the dice for you among others. You can access several commands and their usage to operate them using the a!help command. 

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16. Kobold


Koblod is an intelligent dice roller bot that imports, integrates, and manages multiple characters from Wanderer’s Guide and Pathbuilder 2E with Discord. Since it can be annoying for players to manage multiple roles simultaneously, Kobold does the job with ease. You can roll dice using the character’s stats, and create custom dice expressions.

17. Dice Bot

Dice Bot | best Discord dice bot

Dice Bot is a pretty simple Discord dice bot. It does not possess advanced features like other similar bots. Thus, you can only roll dice with its help and spare yourself from learning too many commands and dealing with different configurations.

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18. Discspire


Discspire is a Discord dice bot designed for users to easily prepare dice rolls for TalesSpire, a virtual tabletop role-playing game. Macros are pre-defined sets of dice rolls or commands that can be executed with a single command to save time and smooth the gameplay. With this bot, users can create rolling commands and create Macros that can be called later.

19. Dice Maiden

Dice Maiden | best Discord dice bot

Dice Maiden is one of the best dice roller bots for Discord, designed for tabletop-role playing game sessions. It can roll multiple dice, special dice, dice with modifiers, alias rolls, etc.

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20. Scrap


Scrap is an RPG Discord bot that you can use different commands to roll the dice, delete characters, send private messages to only one user, manage stats, set fields, and so on. This bot lets users send custom embeds with character photos and names during RPGs via chat.  It is a pretty popular option among Discord users for its multipurpose features.

21. Dicer

Dicer | best Discord dice bot

From playing tabletop games to embarking on heart-pounding adventures in Dungeons & Dragons, Dicer is a perfect option. This Discord bot comes with only one command to /roll to roll the dice with basic maths expressions and that’s it. The syntax is easy to understand, making it beginner-friendly.

22. Raleigh


If strategy-based games are not your cup of tea, then you might fancy chance-based games on Discord like D&D and other dice games. Using the Raleigh bot, you can easily roll virtual dice, do quick mathematical equations, or consume healing potions to fight in Dungeons & Dragons. However, some users are not a fan of its occasional, unexpected, and unwanted crash issue.

23. Dicecord

Dicecord | best Discord dice bot

Dicecord is a multipurpose Discord dice bot that was created to facilitate various randomization-related tasks. You can ask it to roll dice draw cards and unlock the complete potential of the platform. As this is a free bot option, it can help you enjoy different games with your friends.

24. Ficus’s Lucky Dice

Ficus's Lucky Dice

Ficus’s Lucky Dice is a popular dice bot for Discord users to assist them with dice rolling for a variety of tabletop games, such as Dungeons and Dragons. It can roll dice in different rolling variations such as multiple dice, special dice, and modifiers.

25. Fate Dice

Fate Dice | best Discord dice bot

Fate Dice is another good option that you can go for if you are looking for a Discord dice bot. As fancy as it sounds, Fate Dice allows players to roll dice for roleplay games. For this, players can either roll dice in DMs or any Discord channel.

26. Mr. Dice

Mr. Dice

If you are a Dragon & Dungeon enthusiast, then you will surely love Mr. Dice. This Discord bot dice is armed with multiple features such as rolling dice, spells, and weapons. Moreover, it has tons of admirers and positive reviews for its effective features. However, there are times when it suddenly stops working, making the whole experience frustrating for Discord users.

27. Fireball

Fireball | best Discord dice bot

With the Fireball bot in your Discord server, you can carry out different functions as per your individual needs. For instance, it can roll different types of dice, pick random numbers, or hold a lottery for server members. Moreover, Fireball is easy to use and is great for role-playing games.

28. dBotRPG


dBotPRG is an amazing Discord bot that takes over the job of rolling dice for random results in your games. It can roll multiple dice at the same time using the same command. Moreover, the bot has the ability to retain the previous dice roll and allows for the inclusion of additional dice.

29. Whitea

Whitea | best Discord dice bot

Whitea is an amazing Discord bot, packed with numerous enticing features, new functions, and new minigames.

  • Generate images such as anime, avatars, wallpaper, etc
  • Return a random dice GIF with a random number between 1 to 6
  • Generate Instagram profile, send TikTok videos

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30. DiceMaster


Whether you are playing games for fun or you have something at stake, DiceMaster can multiply entertainment like you have never experienced before. It is filled with different features suitable for role-playing games, RPG sessions, and of course, DnD. It takes over the dice rolling responsibility so you can focus on the game.

31. Fiadh

Fiadh | best Discord dice bot

Fiadh is the perfect option for people who engage in role-playing games like The Forests of Faera. This interactive bot can roll different dice depending on the game or the requirement.

32. Tyche


Tyche is another renowned dice-rolling Discord bot that can also look up spells and provide definitions of different words. It can roll any type of dice and provide a random number to help you progress in the game. Moreover, Tyche can also take care of the advantage and disadvantages part using the appropriate flags.

33. RollBot

RollBot | best Discord dice bot

If you are someone who often plays tabletop games with friends on Discord, then you need the RollBot dice roller on a server. Rather than making the process tedious and complex, it rolls the dice for you within the chat. You can moreover set multiple dice, special dice, and modifiers to make it useful for a variety of games.

34. FU Dice Bot

FU Dice Bot

FU Dice bot is a dice roller for Discord. Interestingly, it supports numerous standard types of dice and does not invade your privacy. Moreover, this bot is relatively easier to use than many other similar options.

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That is it, folks! We hope you liked our compiled list of the best dice bots for Discord. It’s now time that you pick one out today, add them to the server, and let them infuse a never-ending fun factor into the interactive sessions. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to TechCult for more such recommendations.

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