13 Best Apex Legends Discord Servers

Having a supportive Apex Legends community can make a difference while playing. Luckily, Apex Legends Discord servers helps to connect with other like minded gamers. In this guide, we’ll explore best Apex Legends Discord server available.

13 Best Apex Legends Discord Servers

Best Apex Legends Discord Servers

It can be challenging to choose which Apex Legends servers are worthwhile joining with so many of them available. Because of this, we’ve put together a list of the best Apex Legends Discord server that will suit your requirements whether you’re a competitive or casual gamer. So, join us as we explore the best of them if you’re ready to improve your Apex Legends experience.

Note: We started the list with the Apex Legends official server, which is the game’s official Discord server. However, the others on this list are not in any particular order. As we have compiled only the best Apex Legends Discord server for you, and you are free to select any of the servers mentioned.

1. Apex Legends (Official)

Apex Legends (Official)

We are starting with the Apex Legends server on Discord, which is unquestionably the best Apex Legends server. It’s the official Apex Legends server, which is great because here you’ll hear about news and events about the game first. The server is very active, and you will not be bored. With so many members on this server, you will surely find teammates to play with. Whether you are looking for an LFG server or a server dedicated to Apex Legends, this is the best server available. Let’s take a look at some of the best features or highlights of the Apex Legends Official Discord server:

  • The server has several channels for players searching for groups (LFG).
  • These LFG (looking for group) channels are classified according to the type of player, which includes competitive, casual, mobile groups, and regions.
  • There are announcement channels for game news, Apex Legends eSports, events, and more game news and updates on the server.
  • The giveaways and events are legal and well-organized.
  • Creators can use the server’s dedicated channels to share their fan art, clips, and streams.

2. Tranquility

Tranquility. 13 Best Apex Legends Discord Servers

Another active server, Tranquility, can be your go-to place to chill with the Apex community and not just Apex. If you were searching for an Apex Legends LFG Discord server to join and find some players to play Apex with or if just want to join a good active server, then joining this server will never be a bad idea. Here are some of the features we think you would like in Tranquility:

  • The server has several channels for popular games, including Minecraft, Apex Legends, and more.
  • There are dedicated radio and active voice channels for live group listening and voice chat.
  • Members can use the server’s i-made-this channel to share their fan art, clips, and streams.
  • You can find cool server role names, with different features for each role assigned.
  • There is the latest game-related news and updates with an active Announcement channel.
  • The giveaways and events are legal and well-organized.
  • A dedicated LFG channel is also available.

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3. Apex Legends (Unofficial)

Apex Legends (Unofficial)

After the official Apex Legends server, this can be a great alternative if you don’t want to join the official one or didn’t have any luck finding any teammates to play Apex. This Apex Legends server is unofficial but does offer an alternative if you are looking for Apex Legends LFG Discord servers to join and make new friends to play Apex with. It doesn’t have all those extra dedicated channels like the official server but offers the basic channels and features that will get the work done. Here are some of its features:

  • It has a dedicated channel for PC and console players.
  • The server has a general chat for discussion about the game.
  • Posting fan art or clips is allowed.
  • This server is more geared toward finding teammates to play with.
  • The server hosts frequent Scrims.

Note: In e-sports or gaming, scrims are test matches between teams with the same scenario as a professional tournament or ranked match.

4. PlayAtDark

PlayAtDark. 13 Best Apex Legends Discord Servers

PlayAtDark is one interesting Discord server. The first thing you will need to do after you join the server is to choose the platform you use for gaming and the games you like to play. Once you joined the server, the server bot welcomes you with a cool picture of your ID and profile picture with a welcome message which is kind of interesting and unique compared to other servers in the list. You will be able to look for teammates in the apex-lfg dedicated channel. Some of the features of this best Apex Legends server on Discord are:

  • The server is well-organized and very active.
  • It has looking for group channels and also channels for art, screenshots, streams, anime discussion, and more.
  • This server is great for making friends and feeling like a part of a community.
  • It’s active but not overwhelming, so you can take part in discussions with like-minded players.

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5. The Amazing World of Apex Gamers

The Amazing World of Apex Gamers. 13 Best Apex Legends Discord Servers

Well, The Amazing World of Apex Gamers server has a lot of channels to keep you busy. And just like the unofficial Apex Legends server this server also has channels for each platform, like PC, console, and mobile. So, doesn’t matter where you are playing Apex Legends you will be able to find some teammates and have fun on this server. Some of its features are:

  • It has many different channels to keep you occupied.
  • It’s a smaller community compared to the official Apex Legends server.
  • It’s less active than the official server, but you can still strike up a conversation most days.
  • There are fun channels available for art, pets, gaming setups, and outfits.
  • This server is cozier compared to the official Apex Discord server.
  • With fewer members, your posts won’t get lost in the crowd as easily.

6. Liquid Apex

Liquid Apex

If you are into eSports, then you must have heard of Team Liquid which is an international eSports Organization and this Liquid Apex is their official server for Apex Legends. With fans all over the world, Team Liquid has dominated the eSports of many popular games. And if you are thinking of joining this server or were searching for Apex Legends LFG Discord servers, then you can surely join this server and look for mates to play with. Some of its features are:

  • The server has occasional tournaments, but not as many as before.
  • There are channels for finding teammates and groups.
  • The server has channels for org recruitment for competitive players.
  • You can share your screenshots/clips and post them in the general chat.
  • The server isn’t very active, so response times may be slow.
  • It’s a good place to look for players interested in Team Liquid or competitive play.

7. The District

The District. 13 Best Apex Legends Discord Servers

The District is another server with some really good organization of channels. The server offers channels dedicated to each rank in Apex Legends, whether you are a beginner ranked, Predator, Diamond, Gold, or any, based on your current rank you will be able to find players to play with. With good activity and plenty of people to talk and chill with, you can surely go and join this one of the best Apex Legends Discord servers. Here are some of the server’s highlights:

  • It is a well-organized server with dedicated channels for each rank in Apex Legends.
  • To team up, players need to create a ticket and send an invite.
  • The server has daily discussions and a large community of players to interact with.
  • The server also hosts free-to-enter tournaments with rewards and prize pools.
  • It has a dedicated Movie Night channel for watching movies with a group of friends.
  • You can share your Twitch streams in the Codes channel, which is dedicated to Twitch stream sharing.

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8. Battlecord | Apex

Battlecord Apex

Looking for a group or if you are into some serious rank grind and looking for some serious players to play with, then the Battlecord Discord server for Apex is the one for you. Here are some of the server’s highlights:

  • It is perfect for finding groups and serious players for a rank grind.
  • Before accessing the channels and features, players must verify their phone numbers.
  • The server provides a dedicated channel for finding substitute players for scrims or tournaments.
  • With over 30,000 members, the server is highly active.
  • Also, it has a dedicated channel for console players.
  • It organizes frequent giveaways.
  • This server has a banner-show-off channel, to flex or showcase your statistics by sharing pictures of your Apex Legends’ banners.

9. Teams.gg


Teams.gg is a great LFG Discord server, players of Apex Legends can find groups and play. When you join, you must accept the server’s rules and specify which games you want to play. The Teams.gg web-based server and Discord server are must-joins for Apex Legends players looking to level up their gameplay and connect with other players. Here are some Teams.gg Discord server’s highlights:

  • Before jumping into a game, players can use the server to chat with potential teammates.
  • Also, it has channels that show which players are online and ready to team up with you.
  • The Teams.gg Discord server is suitable for both casual and competitive players.
  • Finding the right teammates to dominate the battlefield will be super easy with dedicated channels, a friendly community, and a simple interface.
  • A channel named memes-n-stuff is where you will find some hilarious memes and videos on the internet shared by the players.
  • It has frequent Giveaways, including gift cards, in-game currency, and more.

10. The Void II

The Void II

The Void II is one of the best Apex Legends Discord servers. The Void is a server aimed to support the growth of gamers and content creators. They offer a wide range of resources for streamers and content creators as well as several ways to promote yourself. The Void II on the other hand is the community server’s one of the other Discord servers dedicated to first-person shooter games, including Apex Legends. Here are some of the server’s highlights:

  • It serves as an LFG server for other games like COD, CS: GO, Valorant, Fortnite, and Overwatch.
  • The server has dedicated game lobby channels for fast matchmaking with professional teammates.
  • The channels are well-organized and simple to use, allowing users to quickly find potential teammates.
  • It has a lounge channel, to chat about games and other stuff.
  • This server has dedicated LFG channels for each game.
  • You can live stream the channel to Steam and do activities together with other members of the server.

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11. Z League

Z League

Z league can be an option if you play other shooter games too. But, this server is not a dedicated server for Apex Legends. It does have a channel dedicated to Apex Legends where you can chat about the game, look for a teammate, or do anything related to Apex. You won’t be wasting any time if you’re on the lookout for a deadly duo, to team up and get those clutch 3v3s. Here are some of the server’s highlights:

  • It has an easy-to-go interface.
  • There are dedicated channels for each shooter game, including Apex Legends, Warzone, Fortnite, and Halo.
  • Also, it has a dedicated LFG channel, named find-teammates.
  • This server offers a channel for sharing your YouTube, Twitch, or any live streams.
  • It is a highly-active server, where you get recent news about games.
  • Also, it has a suggestion-box channel, a dedicated channel to interact or share anything with the server’s Moderators.

12. NESSY Apex Legends

NESSY Apex Legends

NESSY Apex Legends is an active and good server with some systematic and clean channel organization dedicated to Apex-related. It is an all-in-one server for Apex Legends and is one of the best Apex Legends Discord servers currently. Some of the highlights of the server are:

  • It is a good Discord server for Apex Legends, making it a one-stop destination for Apex Legends fans.
  • The server has a dedicated channel called help-bug-apex for discussing and resolving game-related bugs and error codes.
  • The LFG (looking for group) channel on the server is an excellent place to find non-toxic teammates to play with.
  • The server has a large number of channels dedicated to various activities and features, making it a great resource for game fans.
  • It organizes cross Platform tournaments with good prize money.
  • Also, it has a channel to share your Private lobby codes.

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13. Apex Legends OCE

Apex Legends OCE

This Apex Legends OCE is for Oceania countries usually, but you can choose the tourist option while selecting the region you are from. Once done, you will see this server got a staggering 50 trio voice chat channels – now that’s epic! It’s not every day you come across a server that offers so many dedicated voice chat channels, making it a standout gem among its peers. Here are some of the server’s highlights:

  • Despite being primarily made for Oceania, players from other regions are welcome to join this server.
  • With over 17K members, the LFG channel is a great place to find good players to join your team.
  • You can send rank invitations with your desired rank to ensure that only qualified players join your team, or even you can accept and join other players’ invitations.
  • The server is great for both climbing to Predator rank and casual gameplay players.
  • The LGF group is constantly active, with new requests arriving every minute.
  • Also, it has a dedicated Meme channel where you can blow off your steam after a heated match with some out-of-this-world memes.


So, that is all! With this list of best Apex Legends Discord servers, we are pretty sure we have put an end to your search, and also you won’t be playing solo anymore because with access to this number of LFG Discord servers finding good teammates to play with will be quick and easy. The official Apex Legends server is definitely the best among all but some of the other unique servers mentioned in this list are worth your time as well, like Teams.gg has a big community, on the other hand, NESSY Apex Legends even with comparatively fewer members, is a very well organized and an active server. So, no matter which server you decide to join we are sure you won’t be disappointed with this list of Discord servers. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can leave them in the comment section below.

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