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How to Get Bigo Live Diamonds

With millions of users around the world, Bigo Live allows you to send and receive virtual gifts while streaming live. These virtual gifts, including diamonds, hearts, and flowers, can be converted into real money. Are you curious to know how to get Bigo live diamonds? No worries. We will explain the same and also teach you how to recharge Bigo diamonds and show your love towards a creator.

How to Get Bigo Live Diamonds

Bigo Live Diamonds work as a bartering tool for viewers and creators. The app has a digital currency called Bigo Live Diamonds. These diamonds are simulated digital currencies that a user would have to purchase with real money and then can use these diamonds to purchase virtual gifts, props, frames, and special effects. The gifts range from simple emojis, roses, dragons, and even elaborate animations.

Quick Answer

Diamonds are in-app currency in Bigo Live, you can use the following steps to buy them:

1. In the Bigo Live app, tap on the Me icon.

2. Tap on Wallet and choose the Diamond plan you want to get and finally tap on Purchase. 

How do you Buy Diamonds on Bigo Live?

You can either buy Diamonds from Bigo Live App or the Bigo TV official website. A gift will appear more prominently on the streamer’s screen the more Diamonds a viewer spends. As per Bigo Live’s virtual gift exchange scheme, the host receives Bigo Beans when they are sent presents, beans can be converted into cash, making them a lucrative source of income.

Method 1: From Bigo Live App

Follow the steps below to buy diamonds on the Bigo Live app:

1. Launch the Bigo Live app and Log In to your account.

2. Tap on the Me icon at the bottom-right corner.

3. Tap on Wallet.

4. Choose the Diamond Recharge you wish to buy.

Bigo Live Diamond Recharge

5. Tap on Purchase

Note: Depending on your country of residency, Bigo Live accepts a number of payment options, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and mobile payment services. The Bigo Diamonds will be added to your account once your payment has been accepted.

If you are already on a live stream and want to top-up Diamonds:

1. Tap on the Gift icon at the bottom.

2. Tap on Recharge at the bottom left.

3. The list of Diamond packages will appear. Buy one from there directly.

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Method 2: From Bigo Pay TV

To get Bigo Live Diamonds from the official website, you can follow these steps:

1. Visit the official Bigo Live website.

2. Enter your BIGO ID and Login.

Enter your BIGO ID and Verify | How to get Bigo Live Diamond

3. Select the top-up amount.

4. Check out and select your mode of payment to purchase.

Where Can I Recharge Bigo Diamonds?

Bigo Diamonds, a type of virtual currency, can be earned by users of the live streaming software Bigo Live. Depending on where you are located and how you wish to pay, there are various ways to recharge your Bigo Diamonds:

  • In-App Purchases: You can buy Bigo Diamonds directly from the app using your desired payment method. Simply select the number of diamonds you want to buy by going to the Diamonds tab. After that, select your mode of payment and follow the steps displayed on the screen to finish the transaction.
  • Online Payment Platforms: In addition to PayPal, and Google Pay, Bigo Live also supports these services. Any of these platforms that you link your account to can be used to buy Bigo Diamonds.
  • Gift Cards: You may buy Bigo Live gift cards from some online merchants and use them to reload your Bigo Diamonds.

Note: It’s crucial to keep in mind that depending on your region and the device you’re using; different payment options can be available. Before attempting to recharge your Bigo Diamonds, make sure to look into the payment methods in your region. 

How Many Diamonds Makes Bean on Bigo?

Diamonds and Beans are both virtual currencies used on the social media platform Bigo Live and there is no direct conversion rate between Diamonds and Beans. The conversion rate may change based on a number of variables, including your current Diamond and Bean balances as well as the platform’s current market conditions. However, Beans on Bigo can be converted into Diamonds, but Diamonds cannot be converted into Beans directly. For further information on how to change Diamonds into Beans or vice versa, check the Bigo Live FAQ website or speak with their customer service team.

How Much is Bigo Diamond Price?

Depending on the country and the mode of payment, Bigo Diamonds have different prices. Moreover, it also depends on whether you are buying from the official Bigo Live app or from a third-party authorized seller.

  • In general, the Bigo Diamond price is $0.99 for 35-40+ Diamonds and $6.99 for around 270+ Diamonds. 
  • The cost per diamond tends to decrease when you buy more diamonds at once.
  • Promotions or discounts provided by Bigo Live, changes in the conversion rates of local currencies.


Bigo Diamonds are an integral part of the app experience, facilitating a vibrant and interactive community of users and streamers. Even though these are virtual tokens of admiration and love for the creator’s content, it keeps the zeal in them lit. That being said, we hope we could guide you well on how to get Bigo Live Diamonds. Share with us Bigo handles of your favorite creators in the comments box below. We would love to enjoy their content as well. Moreover, do not forget to drop down your queries and suggestions.

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