Top 10 Best Video Streaming Apps

Top 10 Best Video Streaming Apps

Those days are long gone when we sat in front of our televisions swapping channels, waiting for our favorite TV shows to come. And if someday there was an electricity cut, we cursed because that episode may not come repeated. But now, times have changed. Our TV has also taken part in technological advancements, and now we can stream our favorite shows and movies on our smartphones. Thanks to those streaming services, which made it possible. So today, we will count down our list for the best video streaming apps

Based on their content quality and regularity of content production, we will rank our top 10 best video streaming apps. Some may disagree as we are not adding price as a factor. It is because most of them provide free trials at the beginning of their services. You can try them out, and if it looks worth your money, you can continue; else, you can opt for some other one.

And also, there have different price categories based on content accessible to you and the quality of the streaming video. You can choose the pack based on your need and your budget.

The streaming services are running so well that big firms like Disney and Apple started their own. Disney is in the game of TV and movies from before, so it has many older content while it’s a fresh start for Apple. However, Apple couldn’t make it to the best video streaming apps. Still, Disney came into using an excellent business strategy by joining hands with other successful streaming services like Disney Plus Hotstar in India.

HBO, which has a huge dominance in TV for a long time, has also started its own HBO Now to bring its TV shows online. Just days ago, it launched another one, HBO Max.

These are our picks for the best video streaming apps:

Top 10 Best Video Streaming Apps

1. Netflix

Netflix | Best Video Streaming Apps

Even if you are new to streaming services and know little about it, the chances are high that you may have heard Netflix’s name from your friends. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services to date. Its availability in most of the countries is another reason for its popularity.

It has an enormous collection of content in various languages. Its original content itself is mind-blowing, comprising award-winning shows like House Of Cards, Stranger Things, Orange Is The New Black, The Crown, and many more. It got 10 nominations in Academy Awards 2020 for The Irishman

Another impressive feature of Netflix is its availability across various devices. It supports play station consoles, Miracast, Smart TVs, HDR10, and Dolby Vision besides your smartphone and PC.

You get a 30-day free trial at the starting of your service and full proof of parental controls. And with just one subscription, you can enjoy Netflix worldwide.

Download Netflix

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video | Best Video Streaming Apps

Amazon Prime Video is another big name in the streaming world, giving it a wonderful position in the list of best video streaming apps. This streaming service has gained rights from the largest productions and has rights to live sports like the NFL and Premier League.

It is also home to brilliant shows like Fleabag, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, The Boys, and many more shows. From oldest to latest, all movies are available here. Once you become a Prime member, you can access over 100+ channels. And you will need to pay for only those channels you watch.

Download Amazon Prime Video

3. Disney+ Hotstar

Disnep+ Hotstar

Hotstar has established itself as a reliable streaming service since the beginning. It is only because of Hotstar & its download feature that Disney+ could become the best video streaming apps. 

Hotstar provides a lot for free. This includes TV Shows, regional and international movies, and News channels. Though all the services of Hotstar are not free, they still are sufficient for a normal user. It has some movies and shows under the VIP section, but they are worth it.

Disney+ adds more beauty and quality to Hotstar’s content. Disney+ has more than Disney’s content. As the name suggests, it has more content addition to Disney’s. It also has shows and movies of Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. It started The Mandalorian, a live star wars show.

Download Disnep+ Hotstar

4.YouTube and YouTube TV


YouTube is in the market for a long time, giving common people opportunities to turn into celebrities. It is undoubtedly the oldest video streaming apps, and nowadays, it comes pre-installed on smartphones. It is the most used app in this list of best video streaming apps

YouTube is free of cost, as we all know, but you will have to pay for YouTube TV. YouTube TV is an excellent streaming service if we keep its cost aside, which is very high, $40 for a month, but it’s justified with such a brilliant service. 

YouTube is quickly taking steps to cover all fields of streaming services and reach the top. Its other apps include YouTube Gaming, which gives good competition to Twitch and YouTube Kids for Kids related shows.

Everyone will agree that YouTube is the most popular streaming app as it is free of cost, and it has become a regular part of our daily routine. From searching for solutions for educational and business purposes to learning new skills, YouTube has become a one-stop destination for most people worldwide.

Download Youtube

Download Youtube TV

5. HBO Go and HBO Now


HBO Go is the online version of its cable channel. And if you have a cable connection that has HBO, then hurray for you. You need not pay any extra charges for it. So, what are you waiting for? Install the app on your smartphone and start watching.

But if you don’t have a cable connection, but still you love watching HBO, can’t get access to HBO Go, then don’t worry. HBO already planned how to help you present HBO Now for those who can’t afford expensive cable bills just for HBO shows.

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At $15 per month, you can watch HBO hits like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, The Valley, Westworld, and many more. Not limited to just this, you will get a collection of classic movies that you will enjoy.

Download HBO GO

6. Hulu


Hulu provides big shows like The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, and many more from FOX, NBC, and Comedy Central. Hulu has a stock of good original shows and old and new shows and movies.

It has a good base price, but live TV is expensive, 40 dollars per month though the cost is just as it provides 50 channels and two simultaneous screens.

Download Hulu

7. VidMate

VidMate Video Streaming Apps

The best thing about VidMate is it’s free. You can stream anything from mp4 to 4K. Not limited to just that, you can also download videos from social media sites and other streaming services.

It has a network in over 200 countries where you can easily use it. You can download movies ranging from Hollywood to your regional ones. It provides excellent downloading speed. It comprises advanced downloading features, including multiple downloads once, downloads resuming, downloading in the background, etc.

Download Vidmate

8. JioCinema


JioCinema is another remarkable, free-to-use streaming service. You can stream in 15 Indian languages. It has an enormous collection of comedy, serials, movies, and animations. You will love the collection of Bollywood movies.

But there is a drawback too with this streaming service. You need to be a Jio user to access the content. Removing this condition will help it climb up in the list of best video streaming apps.

Other features of this streaming service are restricting kids from accessing it by putting a PIN lock. You can catch up on your movie from where you left it. And you can watch all of this on your enormous TV screens.

Download JioCinema

9. Twitch

Twitch | Best Video Streaming Apps

Twitch is a renowned video game streaming service. It is up to you if you want its free version or the premium one. It is the very best when it comes to e-sports. You can watch professional players streaming games live here.

However, you cannot stream Adults (18+) games here. You can earn here by playing your favorite games all day long, just like YouTube. The only drawback is that there are plenty of ads on this platform. You can opt for the premium version to get rid of Ads.

Download Twitch

10. PlayStation Vue (Discontinued) 

PlayStation Vue is one of the most affordable streaming services if you are looking for one. You can choose a package you like and enjoy ninety channels. The package includes news channels, entertainment shows, and live sports telecasts.

Live TV shows are available, and it provides excellent video quality. You can get updates on upcoming leagues and tournaments. And you can record all programs too.

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The list of streaming services currently available is long, and everyone has different features. At least one in which most people’s choices may tally within our list for the best video streaming apps. But if your one is not here, don’t worry, there are more available in the market you can choose from.

Another big problem that comes is to choose which package. Before choosing any package, consider two things, one your requirement and second your budget. Try to choose the one which compromises both with them. 

Most of the streaming services provide a free trial period at the beginning of the service to feel free if he wants that service. So if you consider any service, try it once. If it suits you, continue with it, else go for your next shot.

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