How Do I Kick Someone Off My Disney Plus Account

Secure your Disney Plus account by removing unwanted login access.

You can stream Disney Plus on up to four accounts across different devices, with each device supporting up to seven profiles. However, once the maximum number of account logins is reached, accessing this platform becomes impossible due to account limitations. If you find this situation frustrating, worry not! This guide will provide you with steps on how to kick someone off your Disney Plus account using various methods, including changing the password.

How Do I Kick Someone Off My Disney Plus Account

How Do I Kick Someone Off My Disney Plus Account

Disney Plus sends an email notification when someone logs into your account. You may also receive a notification email if you log in for the first time or after clearing your browser cookies and cache. Therefore, each time a new device logs into your account, you will receive an email informing you that a new device has signed in.

But if you don’t want those people to use your account, you can remove them with the help of the upcoming step-by-step guide.

Quick Answer

Steps to remove a Disney Plus profile:

1. Log in to your Disney Plus account on the website.

2. Click the profile icon followed by Edit Profiles.

3. Choose the target profile.

4. Select Delete Profile.

5. Confirm by clicking DELETE on the popup.

Method 1: Change Account Password

If you change the account password, you can stop people from logging in to the account once they log out.

1. Navigate to the Disney Plus website on your browser and LOG IN to your account.

2. Once you are logged in, click on the profile icon > Account from the top-right corner of the screen.

click on the profile icon - Account |

3. Click on the pencil icon next to the Password option.

4. Open your email inbox and go to the Disney Plus verification email.

5. Now, enter the verification code from the email in the given field on the Disney Plus website.

6. Then, click on CONTINUE.

7. Now, enter your new password and click on SAVE.

Note: You can also select the checkbox for Log out of all devices to force the other account users to enter the new password while logging in.

enter your new password and click on SAVE

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Method 2: Log Out of All Devices

If you don’t want to change your password but still log others out of the account, you can read and follow our guide on How to Log Out of Disney Plus on All Devices.

Note: It may take up to four hours to log out of all devices.

There you can find all the devices that you logged into. Tap on Log Out of the device that you want to remove.

Method 3: Delete Individual Profiles

If you have changed the password and logged everyone out, you are free to delete the no longer needed profiles.

1. Visit the Disney Plus website on your browser and LOG IN to your account.

2. Click on the profile icon > Edit Profiles option.

Click on the profile icon - Edit Profiles option

3. Select the target profile and click on the Delete Profile option.

4. Lastly, click on DELETE from the confirmation popup.

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How Can I See Who is Using My Disney Plus Account?

You can navigate to the profile icon > Edit Profiles to see who is using your account.

see who is using your Disney Plus account

This article aimed to help you learn how to kick someone off your Disney Plus account. We hope you have understood the methods to remove unwanted profiles from your streaming account. Feel free to leave your queries or suggestions in the comment section below. Keep exploring our website for additional guides.

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