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Roll the Fun: How to Add Dice Roller to Discord

Let the dice guide your fate and take your Discord server to the next level of gaming and interaction.

Although the experience of holding dice in your hands, waiting for your next turn, in hopes of getting a six cannot be imitated online, you and your server members can still engage in board games. We have something for tabletop RPG enthusiasts and board game players. The dice game is about chance and randomness. You just have to learn how to add a virtual dice roller to Discord on PC.

How to Add Dice Roller to Discord

Add Dice Roller to Discord

Adding a dice roller to your Discord server can help you play and converse with your community members, keeping them engaged. So, It’s time to facilitate your late-night game sessions! Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to a bot listing website such as top.gg or getonstream.com and search for a dice roller bot that suits your needs.

Note: In our case, we chose top.gg and Dicecord bot.

2. Click on the Invite button to invite the bot to your server.

Click on the Invite button to invite the bot to your server.

3. Click on Select a server to choose the server to which you want to add the bot.

4. Then, grant the required permissions and click on Authorize.

grant the required permissions and click on Authorize

5. Complete the Captcha verification process as required.

6. Customize the bot’s settings to best suit your playing style.

7. Run the dice roll command by typing the prefix command followed by the number of dice you want to roll.

Run the dice roll command by typing the prefix command followed by the number of dice you want to roll

Note: The specific steps may vary depending on your chosen bot, so it’s always a good idea to check the bot’s documentation for detailed instructions.

To further improve your experience, explore additional customization options offered by the bot. Some allow you to adjust dice rolling mechanics, such as adding modifiers, implementing house rules, or creating custom dice types. 

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Top Dice Roller Bots for Discord

There are several dice roller bots available specifically designed for Discord. Do compare their features, capabilities, and user reviews to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Some of the popular ones include:

  • DiceParser DiceParser is a versatile, feature-rich dice roller bot with robust functionality and customizable options.
  • Dice Maiden Dice Maiden offers easy-to-use commands and simplifies dice rolling.
  • Dicecord Dicecord is a versatile bot, whether you need to roll a simple D20 or execute complex dice equations.
  • Avrae Avrae is designed specifically for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) gameplay. Players can roll dice, manage character sheets, track initiative orders, and automate multiple aspects of the game.

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Tips for Smooth Dice Rolling Experience

Consider the following points for a good and enjoyable dice-rolling experience:

  • Establish Guidelines: Set clear rules and guidelines. Include instructions on how to format dice rolls and also, specify which dice notation system to use.
  • Fair Play and Dispute Resolution: Encourage fair play and sportsmanship. Address disputes promptly to maintain fair and enjoyable gaming.
  • Encourage Engagement: Promote player engagement and interaction. Encourage participants to describe their roles or share the results with the community. 
  • Test and Familiarize: Take the time to test and familiarize yourself with its commands and functionalities. This will help you avoid any confusion or technical issues during the actual gameplay.

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The interactive nature of dice-rolling bots undoubtedly adds excitement among members. We hope with the help of our guide, you were able to add a dice-roller bot to your Discord server. If you have queries or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments. 

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