What are Depop Bots?

These AI tools are used to control activity and sales on the Depop platform.

As Depop has millions of users on their secondhand clothing and accessories platform, it’s not uncommon to receive likes and comments on your profile posts from fake bot accounts. Engaging with these bots may result in reduced engagement from genuine users and even compromise the security of your account. In this article, we will examine what Depop bots are in detail and the potential consequences of using sales bots for your profile, including the risk of being banned from the platform.

What are Depop Bots?

What are Depop Bots?

Being one of the popular online marketplaces, Depop allows individuals to buy and sell new and used items. It is known for fashion, streetwear, and unique vintage items. One of the main features of this platform is its social aspect. You can follow other sellers, like and comment on listings, and chat with buyers and sellers.

Depop bots can perform various spamming tasks, as discussed in the upcoming section. Reading the section will give you a comprehensive understanding of these bot accounts. Let’s get started!

What are Depop Bots?

Depop bots are automated software programs that sell and buy items on Depop. The following are some of the activities these bots can perform.

  • They can automate messages, follow users, and promote items.
  • They are programmed to make offers, search for items, and complete transactions.
  • These bots are essential tools sellers use to increase sales while buyers find the best deals.
  • Automating customer service tasks such as responding to inquiries and providing information about the product is helpful.
  • Bots increase sales with features like auto-follow, refreshing lists, and more.

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Are Bots Allowed on Depop?

No, bots are not allowed on Depop. Using automated software programs to carry out tasks on the website, such as purchasing or selling goods, gaining more followers or likes, or sending messages, is forbidden by the Depop terms of service. This platform has a strict policy against utilizing bots, and it may suspend or delete accounts found to be doing so.

Depop terms of service page

Do People Use Bots on Depop?

Yes, people use bots on this app. This platform has taken steps to combat the use of bots, and those users found to be using bots may be subject to account suspension or other penalties.

What is a Sales Bot for Depop?

The Sales Bot is a tool that automates buying and selling items on the Depop marketplace. A sales bot increases sales on the marketplace.

  • Bots can also help track sales, manage inventory, optimize listings, and analyze customer data. This will allow sellers better understand customers and optimize their sales strategies.
  • The bot monitors the marketplace for new items, automatically lists items for sale and sends automated messages to potential buyers, manages orders, and responds to customer inquiries.
  • The sales bot can be helpful for users to increase their sales and maximize their profits.

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Will My Depop Store Get Banned If I Use Sales Bot?

Yes, there is a possibility that your Depop store could get banned if you use a sales bot. Using automated software to interact with customers is restricted on this app. They will take strict action against users who don’t follow their restriction policy.


We hope you understood what are Depop bots and how Depop has strict measures against the accounts that use these for their sales and reach. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any suggestions or queries. Also, you can convey what you want to learn about next.

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