Why is My Walmart Account Closed?

When it comes to grocery stores, Walmart comes to mind first, as it offers various types of groceries. It is one of the oldest grocery retail markets, with 10,586 stores that operate in 24 countries. The best part is that you don’t have to go to a Walmart store to buy groceries; you can also buy them online. And for that, you need to make an account in the Walmart app and purchase groceries online. In the app, you can choose the nearby store to buy your desired items to get delivered within a few hours. But if you wish to no longer have the Walmart account, you can close it. This article will help you understand why is my Walmart account closed and if Walmart gives the reasons for the terminated and closed Walmart account.

Why is My Walmart Account Closed?

Why is My Walmart Account Closed?

You will get to know why is my Walmart account closed further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Can Walmart Deactivate Your Account?

No, Walmart cannot deactivate your account; you can only do so by deleting the account. Walmart can never deactivate your account; it can only ban your account if you do anything that is against the policy of the company.


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Does Walmart Give a Reason for Termination?

In terms of Walmart Seller accounts, yes, Walmart usually gives one warning and reasons before terminating the seller accounts.

For Walmart employees, it depends. Walmart does not necessarily give a reason for the termination because employees of the company are on an at-will basis. So, Walmart has the full right to terminate any employee at any point in time with or without any notice. Keep reading to learn why is my Walmart account closed.

How Do You Know If Walmart Terminated You?

If you can’t access your seller account, or as an employee, receive a termination letter, you will know that you are terminated.

How Long will My Walmart Account be Locked?

There is no set period for the Walmart lockout; it could take 24 hours or 30 days.

It will totally depend on the number of wrong attempts you have made while logging in, and according to that, your time period will be determined.

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Can Walmart Ban You for Too Many Returns?

Yes, Walmart has the authority to bar you from making too many returns if they discover you engaging in any illegal practices while returning the product. If you return the product without any solid reason, then they can ban you to avoid future disputes. Continue reading to know why is my Walmart account closed.

Why is My Walmart Account Closed?

There could be many solid reasons behind your Walmart account being locked, like:

  • If you have violated the terms of use policy many times.
  • Also, if you are inactive or have not used your account for a longer period, Walmart can close your account.

terms of use | Why is My Walmart Account Closed?

Why is My Walmart Money Card Account Closed?

When your Walmart Money Card reaches a $0 balance, your account is automatically locked. You need to have at least $22 on your account; otherwise, it will be closed.


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3 thoughts on “Why is My Walmart Account Closed?”

  1. My Walmart money card account have been permanently closed with the sum of 1,491.02 on it and they told me they can`t verify my personal info meanwhile i used my info including my SSN to activate the account, Green Dot should please Fix this, you can`t close my account just like that holding my money.

  2. My walmart account was closed due to return policy. I haven’t returned anything in years. I tried to tell them that in emails. All they said when I ask what and where it was done they just kept saying due to return policy violation.

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