Can You Use Your Horizon Gold Card at Walmart?

The Horizon Gold cards are built for loyal and regular customers. It’s not a traditional card, is different from theirs, and can be called a store card. Wondering if you can use your Horizon Gold Card at Walmart? We’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll check out whether your card works for your Walmart shopping. Whether you’re planning to make purchases or just exploring your card options, let’s dive in and see how you can use your Horizon Gold Card at Walmart.

Can You Use Your Horizon Gold Card at Walmart?

Can You Use Your Horizon Gold Card at Walmart?

No. Unlike other credit cards, the Horizon Gold card is not an actual credit card but just a store card with some credits, that the users can use only at Horizon Outlets for their purchases. Other than that, it can’t be used anywhere. Horizon Gold card does have a sixteen-digit number and the expiry date embossed on it. So, even if it looks like an actual credit card, it’s more like a store card and is beneficial for those who shop regularly at Horizon stores. Now, you know whether or not can you use your Horizon Gold card at Walmart.

Is Horizon an Actual Credit Card?

No, the Horizon Gold card is not an actual credit card. It’s just a store card that can only be used for purchases at Horizon outlets available in the country. To sign up for this card, you don’t need any credit score or any financial information. But it gives you benefits like no APR, roadside assistance to the cardholder, discounts on prescribed medicines, privacy protection, legal assistance, and no credit check. If it’s not the card for you, you can check out other cards offered by Horizon by visiting the Horizon Bank website.

Horizon Bank website

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What Stores Can You Use Your Horizon Card?

Horizon Gold cards can only be used in Horizon online and offline stores all over the country because they are store cards. Other debit and credit cards can be used anywhere in the country and outside too. These Horizon Gold cards can be used for purchasing products from online stores and purchasing products from offline nearby or faraway stores. Also, these cards give you extra benefits on every purchase you make. Only credit cards charge monthly fees, but their benefits are far more than a debit card.

Can You Use Your Horizon Card on Amazon?

Yes, you can use your Horizon card on Amazon. You must save the card into your Amazon account and use it seamlessly. You can use Horizon cards on Amazon except for those which are store cards and can only be used at Horizon outlets. Since Horizon cards are the visa and MasterCard, they are accepted everywhere and anywhere in the country and outside the country. Services on these cards vary from card to card, but you’ll get interesting worthwhile benefits.

What is Horizon Gold Card Services?

Horizon Gold card comes with a monthly fee of $300 which can surely help you in building your credit score as it doesn’t require any credit score to get one. Horizon Gold Card features:

  • 0% APR
  • A credit limit of $750
  • Roadside assistance only to the person whose name is on the card
  • Discounts on prescription medicines to local pharmacies
  • Unlimited privacy protection to purchases using the card
  • Free legal assistance from the best lawyers in your area
  • No credit check

Horizon Gold card is not an actual card but still offers great services.

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Where Can You Spend Your Horizon Gold Card at?

You can spend your Horizon Gold card at Horizon outlets only. You can use these cards only at Horizon offline and online stores for buying small electronic items, clothes, home décor items, toys, and books. Since it’s not an actual credit card, you don’t need to have any minimum credit score or some condition to qualify. You can just visit the Horizon bank and get your Gold card for purchases from the Horizon stores.

How Do You Activate Your Horizon Card?

After knowing if can you use your Horizon Gold Card at Walmart, you can learn how to activate your Horizon card with the help of the methods mentioned below:

Method 1: Via Phone Call

1. As you receive your card, dial 800-992-3808 from your phone.

2. Confirm your card details with the executive on call.

3. Follow the given instructions to get your Horizon card activated.

Method 2: Through ATM

1. Visit the nearest ATM.

2. Insert the card into the machine.

3. Enter your card PIN.

4. Make a transaction or check the account balance to begin the activation process.

5. Remove the card.

Your card will get activated.

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Method 3: From Horizon Website

Note: This method is only for those who have signed up for online banking.

1. Visit the Horizon Bank website on your browser.

2. Click on Online Banking.

Click on Online Banking.

3. Enter your Member number/Login Name and password and click on Login.

Enter your Member number/Login Name and password and click on Login | Can You Use Your Horizon Gold Card at Walmart?

4. Click on the Services option from the left pane.

Click on the Services option from the left pane

5. Click on the Card Activation option.

6. Enter the credit card number and expiry date and click on Activate.

Does Horizon Card Services Report to Credit Bureaus?

Yes, Horizon card services report to credit bureaus, but they don’t report to every credit bureau. They only report to at least one major credit bureau, and this report can keep track of your credit building over time. The credit bureau to which the Horizon services report is kept secret from the users, and no one other than Horizon knows about it. Not reporting to every credit bureau can be disadvantageous for Horizon card users as it will affect their ability to apply for other cards.


So, we hope you have understood if can you use your Horizon Gold card at Walmart. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.

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