Top 18 Best Measurement Apps

Have you ruined your sorted lovely room just by searching for something? Measuring instruments like tape and scale are the most used things that often disappear when needed. If you are frustrated with the same, the best measurement apps are here to help you out of trouble. Instead of using conventional measuring instruments, you can rely on the best measuring apps Android. If you are in search of the top measurement apps for your Android device, then this guide will help you find best measuring apps for Android.

Best Measurement Apps

Top 18 Best Measurement Apps on Android

The sensors in your Android device and Augmented Reality technology can measure objects and other miscellaneous things at their finest. These free measuring apps are highly recommended for domestic purposes. They give decent measurement results with approximate estimation. In this section, we have compiled a complete list of easy measure apps surrounding the Play Store with high recommendations and good reviews.

Note: Use these measuring apps only for domestic purposes where you cannot find any measuring instruments at the moment. Since the results of digital measuring applications are only approximate, avoid using them for professional purposes.

1. Measure Map

Measure Map. Top 18 Best Measurement Apps on Android

The Measure Map offered by Have a nice day is one of best free measuring apps for Android being used by 100,000+ users across the globe. This application can measure the distance between any two points anywhere on the earth.

Note: You must mark at least two landmarks on the map to calculate distance and to calculate area, you have to mark at least three landmarks.

  • The output of distance will be in meters, kilometers, nautical miles, feet & miles, yards.
  • The output of the area will be in meters², kilometers², feet², nmi², yards², acres, and hectares.
  • You can access all types of maps, namely Normal, Terrain, Hybrid, and Satellite.
  • You can change the measurement units in the app settings if needed.
  • You can save and export the measurements from the store with an easy-to-use interface.
  • You can also add favorites for any important measurement records.
  • You can import/export markers from/to KML, KMZ, CSV files.
  • You can also share UTM and MGRS coordinates of saved measurement records.

2. Angle Meter

Angle Meter

Angle Meter by Smart Tool Factory is being installed by more than 1,000,000+ users. This is a helpful and easy measure app where you can enjoy finding angles and inclinations. Instead of using augmented reality, this app uses a conventional on-screen ruler, protractor, and a lot more laser tools that will help you attain accurate results.

  • You can measure the angle or slope of almost all objects placed between two arcs.
  • This application has a measurement interval of 0–180 or 0–360 degrees with angle complement.
  • You can use this application in two different orientation axes. That is, you can move your Android left/right or back/forward direction.
  • You can save the measurements in your database and view them in charts or lists. Also, you can download a measurement history in XLS files and charts.
  • The image measurement screen measures the angle of any object placed in the picture and provides reliable results.
  • Preview mode and several customization options are available.
  • Rotate your device to find the single angle of any object in the picture.
  • To find the inclination of two different objects, fix the first angle and rotate your device. Fix the second angle to complete the measurement.
  • You can also calculate angle measurements for the surface of the object that is not even or those that are not parallel to the ground.

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3. Moasure – The Smart Tape Measure

Moasure the smart tape measure. Top 18 Best Measurement Apps on Android

Moasure by 3D Technologies is an all-in-one best measurement app through which you can measure up to 300 m/1000 ft tape measurements along with angle measurements. Being enjoyed by 1,000,000+ users, this top measurement app has a ruler, protractor, goniometer (that measures angles), and many more measuring tools. The app measures the distance, height, or angle between two points when you just move your device.

  • Moasure uses the accelerometers and gyroscopes of your Android device to depict perfect results. To be simple, it is simply rocket science.
  • You can measure distances from 4 inches to 1000ft very quickly.
  • Multistep measurement mode with 5 different varieties measures objects, spaces, height difference, and angles.
  • You can save and label measurements for future references.
  • Also, you can function without an internet connection.
  • You can even measure internal room dimensions and inter-room dimensions as well.
  • Moasure by 3D Technologies uses patented technology to provide accurate results.

4. CamToPlan – AR Measurement/Tape Measure

CamToPlan AR measurement tape measure

CamToPlan – AR measurement/tape measure by Tasmanic Editions makes use of augmented reality and Google’s ARCore to measure the length, distance, and area of any objects and surfaces. Being enjoyed by more than 10,000,000+ users, this app can also be used to calculate the dimensions of walls, doors, or windows within a few seconds. This app is trusted by many real estate agents, interior design decorators or designers, architects, topographers, energy advisers, and a lot more.

  • It functions by combining the sensors in your device and odometry techniques.
  • The visual details of the images are scanned along with their position and the angle of rotation of the device.
  • You can measure objects in meters, centimeters, feet, or inches horizontally and vertically.
  • If there are any obstacles in your way of measurement, there is no need to remove them while calculating the dimension.
  • The application determines the intersection from the floor to the target, though hidden.

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5. AR Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera To Plan

AR Ruler App Tape Measure Camera To Plan. Top 18 Best Measurement Apps on Android

AR Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera To Plan by Grymala makes use of augmented reality technology to measure the real world with the camera of your smartphone. It is enjoyed by more than 5,000,000+ across the world. It is also available for the versions of the iPhone and iPad.

  • All you need to do is fix the point of measurement and tap your screen to start measuring.
    • Angle: Measures corners on three-dimensional planes.
    • Volume: Measures the size of three-dimensional planes.
    • Area & perimeter: Calculate the area and perimeter of rooms or any surface.
    • Path & height: Calculate the length of any path and measure the height of any recognized object.
    • Plan: Generates projection plan for drawn images, and you can export it into PDF format.
  • You can directly measure the size of small objects very quickly on your Android screen.

6. Bubble Level – Angle Meter

Bubble Level Angle Meter

Bubble Level – Angle Meter by 1 Bit is an easy measure app and one of the best measurement apps that calculates the horizontal and vertical dimensions of any surface. This top measurement app also comes with a straight ruler, a two-dimensional ruler, a protractor, and an angle meter as an added advantage. Although this measuring app contains ads, you can remove them by collecting 50 coins. When you watch one advertisement, you earn 10 points.

  • The app is easy to use.
  • You can attain reliable results faster than ever.
  • You can adjust the position of the measuring interface for your convenience.
  • You can also select photos from your gallery to measure the dimensions, and all the measured dimensions are displayed clearly.
  • It displays angle in degrees, inclination in percent, and inches of rising per foot of run.

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7. ImageMeter – Photo Measure

ImageMeter photo measure. Top 18 Best Measurement Apps on Android

ImageMeter – photo measure by Dirk Farin is one of the exceptional best measuring apps Android on our list. You can find measurements for any existing images instead of using your Android device’s camera. It is not a real-time measurement tool. Instead, it uses photos to find the dimensions. The app itself eliminates all the perspective distortions.

  • You can measure the dimensions of places or objects that are very difficult to reach or measure.
  • You can compute the measurements correctly.
  • It is the easiest and best app for measuring.
  • You can save the measurements and take notes side by side.
  • You can take pictures, mark dimensions, save the preference of color and font size, and also perform automatic measurements. 

8. Smart Measure

Smart Measure

One of the free measuring apps on the list is Smart Measure by Smart Tools co. More than 10,000,000+ users have installed this measuring app, and it mainly uses the camera of your Android device. You have to aim the camera at the ground, not the object. For example, if you want to calculate the distance from someone, aim your camera at its shoes.

  • You can measure dimensions in meters and feet.
  • You can turn on the screen capture mode and sound effects on/off.
  • In the pro version, you can enjoy camera zoom and calculate area & width with no advertisements.
  • It offers amazing work instructions to help you understand the app, and you have to calibrate the application according to your phone model.

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9. EasyMeasure – Camera Distance Tape Measure & Ruler

EasyMeasure Camera Distance Tape Measure Ruler. Top 18 Best Measurement Apps on Android

EasyMeasure – Camera Distance Tape Measure & Ruler by Caramba Apps uses 3D Augmented reality. The accuracy of the calculations depends on factors like the camera’s height and the tilt of your Android mobile. To attain perfect results, you have to set your phone’s camera at the correct height, tilt, and angle.

  • You can use a tape measure and ruler to find distant objects like the one on the other side of the lake or at the top of a tall building. This app has endless possibilities.
  • Simple trigonometry based on geometric triangles is used to calculate the dimensions of objects and surfaces.
  • You can share your results by email, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • It also facilitates an option to store the measured image with the distance, height, and width of your photo album.

10. GPS Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area Measure by Farmis is one of the best measurement apps on our list. This app works when you select your starting and ending points and tap the measure button.

  • You have to tap at least 3 points on the map to start measuring.
  • This app is beneficial if you are an architect or a farmer who wants to measure your fields without any conventional tools.
  • The pin placement task is very easy and precise.
  • You can save, edit and group your measurements within the app.
  • For all actions, you will have an undo button.

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11. Clinometer + Bubble Level

Clinometer and bubble level

The Clinometer + bubble level app by plaincode is the most precise and the best measuring apps Android. It is a famous slope measurement tool and can measure all object slides. The features include:

  • It has three modes of operation. They are Clinometer mode (auto when holding upright), Camera mode (any direction, manual activation), and Bubble level (smoothly fading in when holding flat).
  • You can also calculate the relative angles of objects along with absolute angles.
  • This app allows you to calibrate even on non-level surfaces.
  • This app’s full-screen mode prevents you from focusing on any particular dimension, preventing erroneous inputs.
  • Adjustable auto-lock and motion-sensitive lock features are added advantages of this app.

12. HOVER – Measurements in 3D

HOVER Measurements in 3D. Top 18 Best Measurement Apps on Android

Hover-Measurements in 3D app is for three-dimensional roofing and sliding measurement needs. This app transforms your photos into a three-dimensional model to get detailed and accurate measurements. This app is recommended for large-scale measurements, and we don’t recommend this app for small inches measurement purposes. Here are a few exciting features of the application.

  • You can undo changes easily, but you cannot upload photos that you have already used.
  • It eliminates extra trips to the job site so you can design a 3D view of your objects without human error.
  • You can measure exact 3D measurements for siding, soffit, fascia, gutters & downspouts, and more.
  • It also provides accurate and transparent estimated results.

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13. Ruler (Privacy Friendly)

Ruler Privacy Friendly

Ruler (Privacy Friendly) by SECUSO Research Group does not need any permissions to access them. Many online scams ask you for permission to access your applications and software. But, this is not in the case of this top measurement app. Those you want more features and extensions, look elsewhere. But, if you don’t want your privacy to be leaked out, this application will be your perfect choice.

  • The app gives an ad-free environment.
  • It also includes ruler and protractor functions.
  • The app is easy to use and has a simple interface.

14. Quick Measure

Quick Measure. Top 18 Best Measurement Apps on Android

Quick Measure by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of best measurement apps for Android that provides a fantastic AR experience with the help of your camera and AR technology.

  • The Depth Vision camera helps you with reliable distance measurement, area measurement, 3D measurement, length & human height measurement.

Note: If you don’t have a camera with the Depth Vision feature, you cannot use 3D measurement in this app.

  • It calculates human heights from foot to head.
  • It has a simple interface.
  • Also, it provides accurate results quickly.
  • It requires permission only for using Camera and Storage accesses.
  • To be noted, it is not compatible with all Android devices.

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15. AirMeasure – AR Tape Measure & Ruler

AirMeasure AR Tape Measure Ruler

AirMeasure – AR Tape Measure & Ruler by Laan Labs will help you measure everything around you instantly with the help of Augmented Reality technology. It is like a virtual ruler in your pocket that can be used to measure anything at any time.

Note: AirMeasure requires an ARCore supported device. For a list of supported devices, visit the ARCore official page.

  • It has easy to use user interface.
  • It measures as accurate as a tape measurement with reliable results.
  • All you need is an image or a screenshot on your camera phone.
  • You can adjust the position of the measuring interface for your convenience.

16. MeasureOn

MeasureOn. Top 18 Best Measurement Apps on Android

MeasureOn by Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH is the best measuring apps Android if you need it for documenting floor plans and taking photos & measurements along with notes. Being one of the most preferred measuring apps for Android, this app is loved by painters, electricians, carpenters, tilers, drywallers, floorers, plumbers, architects, construction managers, and DIYers.

  • The infinite workspace within the app allows you to sketch your floor plans and add photos and measurements according to your needs.
  • The wall dimensions, doors, and windows could be measured and recorded directly.
  • You can share and export the results in plenty of formats.
  • It saves you time in organizing your projects and avoiding confusion as well.
  • Also, it brings documentation work to the job site itself.

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17. TailorGuide – 3D Body Measurement App

TailorGuide 3D Body Measurement App

TailorGuide – 3D body measurement app by The TailorGuide Company is for digital body measurement. This gives results as your personal tailor provides with the measuring tape. If you feel uncomfortable with the physical measurement of your body size, this app will be the right choice of yours.

  • TailorGuide – 3D body measurement app takes your two full-body pictures to process your size and shape measurements.
  • Once the measurement is taken, the pictures will be deleted for privacy reasons.
  • Using this app, you can classify your body measurement for clothes of S, L, M, XL, XXL, or XXXL.
  • For accurate measurements, you must follow the guidelines instructed within the app.
  • Also, you are recommended to wear a tight-fit cloth while taking pictures.
  • This app is simple, easy to use, and loved by many users of the e-commerce industry.

18. AndMeasure (Area & Distance)

AndMeasure Area and Distance

AndMeasure (Area & Distance) by Mikkel Christensen is useful for calculating distance and area between any two points on the map. You can also use this app to measure distance and area in any landscape, water lines, lawn areas, paving, and fencing. Being one of the most liked measuring apps for Android, it helps many farmers who take care of farming, agriculture, and forestry.

  • You can calculate the distance between multiple points.
  • Also, you can calculate areas in acres, square miles, square feet, square meters, square kilometers, hectare, etc.
  • The app has multiple modes such as Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain, and normal map mode.
  • You can share the measurements via email and Google Drive.
  • Also, the app gives precise measurements.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you have learned about all best measurement apps for Android loved by millions of users. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Let us know what you want to learn about next.

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