Top 10 Best Kodi Indian Channels Add-ons

Kodi, the free and open-source media center that allows users to access a wide range of media material by installing the appropriate add-ons. It supports Mac OS, Windows PC, and Android alike. You can use Kodi to watch live TV too by installing specific add-ons. India offers a lot of great content, but accessing it from outside of India might be difficult at times. Today, we will give you a few pointers on how to get your daily dose of Bollywood, no matter where you are located. This guide will save a lot of time that would otherwise get wasted excavating on your own. We will start with various free and premium websites that provide streaming bundles of Indian TV channels. Then, we will discuss free choices for streaming Indian TV on Kodi media center using software add-ons. So, continue reading to utilize Kodi add-ons for Indian channels.

Top 10 Best Kodi Indian Channels Add-ons

Top 10 Best Kodi Indian Channels Add-ons

The majority of the demand is to watch 3D movies and TV shows on Kodi. There are several add-ons available that allow you to watch movies, TV episodes, live sports, and other content. Its main power lies in its unofficial third-party add-ons. With the right tools, you can stream television shows and sports from all around the world, virtually on any device.

Streaming Bollywood content from India is not only for Bollywood lovers. When you are in India, you can watch Indian channels in a variety of methods such as satellite to cable and internet streaming. What can you do if you are traveling or residing outside of India and still want to watch Indian television channels? You will need to use a VPN Service in this case to overcome geographical restrictions. Furthermore, you may use a Virtual Private Network to shield yourself from spying on phone by service providers as they operate as a barrier between you and the downloaded content to protect your streaming privacy. Read our guide on How to set up a VPN on Windows 10 here.

All of the add-ons listed in this guide operate properly and provide a large library of classic and recent Indian films. So, let us discuss the best Kodi Indian channels add-ons. We highly recommend the 9 Best Arabic Channels on Kodi as well.

1. YouTube 

You might be astonished to learn that in 2022, we have chosen YouTube as one of the finest Bollywood Kodi add-ons since it offers a large collection of free & paid movies. YouTube, as you might have assumed, will not allow you to view the most recent commercial flicks. Older Bollywood films, as well as certain independent films, are frequently available. If you enjoy watching videos on IMDB or YouTube, you should add them to your Kodi library. This add-on is already available on your Kodi repository.

click on Install for Youtube Kodi Addon. Top 10 Best Kodi Indian Channels Add-ons

2. Einthusan

We would be negligent if we did not include Einthusan Kodi Indian channels add-on, which boasts itself as one of the greatest archives of Indian films. More significantly, this streaming service has been around for a long time, giving us optimism that we will be able to utilize this Kodi add-on in the future as well. Some noteworthy features of this add-on are:

  • You may search for a certain title or explore newly released movies.
  • There are no dead links as everything works perfectly.
  • Many movies are available in HD, according to our testing.
  • When you first launch Einthusan, you will see a list of several languages. Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, and other languages are among those accessible.
  • You will notice various sorting options depending on whatever language you select.

Follow the methods listed under How to Install Third-party Add-ons using its download link.


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3. Netflix 

For older and iconic Bollywood films, Netflix might not be the ideal option. However, we are confident that many of you are interested in modern Indian cinema. With that in mind, this media streaming service has established itself as a must-have source of high-quality entertainment. As a result, we strongly advise utilizing the Netflix Kodi add-on, which is available on Gather. That indicates we are not talking about a Netflix-created official add-on. We do, however, have the next best thing – and it is just as valuable. You may use this add-on:

  • To connect to your Netflix account
  • To explore the most recent titles
  • To manually check Netflix collection
  • To ensure you are up to date on the latest material.

1. To install it, first download this repository file as shown.

kodi add on download github page

2. Then, follow the methods listed under How to Install Third-party Add-ons at the end of this article.

3. In the step to Add file source, click on Browse and insert the downloaded zip file to add the source.

add file source to install netflix add on in Kodi. Top 10 Best Kodi Indian Channels Add-ons

4. Tamil Kodi

It is the finest add-on for watching live Tamil television, sports television, Indian television, live radio, and popular television series. Following are some of its features:

  • You can stream high-definition videos.
  • To aid the user, all of the functionalities have been categorized.
  • It even includes additional add-ons, such as Einthusan and Tamil guns.
  • And their live radio function is incredible as they stream the majority of worldwide Tamil radio stations.
  • The best part is that they offer a special category for Tamil serials, which is one of the most popular throughout the world.

Follow the methods listed under How to Install Third-party Add-ons and add the downloaded zip file for source from this link.

add file source to install tamil kodi add on. Top 10 Best Kodi Indian Channels Add-ons

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5. TV on Desi Zone

Another add-on is TV on Desi Zone which has following advantages & disadvantages:

  • This add-on focuses on live Indian TV networks, including the majority of news channels.
  • It also features video-on-demand categories that focus on Bollywood TV series.
  • It also contains IPTV-specific content.
  • The main disadvantage of this add-on is that it does not allow you to view Bollywood movies. We are hopeful that they will update it in the future.

Follow the methods listed under How to Install Third-party Add-ons, add the downloaded zip file for source from this download link.

add file source to install TV on Desizone add on. Top 10 Best Kodi Indian Channels Add-ons

6. CCloud TV

CCloud TV is a popular IPTV Kodi add-on that can also be used to stream Indian channels on the platform. Some features of this add-on are listed below.

  • There are 21 different categories, including sports, news, documentaries, entertainment, family, music, and much more.
  • They do offer a search tool, albeit they are not organized by nation. This allows us to locate our favorite movies in a matter of seconds. The route will be displayed in the left pane of the search results, so you may use it to discover your favorite streams in the future.

CCloud tv kodi add on third party image. Top 10 Best Kodi Indian Channels Add-ons

Follow the methods listed under How to Install Third-party Add-ons and add the downloaded zip file for source from this download link.

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7. Zem TV

This add-on is well-known for its live channels, which include Indian, Panjabi, and Pakistani stations. However, some of these Live channels were not operating throughout the testing. We believe the problem is because of a lack of seed. If certain channels are not working, please try again later.

Follow the methods listed under How to Install Third-party Add-ons, enter in the Add file source step for URL field.


8. Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux is a follow-up to the popular Exodus Kodi add-on. It has a similar design as Exodus and comes with a new collection of scrapers that allow users to stream more media material. It is more of a general movie add-on than a Kodi Hindi movies add-on.

  • It has a huge selection of movies and TV series in a variety of languages.
  • When it comes to Bollywood films, you may use language categorization to choose your favorites.
  • Furthermore, this Kodi channels add-on makes it simple to watch movies from foreign nations including UK..

Follow the methods listed under How to Install Third-party Add-ons, add the downloaded zip file for source from this download link.

add file source to install exodus redux kodi add on. Top 10 Best Kodi Indian Channels Add-ons

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9. Swadesi Kodi Add-on

Aftershock Kodi add-on has been replaced by the Swadesi Kodi add-on by the same developer.

  • It is a one-stop-shop for Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali, and other regional films and television shows.
  • It contains TV shows from all of the Indian main channels, as well as movies from all of the major languages of the country.

Enter the following URL: in the Add file source step.

10. Incursion Kodi Add-on

Because it incorporates some Indian material, the Incursion Add-on is the greatest Kodi Indian Channel. It is the ideal choice for watching movies, TV series, dramas, documentaries, award-winning shows, and other video material. Incursion is a Kodi add-on that looks similar to Covenant. Al. Some of its noteworthy features include:

  • It features a vast library of video content.
  • It retrieves several descents as well as the most recent streaming connections.
  • Moreover, it provides thousands of reliable streaming links.
  • It allows you to watch videos in 1080 HD and 720 HD resolution.

Follow the methods listed under How to Install Third-party Add-ons, add the extracted zip file for source from this download link.


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How to Install Third-party Add-ons

Some of the third-party add-ons might contain viruses or malware. So, it is best to verify them before installing them on your Kodi.

1. Open Kodi application and click on the Settings icon, as shown.

Note: Make sure you are using the most recent Kodi version (v18 Leia or Kodi 19. x – preview version).

Click on the Settings on the top of the left pane. How to Watch NFL on Kodi

2. Click on the System settings.

Click on the System panel.

3. In the left pane, choose Add-ons from the list, as depicted below.

On the menu of left pane, choose Add ons from the list.

4. Toggle on the option marked Unknown sources under General section.

Toggle on the option Unknown sources under the General section. How to Watch NFL on Kodi

5. When the Warning prompt appears, click on Yes button, shown highlighted.

When the warning popup appears, click on Yes.

6. Click on the Settings icon once again and choose File manager from the given tiles.

Choose File manager from the given tiles.

7. Click on Add source, as shown.

Click on Add source.

8. Type the third-party URL and Enter a name for this media source. Click on OK, as depicted below.

Type the third party URL and name the repository Click OK. How to Watch NFL on Kodi

9. On the Add-ons page, click on the Add-on browser icon.

On the Add ons page click on the open box icon.

10. Click the Install from zip file option, shown highlighted.

Click the Install from zip file

11. Choose the zip file and install it to use it on Kodi.

Pro Tip: Kodi add-ons – Indian Channels: No Longer Available

We used to have access to several Kodi Indian Channels Add-ons in the past. Many of the formerly popular additions, however, no longer accessible are as follows:

  • ErosNOW
  • SnagFilms
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Atlas Movies


We hope this information was helpful and you were able to learn how to watch Kodi Indian channels. Let us know which add-ons were your favorite. It might also interest you to read 4 Ways to Watch Hallmark Channel Without Cable Also, if you have any queries/suggestions regarding this article, then feel free to drop them in the comments section. 

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