12 Best UK TV Kodi Channels

Fond of British channels and wish to view them on the Kodi app? Not able to find the UK TV channels Kodi? If you have searched for the terms like UK TV Kodi and Kodi live TV UK, then be assured that you have the right result. This article aims to provide you with a list of the 12 most popular UK TV Kodi channels that can be added to the Kodi app on your device. Read the entire article to pick your favorite channel.

Best UK TV Kodi Channels

12 Best UK TV Kodi Channels

Following is the list of the best UK TV Kodi channels.

1. iPlayer WWW

iPlayer WWW kodi addon. 12 Best UK TV Kodi Channels

If you are an ardent fan of BBC TV, the iPlayer WWW add-on is meant for you. The add-on specializes in providing Documentaries, Dramas, and British TV Programs. The add-on mainly focuses primarily on Live TV channels. Additionally, there is a section that provides on-demand content. So, if you wish to switch to watching telecasted content, you can use this add-on. The notable advantage is that it provides a picture of High-Definition quality making it suitable for streaming on all platforms. Also, the add-on is completely free and legal. You are required to have a BBC account to use this add-on. The only limitation of using the add-on is that it needs the device to have a UK location set up for streaming. Click on the link provided here to install the iPlayer WWW add-on on the Kodi app.

2. ITV Live

ITV Live

ITV Live is also one of UK TV Kodi add-on that is preferred for drama freaks. So, if you are a person, who loves to watch Soap operas or Dramas, this can be your favorite. The add-on has sections for all series and maybe equated to an OTT website that focuses on providing entertainment media alone. This add-on requires your device to be connected to a server in the UK. To install ITV Live add-on on your device, click on the link provided in this section.

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3. UK Turk Playlists

UK Turk Playlists Kodi add on. 12 Best UK TV Kodi Channels

One of the all-in-one add-ons is the UK Turk Playlists. Going by its name, it has playlists of all content files that were streamed earlier and the files can be accessed by the users by simply clicking on them. This add-on doesn’t require your device to be set in the UK, which means that you can stream content anywhere. The add-on, however, pulls information from the channels unofficially and cannot work as it usually does.

4. 7 of 9

 7 of 9

The 7 of 9 add-on is one of the popular add-ons for streaming media content. The add-on has media content of various categories like Movies, TV Shows, and much more. There is also a section for streaming IPTV or Internet Protocol TV. Along with these, you can watch the content of various categories like Kids, Sports, Documentaries, News, Food, Music, etc. A limitation of using the add-on is that you need to install a few other add-ons to watch Movies. You can install the 7 of 9 add-on by clicking on the link provided.

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5. Catch Up TV & More

Catch Up TV and More kodi addon. 12 Best UK TV Kodi Channels

Catch Up TV & More is a UK TV Kodi add-on that allows you to stream content legally. The add-on comprises primarily of Live TV channels and focuses more on Sports and News. It can be installed from the Kodi official repository and is safe to use the add-on. Also, it diverts the new videos and allows you to know about these latest videos. The main disadvantage of the add-on is that it has a limited number of channels. You can install the Catch Up TV & More add-on by using the link in the section.

6. Xumo TV

Xumo TV. 12 Best UK TV Kodi Channels

The Xumo TV UK TV Kodi add-on is one of the safest add-ons available for streaming content. The ass-on doesn’t require you to have a registered login for streaming. You can access both on-demand and Live TV channels completely free. Additionally, it has an Electronic Program Guide or EPG for reference purposes. Most of the broadcasts range from Politics and reality TV. The video is available in High-definition. It is a legal add-on and allows you to stream instantly. The add-on needs a VPN service to stream without any trouble. The major limitation is that the add-on is ad-supported, so you may be interrupted by ads while streaming. Another feature is that it may prompt you to install a few add-ons for streaming Movies and Sports. Install the Xumo TV add-on by clicking here.

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7. Live Tube

Live Tube. 12 Best UK TV Kodi Channels

The Live Tube is one of the best add-ons available in recent times. It is a part of YouTube and it mainly focuses on Live streaming. The add-on is a great choice for Sports and Movies. This means that you will have any live content to watch at all times. Moreover, you can watch the previously streamed content as recordings in the add-on. The add-on can be accessed worldwide and has no location restriction. The prime limitation of using the add-on is that it is not compatible with the latest versions of the Kodi app. Install the Live Tube add-on for free.

8. NewsOn


If you like to stay updated and like to watch Live News, then NewsOn is an add-on that has to be installed on your device. The add-on gives the news updates and special importance is given to local news across all regions. Another notable benefit is that you can use this add-on without requiring a cable subscription. To install the NewsOn add-on for your Kodi app, click on the link given here.

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9. Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV. 12 Best UK TV Kodi Channels

If you are looking for a UK TV Kodi channel that has no geo-location restrictions, you can add the Red Bull TV add-on. This add-on primarily focuses on all types of sports like Surfing, Biking, Gaming, and much more. A notable feature is that the channel might soon add original TV shows. Install the Red Bull TV add-on by clicking on the link provided here.

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10. Newsmax TV

Newsmax TV

If you wish to stay on top of the latest news updates, you can choose Newsmax TV add-on. It was initially a cable TV channel and the add-on allows you to stream news content across the globe. This means that there is no location restriction for using the add-on. The major disadvantages include the add-on not being compatible with new versions of the Kodi app. Another limitation of using the add-on is that it has only one channel, and you cannot switch to another channel. Click on the link provided here to install the Newsmax TV add-on on the Kodi app.



The USTVGO is an IPTV add-on and supports news channels. It is another UK TV Kodi addon. It is completely free to use the add-on as it brings recognized websites for users. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t guarantee the high quality that can be promised while using the official website of USTVGO. You can install the USTVGO add-on by clicking on the link given.

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12. ESPN

Kodi Add Ons home ESPN 3. 12 Best UK TV Kodi Channels

If you are a person who is interested in Sports, then ESPN is the right choice for you. The most popular channel ESPN is also available as an add-on on Kodi. This add-on allows you to watch official Sports news, and all kinds of sports. Install the add-on ESPN using the link provided here.


You must have known the list of UK TV Kodi channels. This article will help you install add-ons for UK TV Kodi. You can view Live TV programs by installing the add-ons provided here for the result of Kodi live TV UK. Drop your suggestions and kindly post your queries in the comments section for us to answer.

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