How to Watch Kodi NBA Games

Kodi is a popular open-source media center that is compatible with Mac OS, Windows PC, Android, Linux, Amazon Fire Stick, & Chromecast. You can use Kodi to upload your movie collection, watch live TV from within the program, and install add-ons to get access to a variety of content. NBA games may be streamed using Kodi as well. Today, we will take a look at the finest add-ons to watch NBA games on Kodi that have been verified to operate.

How to Watch Kodi NBA Games

How to Watch Kodi NBA Games

The NBA League Pass is a fantastic method to capture every shot LeBron James makes and every move Stephen Curry makes. Due to geo-restrictions on specific games, NBA games are not available everywhere.

Why Use Kodi for Watching NBA Games?

  • The actual power of Kodi comes from its unofficial third-party add-ons, especially those that allow live streaming. With the right tools, you can stream television shows and sports from all around the world on virtually any device.
  • Furthermore, these geo-restrictions may result in regional blackouts in Canada and the United States. Fortunately, you can watch NBA games from the Kodi app with the help of VPNs like Nord VPN.

However, if you want to stay legal and above-board, you will need to pay the streaming or OTT services monthly membership fees.

Note: While Kodi software is open-source, free, and legal, some add-ons might not be. Your local ISP is especially likely to monitor and report live streaming, TV, and movie plug-ins to the government and business authorities. This may leave you exposed every time you go online to stream on Kodi. Thus, you may use a Virtual Private Network to shield yourself from spying on service providers as they operate as a barrier between you and the downloaded content. Read our guide on How to set up a VPN on Windows 10 here.

List of Best Add-ons to watch NBA Games

Install Kodi on your desktop/laptop, or Install Kodi on SmartTV, set up VPN, and install desired add-ons to enjoy streaming content of your choice. Here is the list of some add-ons to watch NBA Games.

1. NBA League Pass

Paying for membership to NBA League Pass is the easiest, if not the cheapest, option. Simply, install their official add-on and enter your information, and you will have instant access to all of Kodi NBA games.

  • It can be found in the Kodi default repository and installed with a few clicks because it is an official add-on.
  • During the current NBA season, you may watch live coverage as well as archived and edited games.
  • Highlights, best plays, and other basketball footage dating back to 2012 are also included.

nba league pass kodi add on third party image

For the whole regular season, a League Pass membership costs USD$46.99, or USD$23.99, if you want to follow one team. The drawbacks of the NBA league pass are listed below:

  • If the game is carried on a local station, it may be blacked out.
  • Furthermore, because of geographical constraints, those residing outside the United States may not be able to connect to it.
  • Unfortunately, Team Pass customers may only listen to the playoffs and finals on audio.

To watch the video, you will need a League Pass or cable subscription, or you can use one of the add-ons for NBA games listed below.

2. Sportsnet Now

You can easily add IMDB on Kodi . However, you can only watch Sportsnet on Kodi if you have a Sportsnet account that can be purchased for $149.99 billed annually. Sportsnet Now may be a holy grail for sports fans because it broadcasts a large number of NHL, MLB, and Premier League games. 

  • Because the add-on is linked to a Canadian network, it has a broadcasting license for up to 40 regular NBA seasons.
  • However, you will only be able to watch the Toronto Raptors and the playoffs.

Kodi addon Sportsnet Now

Here’s how to watch NBA games on Kodi,

1. Follow our guide on How to Install Kodi Add Ons.

2. To get started, enter your Sportsnet Now credentials after installing the add-on.

3. Add your account details to the add-on, just as with the other paid services to enjoy watching NBA games on Kodi.

3. ESPN Player

In the official Kodi add-on repository, you will find the ESPN Player add-on which you can use to watch NBA games. If you do not want to pay for NBA League Pass but yet want to watch every game on Kodi, the ESPN Player add-on is a must-have because:

  • ESPN Player offers both on-demand and live streaming services.
  • This is a cost-effective rival in the add-ons category that also allows you to watch Kodi NBA games legally.
  • Daily passes are available as well.
  • However, if you plan on viewing for more than a few days, a monthly membership is more cost-effective priced at Rs. 756.
  • It is worth noting that this will only provide you with ESPN games, not TNT or ABC. As a result, this add-on does not provide the same level of benefit as the other ones in this list.

ESPN player kodi add on third party image

It is also an official add-on available on your Kodi repository. Follow the How to install Kodi addons guide to do so.

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4. CCloud TV

CCloud TV is a popular IPTV Kodi add-on that can also be used to watch NBA games. Sports, news, documentaries, entertainment, family, music, and much more. It offers a search function, but it is not organized by country of origin.

  • In a couple of seconds, you can locate our favorite sports.
  • The route will be listed in the left pane of the search results, so you may use it in the future to find your favorite streams.


5. SportsDevil

SportsDevil is maybe the most well-known free live streaming sports add-on for Kodi, and it is another good option for discovering unauthorized streams for sports networks.

  • This add-on offers a variety of live streaming and highlights choices.
  • Users can usually find several working rebroadcast streams for OTA games here, thanks to a variety of streaming site alternatives.

Kodi Addon Sports Devil NL

6. UK Turk Playlists

UK Turk, one of the oldest repository providers, offers a massive amount of material, including but not limited to a wide range of sports feeds. Although extensive, it is mostly comprised of illegal broadcasts. We do not advocate using UK Turk Playlists to watch any material, especially NBA games. We recommend that you stick to the more reliable sources mentioned in the article.

  • UK Turk Playlists offer a variety of streams from across the world, with a focus on the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • Since it is a third-party add-on, it often switches repository locations to avoid discovery. This makes it a little more difficult to set up.
  • UK Turk Playlists is notoriously-known for the pirated stuff it offers.
  • There are no legal streams listed here.
  • Although it provides this stuff for free, it does so without the content creators’ consent.

UK Turk Playlists Kodi add on third party

7. PopcornTV

Popcorn TV is a popular add-on that gives users access to a wealth of internet material, including on-demand movies, TV series, sports, and live channels, among other things. This legal and free method to watch on-demand movies, music videos, and sports is highly recommended. Because the content library is constantly updated, athletic events may not always be available to all users.

Popcorn Times TV Kodi addon

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Pro Tip: How to Install Add-ons from Unknown Sources

These steps should be implemented if you choose to use a third-party add-on like CCloud TV, Sports Devil & Popcorn TV. Follow these steps to install third-party add-ons to watch Kodi NBA games.

1. Open the Kodi application and click on the Settings icon, as shown.

Note: Make sure you are using the most recent Kodi version (v18 Leia or Kodi 19. x – preview version).

Click on the Settings on the top of the left pane. How to Watch Kodi NBA Games

2. Click on the System settings.

Click on the System panel.

3. In the left pane, choose Add-ons from the list, as depicted below.

On the menu of left pane, choose Add ons from the list.

4. Toggle on the option marked Unknown sources under General section.

Toggle on the option Unknown sources under the General section. How to Watch Kodi NBA Games

5. When the Warning prompt appears, click on the Yes button, shown highlighted.

When the warning popup appears, click on Yes.

6. Click on the Settings icon once again and choose File manager from the given tiles.

Choose File manager from the given tiles. How to Watch Kodi NBA Games

7. Click on Add source, as highlighted for installing add-ons to watch Kodi NBA games.

Click on Add source.

8. Type the third-party URL and Enter a name for this media source. Click on OK, as depicted below.

Type the third party URL and name the repository Click OK. How to Watch Kodi NBA Games

9. On the Add-ons page, click on the Add-on browser icon.

On the Add ons page click on the open box icon.

10. Click the Install from zip file option, shown highlighted.

Click the Install from zip file. How to Watch Kodi NBA Games

11. Choose the zip file and install it to use it on Kodi.


We hope you found this information useful and were able to learn how to watch Kodi NBA games. Let us know which Add-ons are your favorite. Also, if you have any queries/suggestions regarding this article, then feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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