How to Fix Error Code 775 on DirecTV

DirecTV is a digital broadcast service that allows people to watch their favorite television programs. It has proven to be an excellent alternative to cable television. The firm is an AT&T subsidiary that offers a variety of affordable channel packages to its subscribers. Despite the fact that this is a pretty stable platform, there are times when complications arise like Error Code 775 on DirecTV. This usually, implies that the DirecTV receiver is unable to interact with the satellite dish. When a DirecTV customer receives this error, the image on their tv screen is frozen or blurred, or there is no image at all. Today, we will learn DirecTV troubleshooting to fix this error. So, let us begin!

How to Fix Error Code 775 on DirecTV

How to Fix Error Code 775 on DirecTV

Follow the DirecTV troubleshooting methods mentioned below to resolve the said issue.

Method 1: Check for Loose Connections

A loose connection of wires with the device is one of the primary reasons for this problem.

1. Ensure that all of the wires connected to your DirecTV receiver are secure and placed properly.

2. Check for any loose or improperly mounted connections and rectify these.

direcTV receiver. Fix Error Code 775 on DirecTV

3. Examine your satellite connection.

4. Finally, Restart the television.

Method 2: Reconnect SWM Power Inserter

Sometimes, reconnecting certain power cables such as the SWiM power inserter can trigger a system reset and get rid of such errors. Here’s how you can try it:

1. Disconnect the SWM power inserter that is hooked into the power socket.

2. Allow the power inserter to remain idle for a few moments.

Reconnect SWM Power Inserter

3. Reconnect the power inserter to the power socket.

Turn on the DirectTV equipment and the television to check if the problem is fixed. If not, try the next solution.

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Method 3: Unplug then, Re-plug the Cables

Try disconnecting and then, reconnecting the electrical cables, if you feel competent to do so. Simply,

1. Unscrew each line that runs into the DirectTV box, including the mainline.

2. Reconnect the cables and see if Error Code 775 on DirecTV is fixed.

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Method 4: Wait out Natural Disturbances

Natural phenomena such as severe rain or a solar storm can cause interferences, which can lead to error code 775 on DirecTV. It’s best to wait for the DirectTV signal to come back, on its own, if the fault occurs during such periods of natural disturbances.

Method 5: Seek Technical Support

1. If none of the previous methods work, contact your service provider and explain the error. There might be an issue with your DirecTV subscription.

2. Some faults, such as ragged wires, malfunctioning hardware, or software, with your DirecTV device or the satellite dish, might also cause this problem. In such circumstances, you should contact your DirecTV provider or call 1-800-531-5000 for assistance.

Pro Tip: DirectTV hosts a list of Error codes, their solutions as well as videos to help its users with DirecTV troubleshooting.


We hope our guide was helpful and you were able to fix Error code 775 on DirecTV issue. If you have any queries, drop them in the comment box below.

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