Top 10 Alternatives for Kodi Fusion Repository

One of the apps that are developed for entertainment purposes is the Kodi app. The app has gained a good response from its users owing to its diversity in choice. The most popular repository from which users install add-ons is the Fusion. The repository, however, has a few glitches and it gets dysfunctional at times. This article focuses on listing the repositories that would act as Fusion alternatives. If you have tried searching for Kodi TV add-ons of repositories, you are on the right page. This article attempts to give brief information on 10 alternatives to the Kodi Fusion repository. Read the entire article to know more about this.

Top Alternatives for Kodi Fusion Repository

Top 10 Alternatives for Kodi Fusion Repository

Following is the list of top 10 Kodi Fusion alternatives.

1. Official Kodi Repository

Select Install from repository

The Official Kodi Repository is the built-in repository available on the Kodi app. It is safe and legal to use the add-ons in the repository. All the add-ons available in the official Kodi repository are available on all devices and you can install the add-ons as per your wish. The notable feature of this repository is that it has well-developed, free, high-quality, and first-party add-ons. The repository has add-ons for all types like Movies, Music, Sports, and Radio. It also has informative add-ons such as IMDb, which gets information from legal websites in the world. To know the method to install add-ons from the Official Kodi repository, read the article on how to install Kodi add-ons.

2. Super Repo

Super Repo. Top 10 Kodi Fusion Alternatives

If you are looking for a repository that allows you to choose and stream content of all categories, then you can choose Super Repo. The repository should be the first choice for Fusion alternatives. This repository is compatible with all types of devices and has a huge number of repositories. Some add-ons let you stream movies, listen to music, and tune in to Radio. If one of the add-ons is dysfunctional due to overcrowding, you can easily change to another add-on. Moreover, you can change the theme and the setup background of the Kodi app using the Skins in this repository. The repository segregates first-party and legal add-ons and harmful third-party add-ons into separate sections. This makes it easier for you to choose and add a particular add-on. To install the Super Repo repository on your device, use the link in this section.

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3. Noobs and Nerds

noobs and nerds repository for Kodi. Top 10 Kodi Fusion Alternatives

One of the most popular repositories similar to Fusion is Noobs and Nerds. The repository has add-ons exclusively for Cartoons and Movies. It does have some add-ons for Music and Informative purposes. So, if you are a parent who is trying to calm your kid with a good Cartoon movie, you can rely on this repository. One of the major limitations is that the repository has a limited number of add-ons, thus, if the traffic is increased, it can load the movies very slowly. You can install the Noobs and Nerds repository using the link given here.

4. Exodus Redux Repo

add file source to install exodus redux kodi add on

Exodus Redux Repo is another alternative to the Kodi Fusion repository that has functions similar to the Exodus add-on. The repository gives you the platform to watch any content and know the information about it at the same time. In other words, this repository allows you to stream a particular Movie after sorting it according to Genre, Year, popularity, and many other factors. Besides Movies, this repository also has add-ons for Music, Radio, and Sports. It is compatible with all types of devices and is the fastest repository available. You can install the Exodus Redux Repo by clicking on the link provided in this section.

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5. IPTV Mate Repo

IPTV Mate Repo

If you are a person addicted to TV channels and TV programs, this repository may be intended for you. As the name suggests IPTV Mate Repo, streams IPTV channels or Internet Protocol TV channels. The repository has add-ons for Live TV programs and is completely free of cost. Another added advantage is that the repository is compatible with all devices. Moreover, legal issues aren’t likely to arise since the channels broadcast are recognized ones. To install IPTV Mate Repo on your device, click on the link provided in the section.

6. Smash Repository

Smash Repository

If you are looking for a repository that not only allows you to add add-ons but also install another repository, then Smash Repository is the right choice. The Smash repository has a huge number of add-ons that allow you to stream content of any kind like Movies, Music, Sports, News, Radio, and much more. Hence, it is a repository that can be termed all-in-one in the search for Fusion alternatives. It is a new repository and it began to be the favorite among its users. However, caution is to be taken while using the add-ons in this repository since it is completely third-party and has unauthorized add-ons. You can install the Smash repository for free.

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7. Narcacist’s Wizard Repository

Narcacists Wizard Repository

Narcacist’s Wizard is a sought-after repository owing to the most popular add-on Asgard available on it. In addition to Asgard, it has add-ons for TV channels, Movies, TV shows, Kids, Sports, Anime, Music, Documentaries, and much more. This repository is like a one-stop destination for your Media center. The only caution that has to be taken while using this repository is that most of the add-ons aren’t recognized by the Kodi app, and may bring in malware. You can stick on to installing recognized and safe add-ons. To install Narcacist’s Wizard Repository on your device, click on the link provided.

8. Ghost Repo

Ghost Repo. Top 10 Kodi Fusion Alternatives

If you are looking for a repository that has add-ons of all genres, then Ghost Repo might be for you. This alternative to Kodi Fusion repository has add-ons that are categorized according to the purpose. It has add-ons for Sports, Movies, Music, Kids, Live TV, and much more. There are add-ons that can change the appearance of your Kodi app such as Skin. Click on the link provided here to install Ghost Repo on your device.

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9. Diamond Wizard

Diamond Wizard

Diamond Wizard is a new repository that has gained fame recently. It has a great collection of add-ons and you can find content across various categories and niches. There are add-ons available for Live TV, Music, Live Sports, Kids’ Content, and Documentaries. In addition to these, there are add-ons for classic movies and TV shows specifically dedicated to Bollywood Industry. To install the Diamond Wizard repository to your device, download it here.

10. Kodi Bae Repository

Kodi Bae Repository

Kodi Bae Repository is relatively new and has gained much popularity in recent times. This repository brings to you the best add-ons like Exodus and Covenant. The repository has add-ons for every demand and is compatible with all devices. A special feature of this repository is that it has add-ons for Anime. The only limitation of using the repository is that it includes third-party pirated add-ons that can disrupt your device. So, care has to be taken to install first-party and legal add-ons. If you wish to install the Kodi Bae repository, you can download it here.


This article has focused on the top 10 Kodi Fusion alternatives. In other words, it is the result of your search for Fusion alternatives. You can install and use Kodi TV add-ons by installing any of the repositories mentioned in the article. We hope that the repositories listed would be a good alternative for Kodi Fusion. Don’t forget to drop your suggestions and post your queries related to this article in the comments section. If you face issue with any add-on, read our guide to Fix Kodi Ares Wizard Not Working in Windows 10

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