Top 10 Best Add Ons for 3D Movies on Kodi

Kodi is a free and open-source media player that runs on a variety of operating systems and hardware. There are several addons that allow live TV broadcasts and 3D movies to be streamed in Kodi media player. While the creation of 3D movies has been declining owing to the enormous number of resources necessary to make them, its popularity has shockingly shifted in the other direction, with consumers actively seeking more and more 3D entertainment. The emergence of low-cost 3D-capable screens of various sorts has increased the popularity of watching 3D movies at home. 3D Blu-ray discs and gadgets are also available. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for the 3D movies on Kodi. In today’s article, we’ll start by talking about 3D video, how it works, and what you’ll need to appreciate it.

Top 10 Best Add Ons for 3D Movies on Kodi

Top 10 Best Add Ons for 3D Movies on Kodi

If you want to keep what you’re doing online to yourself, avoid ISP scrutiny, or just increase your level of security when online, you should use a VPN. A VPN protects your privacy by encrypting all data entering and departing your computer with powerful algorithms that make hacking nearly impossible. A VPN allows you to circumvent most geographical limitations by employing strategically placed servers. Here is the list of best add ons for 3D movies on Kodi.

1. UK Turk Playlists

UK Turk Playlists Kodi add on

The UK Turk Playlists add-on has a solid reputation among Kodi users and has been around for quite some time. The Kodi 3D addons features a unique British and Turkish flavour, as the name implies. Movies and TV series, as well as live IPTV and much more, are all available. TV shows, sports, cartoons, documentaries, stand-up comedy, concerts, fitness, and a few Turkish content categories are among the available options. There are 165 3D games in all. There is a long list of over 300 films to choose from. There’s food material, CCTV feeds, radio stations, and one of the best live IPTV options of any add-on. They’re arranged chronologically, with the most current at the top. This addon includes both 4K and 3D movies. When it comes to movies, this add-on contains around 35 categories.

2. BoB Unleashed

bob unleased kodi addon

BoB Unleashed is descended from BoB Unlimited, which is descended from the BoB add-on. It’s another all-in-one add-on, but it’s not the same as the last one. This is a large add-on with several subsections. Some of them function as add-ons within add-ons. There’s music TV, documentaries, and kid’s programming. Women’s material, box sets, and so forth. Other developers have created sections, each with its own subsections and diversity.

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3. The Pyramid

the pyramid kodi add on. Best Add Ons for 3D Movies on Kodi

Tom Braider’s Pyramid add-on is has also been around for a time and is also one of best add ons to watch 3D movies on Kodi. It offers on-demand movies, television series, and documentaries. It also offers sports and live IPTV with a British twist. It offers a kids zone as well as a Kodi zone, which is a one-of-a-kind feature where you can find all types of Kodi videos, including how-to instructions, lessons, and reviews. The list is arranged alphabetically, and it appears to have more animated films than other add-ons. The Pyramid is a one-stop shop for all of your needs. With over 200 titles, the collection is excellent. It contains everything you’d expect, such as movies, TV series, sports, kid’s programming, music, documentaries, radio stations, and more.

4. Supremacy


Many add-ons nowadays are forks–or derivatives–of others. This is not the case with the Supremacy add-on, which is an all-in-one package. It is all unique and so does not resemble any other add-on. It provides movies and TV series, but also sports, live IPTV, children’s material, and other stuff. The Supremacy add-on, developed by Supremacy and available on the Supremacy repository, can only be superior. It may not be the largest source of 3D movies, with little over 80 titles, but it does contain certain titles not available in the other add-ons. The Supremacy addon contains a large amount of content. You must watch not just regular movies and TV shows, but also children’s movies and television shows. The add-on includes sports, Karaoke, documentaries, and a large variety of 4K movies.

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5. Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon. Best Add Ons for 3D Movies on Kodi

Because of its extensive library of movies and live broadcasts, the Magic Dragon Kodi 3D addons has grown in popularity. The addon is also one of the greatest among the top selections on the list of Kodi Addons for Watching 3D movies on Kodi and TV Shows. In addition to 3D movies, Magic Dragon offers Catch Up TV, Episodes of the Day, Documentaries, Kids, Sport, Radio, TV/Entertainment, and much more. Magic Dragon’s 3D movie category covers almost 200 films. All films are listed alphabetically.

6. Loki Kodi Addon


Loki is a Kodi addon that offers a wide range of categories from which to choose to watch your favourite shows. You may also watch movies, TV series, sports, the latest news and updates, live PPV events, stand-up comedy, Christmas, documentaries, children’s programming, music karaoke, fitness, WWE, UFC, and more categories. The movie portion of the addon is pretty extensive, and it allows you to view 3D movies on Kodi in a smooth manner. Loki categorizes its movies neatly, and there is a special 3D area with over 100 3D movies. The titles are organised alphabetically to make it easier to find the one you desire.

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7. Death Star

DeathStar. Best Add Ons for 3D Movies on Kodi

Rather than being a typical Kodi addon, Death Star is a collection of addons within an addon. The addon is the result of a collaboration between numerous developers to create an all-in-one Kodi addon. WOW, Nole Cinema, Ghost, Devastation, Mysterious and a slew of more addons and developers are among the developers and addons available in Death Star. WOW 3D is one of the addon’s nicely arranged categories. Some of the Death Star additions offer 3D stuff that you may view. It should be noted that this addon is constantly developing, so new collections may appear from time to time.

8. Phoenix Rises

Phoenix rises

Phoenix Rises Kodi is an alternative to the ancient Kodi addon, Phoenix offers a large collection of video material and live TV. Through the Kodi Phoenix addon, you may view your favourite movies/TV series and access thousands of high-quality streaming connections. Users may watch movies in 4k resolutions using this plugin. There are sections for television, sports, and new movies. Fusion provides access to this extension and its repository zip file. People who are primarily interested in viewing movies should undoubtedly install the Kodi addon because it contains a movie database. Phoenix is trustworthy, convenient, and provides amazing video material. People become addicted to it since it feeds the world’s most recognised TV stations in real time.

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9. Exodus

Exodus. Best Add Ons for 3D Movies on Kodi

Exodus is a third-party entertainment Addon that allows you to stream movies and TV shows from a variety of sources within Kodi. The exodus add-on offers a straightforward and user-friendly design, akin to Netflix. This Kodi play 3D movie add-on includes features such as Trakt integration and Real debrid, among others. Depending on the speed of your internet, you may view movies or TV shows in various resolutions such as HD, FHD, and SD.

10. Stream Army

Stream Army

This add-on is also on the list of top add-ons because it has a plethora of media material for user amusement. This extension’s programming includes comedy programmes, movies, sports, music, T channels, and documentaries, among other things. This add-on includes high-quality media material for watching 3D movies on Kodi, as well as an alternative source for streaming video. A favorite choice will store some of your favorite shows and other items in a convenient location.


We hope you found this information useful and that you were able to watch 3D movies on Kodi. Please let us know which technique was the most beneficial for you. Please use the form below if you have any queries or comments.

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