Microsoft Teams Advantages and Disadvantages

If you are part of an organization or starting your own business, Microsoft Teams is a must-have tool. This all-in-one app lets you chat, call, share files and links, manage documents and conduct meetings with multiple users. Moreover, Teams is compatible with all smartphones and laptops which makes it easily accessible at all times. However, if you are not tech-savvy, it can be a bit tricky to navigate the app in the beginning. We have prepared this guide for you to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Teams as well as its key features so you can utilize the app in the best way possible.

Microsoft teams advantages and disadvantages

Microsoft Teams Advantages and Disadvantages

This article contains all the useful information you need to know if you are a Teams user. Owing to the vast options, you might be feeling confused every now and then. But once you are aware of the advantages and Teams limitations, things will get easier. So let us get started.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Before we get down to Microsoft Teams advantages and disadvantages, we must get to know what is Microsoft Teams. It is a messaging app that takes care of all your needs like a pro. It is equipped with some of the most useful features that you need to collaborate and manage your organization. To give you an idea, Teams offer everything from chats, events, communities, and meetings, to storage, tasks, and more. Teams homepage

What are Advantages of Microsoft Teams?

Teams is one of the most popular office organization applications for both Android and iOS users. The following are some of the advantages of the Teams app.

1. Office-365 Integration- Perhaps the best thing about the Teams app is its seamless integration with Office 365. This is an excellent advantage if you are already using Teams as an organization. In other words, nearly all of your Office 365 apps such as OneNote, SharePoint, PowerPoint, and Word are integrated into Teams.

2. Schedule meetings- The Teams app also lets you schedule meetings with other team members and send them timely notifications to remind about the same. Next, they are automatically invited to the meeting where they can choose to ignore or accept the invitation.

3. Device compatibility- Teams is available for a plethora of devices. You can download and install it on Android, Windows, and iOS. Moreover, it is quite easy to use which makes it ideal for people who are not so tech-savvy.

4. LinkedIn Connection- Using the Teams app on your device, you can easily access and view another user’s LinkedIn account with just a few taps. Here you can get to know about their education, work experience, interests, and whatnot.

connect LinkedIN on Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams Features and Benefits

Since you are thorough with what is Microsoft Teams, we can explore its advantages and drawbacks. But before making any big decision, it is essential for you to ensure whether the Teams app is the right choice or not. Here are the features of Microsoft Teams meeting that you should know about:

1. Chats- Another impressive feature of Microsoft Teams is its instant chats feature. So, whether you want to text a particular person or an entire channel, you can do so with just a few taps. Not only this but you can even chat with yourself to share files from one device and download them on another. You should try this among Microsoft Teams features and benefits.

Teams Chat

2. Dedicated channels- Another thing you can do on Microsoft Teams is creating dedicated channels on specific topics. This makes it easier for you to avoid unnecessary distractions, clear clutter, and make distinctions between users. Moreover, this saves you a lot of time since you do not have to scroll through too many texts. You should try this among Microsoft Teams features and benefits

3. Easy collaboration- You can invite people from outside your business using their email addresses and form new connections for improved collaboration. Teams app will mark these outsiders as guest users so that you can easily connect with third parties.

4. Clutter-free management- Using the search feature and filters available on the Microsoft Teams app, you can find relevant information in the blink of an eye. Using the available filters, you can narrow down your results and save time and energy.

5. Join meetings- Microsoft Teams has made it easier for people to join meetings by merely using a Meeting ID and Meeting passcode. So, whether you are a desktop user or a smartphone user, you get to enjoy the same features for unmatchable performance.

Join meetings

6. Annotation- The annotation feature might be a new surprise for some Teams users. This feature lets you share your screen during a meeting so that you can use visuals and make things easier and clear for your colleagues. In addition to this, you can also use the annotation feature to draw, highlight, react, or type on top of what is being displayed right now. Annotation is one of the best features of Microsoft Teams meetings. You should try this among Microsoft Teams features and benefits.

7. Speaker coach- This feature is perfect for those Teams users who are not so confident about their skills. If you feel uncomfortable or underconfident during presentations or meetings then you should make use of this great feature. Speaker coach lets you use AI to give honest feedback on your speaking performance in real-time. For instance, a speaker coach on Teams advises you to slow down or pace up if you are messing up the speed.

8. Record meetings- Another interesting feature of teams is their recording feature. This lets you record meetings or group calls along with their audio, video, and screen sharing with crisp picture quality for later use. Thus, you can get back to those recordings whenever you want and revise everything effortlessly.

9. Unmatched security- If you are looking for cutting-edge features along with unmatched security, Microsoft Teams will never let you down. All the data on Teams is encrypted which makes it easier for users to focus on other deadlines and tasks rather than worrying about their data. Most importantly, Teams offer integrated mobile device management to keep everything safe from malicious hands.

10. Slash commands- Slash commands save your time and energy by making messaging on Teams a piece of cake. Think about the slash command as a short phrase preceded by a slash that executes a specific action. You should try this among Microsoft Teams features and benefits.

Slash Command

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Microsoft Teams Limitations

Now that you know about the various Microsoft Teams advantages and disadvantages, let us take a look at the limitations of the app before moving on.

1. Confusing tools- Owing to a plethora of available tools, Microsoft Teams users are confused about which tool is more fitting for a situation and how to use it. As not everyone is equally tech enthusiastic, it may become difficult for users to grasp things at the beginning.

Confusing tools

2. Server downtime- Like other apps, Microsoft Teams too needs to go down for periodical maintenance. Apart from this, the app may become unavailable due to high traffic which further makes it inaccessible. In this case, the app will not let you send messages, conduct calls or meetings, or share files among peers.

3. Increased security risk- Now that we know everyone can create teams on Microsoft Teams, let us understand how this possess a danger. Take guest users for example. They can upload potentially dangerous virus-filled files which in turn, will affect your device.

4. Requires Internet- Another drawback of using Microsoft Teams is that the app requires a constant stable internet connection. You cannot do anything on it unless your internet is running perfectly fine. Accordingly, this makes it difficult for users during power outages and other similar situations. Moreover, poor internet quality also leads to poor visuals and disrupted voice quality.

requires internet

5. Limited notifications- Another frustrating drawback of using Microsoft Teams is its lack of notifications. For instance, it does not notify users if multiple teams are being created using the same name. This will not only multiply your confusion but also end up consuming resources. Apart from this, netizens often report not receiving text notifications on the Teams app.

6. Limited channels- This might not concern people who are in a small-scale organization. However, things are quite the opposite for big companies. This is because Microsoft Teams app limits the number of channels to 200 public and 30 private ones.

7. Excessive storage consumption- Owing to its default settings, everyone on Microsoft Teams can create a team as per their requirement. However, this can result in an unnecessary number of groups which in turn, require more storage space than needed. Although you can restrict such team permissions, this demands patience and time to follow the steps.

Excessive storage consumption

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Microsoft Teams different than Zoom?

Ans. Yes, Microsoft Teams is entirely different from the Zoom app. To give you an idea, Zoom acts as a video conferencing tool. You can send people an invite link to join the meeting. On the other hand, Microsoft Teams has numerous power-packed features. It is an all-in-one tool that is equipped with numerous productivity features.

Q2. What are the 4 types of Microsoft Teams?

Ans. Interestingly, Microsoft Teams does not work as one size fits all. Instead, it has four different types of options from which you can choose. The list includes:

  • Class
  • Professional
  • Staff
  • Other

Q3. Why Teams is better than WhatsApp?

Ans. Some people think that Microsoft Teams is better than WhatsApp because it does require a SIM card. Instead, you can sign up on the app using your email and conduct meetings, conference calls, and whatnot. Moreover, the best thing is that you can record meetings to use them later.

Q4. Is Microsoft Teams free?

Ans. Yes, to your surprise, Microsoft Teams come with a 100% free version.


We hope this article helped you in learning Microsoft Teams advantages and disadvantages. Please share your feedback and reviews in the comments down below and let us know what you would like to read next.

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