11 Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Error 9074

What is Amazon Prime Video error 9074? Looking to solve this issue, then you have come to the right place. This error usually prevents you from streaming your favorite shows or movies. In this article, we are going to teach you how you can solve this error to continue binge watching.

11 Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Error 9074

How to Fix Amazon Prime Error 9074

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you know the trouble of Amazon Prime error 9074. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what is this error and the methods to fix the same.

Quick Answer

Update your Amazon Prime Video app to the latest version. You can update it by navigating to Microsoft Store Library menu > Updates and downloads section on Windows.

What is Amazon Prime Video Error 9074?

Amazon Prime is one of the largest and most popular online retailers in the world. It is used by millions of people every day to shop for goods, stream movies, and access exclusive content. Unfortunately, some users have experienced error 9074 when using the service. Error 9074 is a common Amazon Prime error that can occur due to various of reasons. It is typically caused by a problem with the user’s internet connection, a problem with the Amazon Prime app, or a problem with the user’s Amazon account.

What Causes Amazon Prime Error 9074?

The error code may occur in your device due to a variety of reasons as listed below:

  • Bugs and booting problems
  • Server outage with Prime Video
  • Bad internet connection
  • Specific Prime title issue
  • Unsupportive streaming quality
  • VPN issues
  • Corrupt or outdated network adaptor driver
  • Interfering Windows Firewall or antivirus program issue
  • Outdated Amazon Prime Video program

Here are simple and effective solutions that help you to fix the error on your device. Follow them in the same order to attain faster results.

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Often, you won’t require complicated methods to fix this issue with Amazon Prime Video, you can easily fix the issues by performing some basic troubleshooting methods as mentioned in the below section.

1A. Restart Amazon Prime App

Restarting the Amazon Prime app can often help to fix error 9074. This is because restarting the app will clear out any stored data, reset the settings, and give the app a fresh start. When restarting the app, it’s important to make sure that the device is connected to the internet. This will ensure that the app can access the necessary data and resources. To do so, you can check our guide on How to End Task in Windows 10 to end task and then restart your Amazon Prime app.

end task

1B. Restart PC

Restarting your computer can help to resolve any potential software conflicts or glitches that could be causing the issue. To restart your PC, follow our guide 6 Ways to Reboot or Restart a Windows 10 Computer.

Restart Windows

1C. Wait for Amazon Prime Server Uptime

Waiting for the server to come back up is the best way to resolve this issue as it will allow the server to process the request and provide the correct response. This will help to ensure that the error does not occur in the future. Meanwhile, you can keep yourself updated on server status by keeping an eye on server tracking sites such as Is The Service Down page.

Amazon Prime server status is the service down page

1D. Increase Network Speed

When the network speed is too slow, the streaming experience can become choppy and laggy. This can be incredibly frustrating for the user and can lead to them abandoning the service altogether. Amazon Prime users can enjoy an uninterrupted streaming experience by increasing network speed. You can also check out the Slow Internet Connection? 10 Ways to Speed up your Internet! guide to boost your internet speed.


1E. Update DNS Settings

Updating DNS settings helps to fix error 9074 because it can help ensure that the DNS servers are properly configured to allow access to the Amazon Prime Video service. This is because DNS servers are responsible for translating domain names into IP addresses, which are used by computers to locate and access websites. If the DNS settings are not updated, the computer may not be able to locate and access the Amazon Prime Video service. You can change DNS settings on your PC with the help of our guide on 3 Ways to change DNS settings on Windows 10.

Update DNS Settings. 11 Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Error 9074

1F. Try Different Titles

Trying different shows in Amazon Prime can help to fix error 9074 because it can help to determine whether the issue is with the show or with the service itself. If the same error occurs while trying different shows, then it is likely an issue with the service. However, if the error only occurs with a certain show, then it is likely that something is wrong with that particular show and can be fixed by contacting the show’s provider.

1G. Change Streaming Quality

Changing the streaming quality in Amazon Prime can help to fix Amazon Prime video error 9074 as it might be caused by a slow or unreliable internet connection. By reducing the streaming quality, the amount of data being streamed is reduced, which can help to improve the connection speed and reduce the chances of error 9074 occurring.

1. Launch the Amazon Prime Video app.

2. Now, launch the app’s Menu.

3. Next, open the app’s Settings.

go to amazon prime video app settings

4. Select Stream and Download and click on Streaming Quality and Download Quality.

5. Next, change the quality to a lower level.

Method 2: Clear Amazon Prime App Cache

Clearing the Amazon Prime app cache can help to fix error 9074 because the cache stores data and files from the app, which can become corrupt over time. This can cause unexpected errors and malfunctions. Clearing the cache can also help to free up storage space on your device. This allows the app to run more efficiently and can help to resolve any errors caused by a lack of storage space. Additionally, clearing the app cache will delete any temporary files that may be causing the error.

1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R keys together.

2. Now, type %appdata% and press Enter key.

type %appdata% and press Enter key. 11 Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Error 9074

3. Search for Amazon Prime Video and open it.

4. Now, search for Cache folder and delete it by pressing the Delete key.

search for cache folder and delete it by pressing Delete key

5. Relaunch the app and check if the issue has been resolved.

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Method 3: Disable VPN Service

Disabling the VPN service can help fix Amazon Prime Video error 9074 because it can interfere with the streaming service’s ability to detect your location. Using a VPN can cause Amazon Prime to think you are located in a different region (or country) than where you actually are, which can prevent you from accessing certain content. Disabling the VPN service will allow Amazon Prime to accurately detect your location, which should fix the error. You can check out the How to Disable VPN and Proxy on Windows 10 guide to safely disable VPN on your device.

toggle OFF Proxy options. 11 Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Error 9074

Method 4: Update Amazon Prime Video

Updating Amazon Prime Video can help fix error 9074 by making sure that the app is running the latest version. This ensures that any bugs or glitches in the previous version have been fixed and any new features have been added. Additionally, updating Amazon Prime Video may also allow for better compatibility with the device you are using, which can help prevent the error from occurring.

1. Open the Microsoft Store application on your Windows PC.

2. Open the Library section of the Store.

Open Library

3. Click on Get updates to download the latest version of Prime Video, if available.

Click on Get updates. 11 Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Error 9074

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Method 5: Update Network Adapter Drivers

Outdated drivers can cause compatibility issues, which can lead to errors when streaming content. By updating the network adaptor drivers, compatibility issues can be resolved, reducing the chances of experiencing the error. To Update drivers follow the steps,

1. Hit the Windows key and type Device Manager, click on Open as shown.

open Device Manager

2. You will see the Network adapters on the main panel; double-click on it to expand it.

Network adapters

3. Right-click on the network driver (e.g. Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168) and click Update driver as depicted below.

right click on the driver and click Update driver

4. Now, click on Search automatically for drivers option to locate and install a driver automatically.

search automatically for drivers. 11 Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Error 9074

5. The drivers will be updated to the latest version if they are not updated. Restart your PC to implement the update.

Method 6: Roll Back Network Adapter Drivers

Rolling back network adaptor drivers can help to resolve conflicts that can occur when a newer driver is installed. This error is often caused by a conflict between the network adaptor driver and the Amazon Prime streaming service, and rolling back the driver can help to resolve the problem. Rolling back the driver will not delete any data, but it will replace the driver with a previous version, which can help to resolve the conflict.

To roll back your network adapters, follow our guide How to Rollback Drivers on Windows 10

Switch to the Driver tab and select Roll Back Driver

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Method 7: Reinstall Network Adapter Drivers

Reinstalling network adaptor drivers can help to resolve any compatibility issues between the network adaptor and the Amazon Prime application. It can also help to update the drivers and resolve any driver-related issues. Additionally, reinstalling the network adaptor drivers can help to reset any settings and configurations that may be conflicting with the Amazon Prime application. You can follow the How to Uninstall and Reinstall Drivers on Windows 10 guide to safely reinstall the network adaptor drivers on your device.

uninstall device

Method 8: Add Exception to Firewall

Adding an exception to the firewall can help fix error 9074 by allowing the Amazon Prime streaming service through the firewall. This will allow the streaming service to bypass any restrictions or blocks that the firewall may have in place, which can help resolve the issue.

To add the Amazon Prime app to the firewall whitelist, follow our guide Allow or Block Apps through the Windows Firewall and implement as instructed.

Allow Apps

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Method 9: Disable Antivirus Protection (If Applicable)

Disabling the antivirus program on a device can help to fix Amazon Prime error 9074. This is because the antivirus program can be blocking the Amazon Prime service from running properly on the device. By disabling the antivirus program, you will be able to allow the Amazon Prime service to run properly on your device. Read our guide on How to Disable Antivirus Temporarily on Windows 10 and follow the instructions to disable your Antivirus program temporarily on your PC.

Disable Antivirus Temporarily

Method 10: Reinstall Amazon Prime Video

The reinstallation process will replace any corrupted or outdated files with new ones, as well as clear any potential conflicts between the app and other programs on your device. Additionally, reinstalling Amazon Prime Video can help to ensure that all settings and configurations within the app are up to date and compatible with your device. Due to this, reinstalling Amazon Prime Video is an effective way of resolving issues with the app.

1. Press Windows + I keys simultaneously to open Settings.

2. Here, click Apps.

Open Settings and click on the Apps option

3. Locate and select Prime Video for Windows.

Locate and select Prime Video for Windows. 11 Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Error 9074

4. Here, click Uninstall.

click Uninstall. 11 Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Error 9074

5. Again, click Uninstall to confirm the action.

click Uninstall to confirm the action

6. Open the Microsoft Store from the start menu.

7. Search for Prime Video for Windows.

Search for Prime Video for Windows. 11 Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Error 9074

8. Finally, click Install to get the program on your computer.

click Install to get the program

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Method 11: Contact Amazon Prime Video Support

Amazon Prime Video support provides customers with the ability to speak to experienced and knowledgeable customer service agents who are trained to handle specific issues with the Amazon Prime Video service. These agents have the skills and expertise to quickly diagnose and repair issues with the service, including the Prime error 9074. Additionally, Amazon Prime Video support can provide customers with troubleshooting and technical advice, as well as provide solutions to other issues they may experience while using Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video Support


We hope this guide was helpful to you and you were able to resolve Amazon Prime error 9074. Let us know which method worked for you. If you have any suggestions or queries for us, please let us know in the comment section.

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