LHR vs Non LHR GPU: Which Cards are Best for Gaming?

The gaming industry is an always-expanding and growing business. Now and then, gamers are introduced to a new technology that enhances their gaming experience. GPUs are essential for gamers. GPUs allow gamers to run their games smoothly and enjoy gaming in high definition. In recent years only, GPU technology has made incredible advances. In this guide, we will discuss LHR GPU meaning and how it is different from non LHR GPUs. We will also compare and discuss LHR GPU and Non LHR GPU gaming, LHR vs non LHR GPU performance, and mining abilities to know which is best for computer gaming and mining.

LHR vs Non LHR GPU: Which Cards are Best for Gaming?

LHR vs Non LHR GPU: Which Cards are Best for Gaming?

In this guide, you will get to know about LHR GPU and non LHR GPU meaning the differences between LHR vs non LHR GPU performance and many more in detail.

What is LHR GPU?

LHR, or Lite Hash Rate, video cards are specially developed gaming video cards that reduce the hash rate of the GPU and prevent miners from exploiting the GPU for crypto mining. LHR GPUs help gamers get good-quality video cards, as the prices of these GPUs are relatively lower due to their lower hash rates. In May 2021, NVIDIA launched first of its kind Lite Hash Rate video card, which allowed them to target the gaming market. Later in this guide, we will also discuss how hash rate affects GPU performance and does LHR affect rendering.

Now that you know about LHR GPU meaning, then read the next section to know about non LHR GPU. 

What are Non LHR GPU?

Non LHR GPUs, or simply FHR GPUs, are video cards with high hash rate properties. Initially launched for gamers to get a smooth gaming experience, non LHR GPUs quickly became a tool for crypto miners to mine currencies online. This tool helps crypto miners mine and produce more cryptocurrency. Also, read about LHR vs non LHR GPU performance later in this guide. Since the miners were quickly infiltrating the GPU market due to the accessibility of GPUs, companies like NVIDIA had to launch LHR GPUs to avoid miners and lower the price for affordable GPUs. Keep reading to learn the difference between LHR vs non LHR GPU gaming.


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What is Hash Rate?

Let’s discuss what hash rate is, how it affects GPU performance, and is a LHR GPU good for gaming.

Cryptocurrency is a term that has been in the news a lot in recent times. As a decentralized form of money transaction that is completely virtual, cryptocurrency’s fragile nature makes it incredibly vulnerable. Cryptocurrency can be used to make transactions and buy and sell things.

Normally, any transaction with monetary elements is regulated in some capacity by a centralized bank. However, the whole concept of cryptocurrency is to avoid bank hassle. Therefore, whenever a transaction is made with a cryptocurrency, it is added as a block to the blockchain. How quickly someone can add a block to the blockchain is determined by the hash rate.

Therefore, the higher the hash rate value, the higher the chances of getting more cryptocurrency.

Let’s discuss what the key difference is between LHR and non LHR GPUs and the LHR GPU list in the following sections.

Key Differences Between LHR and Non LHR GPU

Now that we have discussed both LHR GPU meaning and non LHR GPUs, let’s point out some of the key differences between the two GPUs.

  • LHR GPUs or Light Hash Rate GPUs are made for gamers’ video cards; these GPUs have a lower hash rate than non LHR and are therefore suitable for gaming activities.
  • Non LHR GPUs are technologically more advanced and are suitable for crypto miners, and a high hash rate helps mine crypto faster and gain more profit.

If you are still wondering is a LHR GPU good for gaming, the gaming experience is pretty much the same in both LHR and non LHR GPUs, as the hash rate does not dictate the gaming performance for a PC. Keep reading to know does LHR affect rendering.

LHR vs Non LHR GPU Performance

Many new gamers doubt whether lowering the hash rate also reduces gaming performance. However, a low hash rate for a GPU doesn’t necessarily mean low performance. Generally, LHR cards are considered inferior to non LHR cards. Still, the truth is that the hash rate is completely irrelevant to the gaming industry and does not affect your system’s gaming performance.

Non LHR GPUs produce a high hash rate and are often considered superior to LHR GPUs in performance. However, due to their high hash rates, crypto miners normally prefer these GPUs.

LHR vs Non LHR GPU Gaming

Does LHR affect gaming? No. As already discussed, the hash rate of a GPU does not dictate the gaming performance; it only decides the mining process for a cryptocurrency. There are various LHR GPUs available in the market that provide a fine gaming experience without any issues.

LHR vs Non LHR GPU Mining

Let’s discuss LHR vs non LHR GPU mining. In terms of mining, the non LHR GPU takes center stage without any doubt. These high-end GPUs have a very high hash rate and can mine quickly and efficiently for crypto miners. Non LHR GPUs are advantageous for miners. On the other hand, LHR GPUs are only beneficial for gamers. Due to their lower hash rates, they do not mine crypto as efficiently.

List of LHR GPUs

The following is the LHR GPU list


List of Non LHR GPUs

If you are a crypto miner looking for some good quality non LHR GPUs to mine crypto faster, the following is a list of non LHR GPUs available in the market.

Gaming Desktop PC AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT. LHR vs Non LHR GPU: Which Cards are Best for Gaming?

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How to Identify LHR and Non LHR GPU?

After learning does LHR affect gaming, let us learn how to identify LHR and non LHR GPU. Since the market is abundant with video cards, you may not always know which kind of GPU you are using on your system. If you want to find out which GPU you are using on your computer, you can keep the following points in mind.

  • If you are buying a new GPU, it is probably mentioned in the product box or the product details. Carefully inspect the product before buying it.
  • If you already have the product, you can still locate the GPU information on the box.
  • If you can’t locate the GPU information, there are various online tools that you can use to get the information on your GPU in seconds. You can use tools such as QuickMiner to help identify the type of GPU you are using.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is a GPU?

Ans. GPUs, or graphics processing units, are processors that help accelerate computer graphics rendering. GPUs are used to make high-graphic processes on computers smooth, such as video games, machine learning, video editing, etc.

Q2. Is the LHR GPU good for my PC?

Ans. Yes, LHR GPUs are developed with gamers in mind; these GPUs produce low hash rates and are available at lower prices. LHR GPUs are good for your computer if you want to play and enjoy computer games.

Q3. Can I mine with an LHR GPU?

Ans. No, Since LHR GPUs have a low hash rate, mining is not preferred. If you want to mine crypto, you should consider getting a good-quality non LHR GPU.


We hope this guide was useful to you about LHR GPU and non LHR GPU meaning, comparison and you could decide between LHR vs non LHR GPU. Let us know which GPU you find the best. If you have any suggestions or queries, please let us know in the comment section. Also, let us know what you want to learn next.

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