How to Get Philo 7 Days Free Trial

Philo is one of the best choices in the online tv streaming service segment because of its cheap plans and free trials. You can try out Philo’s live TV streaming service for seven days without having to commit to a monthly subscription by signing up for Philo free trial . The whole Philo bundle of more than 60 live TV channels specializing in entertainment programming is accessible throughout the trial. You may also get a month of free viewing and more discounts by taking advantage of its free trial and promos.

How to Get Philo 7 Days Free Trial

How to Get Philo Free Trial

More than 60 channels, including Comedy Central, Lifetime, Discovery, The Paramount Network, BBC America, Nickelodeon, the Food Network, and MTV, are available during the free trial. Philo concentrates on television networks that broadcast comedies, dramas, and reality shows as well as channels for home, cuisine, documentaries, and music.

How to Signup for a Free Trial on Philo

If you’re new to streaming platforms and online TV services and are curious about how can you sign up for a free Philo TV trial? If you’re having this issue, don’t fret; we’ve listed all the methods to enable you to try Philo TV for free and take advantage of its premium version. Simply adhere to these simple instructions to begin your Philo free trial month.

It is accessible on a range of devices including Android, iOS, FireTV, etc. We will cover all basic platforms where you might be searching for 1 month free trial one by one.

Option I: On Android Device

Android devices are most probably the most used operating devices which is the reason we will first cover it so you can experience flawless entertainment on your smartphone.

Follow the below-given steps to start your Philo 1 month free trial

1. Open the Play Store on your android device

search play store. How to Get Philo Free Trial 

2. Search Philo TV and install the best result you get to get Philo free trial

search philo tv on the playstore

3. Open the application just installed

philo app interface on android mobile. How to Get Philo Free Trial 

4. Click on the Start Free Trial option

5. Enter the required details to start your free trial

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Option II: On Philo Official Website

philo webpage site. How to Get Philo Free Trial 

One of the simplest ways for you to get a Philo 1 month free trial is from its official website.

1. Visit the official Philo TV website using your browser.

2. The Start your 7-day free trial option may be found on the website under a box. Click on it.

start 7 days free trial Philo TV website

3. Fill up a form with information about yourself, your contacts, your email address, etc.

create your account Philo TV

4. Your email address or phone number will get a link from the Philo team; click it to complete the procedure.

5. Your new account will be created by Philo TV once you click Complete Sign-Up

6. Following the creation of your account, you will receive a 7-day free trial.

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Option III: On Fire TV

There is even an option to get Philo free trial on your Fire TV by just following the simple steps given below; 

1. The home button on your Fire TV remote should be pressed.

2. On the home screen, click the search icon that is in the upper left corner.

Amzon firestick or firetv home search

3. Locate the Philo and click on it.

philo interface on fire tv. How to Get Philo Free Trial

4. then click Get and proceed to launch the Philo App

5. For Philo, select Start a Free Trial

6. Fill out the registration form with your contact and personal details after adding them.

7. You will receive an SMS link

8. Verify the link by clicking it.

This is how you can get Philo free trial for fire TV.

Option IV: On iOS Devices

Do you use an iPhone or other iOS device? If so, you may download a free Philo app on your device. You can sign up for 7-day free trial by simply following these easy steps.

1. Open Apple App Store and download the Philo App

search app store on iphone

2. Launch the Philo App where you will get a popup Get Started

philo app in apple app store. How to Get Philo Free Trial 

3. To finish the procedure, enter your current contact information, including a phone number and email address.

4. The Philo TV team will give you a link to the contact information you supplied.

5. To confirm your subscription, tap that link. tap the OK button.

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Option V: On Roku Devices

philo interface on roku devices

Roku device owners can also enjoy a month free trial. All you have to do is to just follow the below-given steps.

1. Your device home button should be pressed.

roku remote home button

2. Next, just click Streaming Channels.

click on streaming channels on roku

3. Continue looking for channels.

4. Click on Philo TV to select it.

5. Select the Add Channels button. Open the Philo TV website

6. Click on Start Your Free Trial and provide your contact information.

7. Sign up and confirm it to have access to incredible stuff on Philo TV Service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to subscribe to Philo after your free trial ends?

Ans. So did you enjoy what you saw in your free trial and are planning to subscribe to Philo? Well, in that case, Philo might be your choice to subside all your craving for entertainment because of its not-so-costly plans which are comparatively way cheaper than other online streaming services like YouTube. Philo subscription plans cost $25 per month.

Q2. How to cancel Philo before free trial?

Ans. Whether during your free trial period or after your paid subscription has started, you can cancel your subscription at any moment without any commitments or additional costs. You can continue to use Philo after canceling for the rest of the free trial or payment period.

Go to the Philo website’s Account page, click Cancel My Account and then press Submit Cancellation to end your subscription.

Q3. How long is Philo free trial?

Ans. It is only available for 7 days after which you are charged automatically. You can cancel this trial at any point in time.


We hope that this guide was helpful, and you were able to learn how to get philo free trial. Let us know which method did find as easiest. If you have any queries or, suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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