How to Get Course Hero Free Trial Membership

E-learning has become inevitable in these contemporary times. With improvements in technology, it has become even easier to learn online. There are numerous platforms online that help millions of students all over the world to access different courses. One such platform is Course Hero, which prepares students for courses of their choice. It is a subscription-based website; thus, free users have access to limited material. This can stop students from getting their hands on full content, leaving them wondering how to get Course Hero free trial. If you are someone wondering about the same, then we have got you covered with our perfect guide. In today’s doc, we will cover everything important about Course Hero free trial membership and how to get a free trial without a credit card. So, let us start knowing about Course Hero a bit more.

How to Get Course Hero Free Trial Membership

How to Get Course Hero Free Trial Membership

Course Hero, founded in 2006, is an American online learning platform that provides course-specific study courses.

  • It provides access to old notes, tests, answers, problems, and everything important related to a course.
  • Students can ask tutors for personalized homework help on the platform.
  • Students can also share their study resources to help others.
  • It provides over 60 million course-specific study resources.
  • It is a subscription-based service that does not offer Course Hero free trial membership.
  • Understanding books is easier with thorough videos related to the course, chapter summaries, and infographics.
  • Course-specific quizzes are also provided to help the students prepare for exams and evaluate themselves.
  • Great initiative for college students who need extra material to study.

Course Hero Subscription

 Course Hero does not offer a free trial

As reported by Course Hero, the platform does not offer a free trial, so getting Course Hero free can be a bit tricky. But that does not leave you with no option. While there are other ways to get hands-on advanced Course Hero material which we will uncover later, you can also give a thought to Course Hero Subscription. The platform has made it easier for students to apply for membership with its three different plans: Monthly Plan, Quarterly Plan, and Annual Plan. Let us have a look at these Course Hero plans in detail:

1. Monthly Plan

  • The monthly plan costs around USD 39.95 per month.
  • As is clear by its name, students get access to the material for one month.
  • Under this plan, students can consult up to 10 tutor questions.
  • Students will be charged USD 39.95 after each month.

2. Quarterly Plan

  • The quarterly plan costs around USD 19.95 per month.
  • Under this plan, students can access Course Hero material for three months.
  • Students can consult up to 20 tutor questions.
  • Students will be charged USD 59.85 after three months.

3. Annual Plan

  • The annual plan costs USD 9.95 per month.
  • Students get 12 months of access to advanced material on Course Hero.
  • Students can consult up to 40 tutor questions.
  • Students will be charged USD 119.40 after each year.

The membership plans keep getting renewed from your credit card unless you decide to cancel the membership. Under these membership plans, students can access exam material, notes, homework questions, assignments, study guides, and assistance from expert tutors. Course Hero provides website access on desktop and mobile as an app for easy student access.

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How to Get Course Hero Free Trial Without a Credit Card

As mentioned earlier, even though Course Hero does not provide any free trial to its users, you can still get a chance to access limited materials on Course Hero for free. This is possible via multiple methods that we will unfold in the upcoming paragraphs. These methods will help you get unblur credits, making it possible for you to unlock Course Hero documents, material, questions, and answers.

Method 1: Upload Material on Course Hero

The first step to get a Course Hero free trial membership is to upload your material and original documents free of plagiarism on the platform. Look at some of the important points listed below that will help you know better about how to upload material on Course Hero:

  • Before uploading, ensure the documents are properly formatted and appropriately titled.
  • Documents need to be of high quality.
  • The material to be uploaded can include essays, lecture notes, course test questions, and other relatable material. To upload the document,

1. Sign in to Course Hero and open the uploads page.

Sign in to Course Hero

2. Then, go to the uploads section, drag or drop the documents and click on Add Documents.

Course Hero upload study resource. Course Hero free trial membership

3. For every 10 uploads on the site, you can unblur any 5 documents of your choice.

4. It usually takes about 1-3 hours or up to 3 days to reflect the credit score on your account.

5. Each time your uploaded document gets 5 uploads or 5 likes, you will get 1 blur credit that you can use to unblock the document of your choice.

Method 2: Quiz Yourself

Another great way to get Course Hero free trial without having to pay for it is by creating questions and choosing the Quiz Yourself option. This helps in creating a quiz that helps in assisting students. Before attempting the quiz, you can check the rules provided by Course Hero. This assessment when in return gets good feedback from other users, you can get free credits. Know more about how you can do so with the help of the following steps:

1. Open your Course Hero account and go to the unlocked documents section.

unlock study resources course hero

2. There, choose Quiz Yourself.

3. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to create your first question.

4. New Course Hero can get a one-time offer of 3 to unlock credits by asking a question.

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Method 3: Rate and Review Material of Other Users

The next way you can get Course Hero free trial without a credit card is to rate and review the material of other users who have uploaded their documents on Course Hero. Rating other users’ content can get you 1 unblur credit for 5 ratings or reviews. You can receive the credit on your account within an hour of rating or reviewing the documents.

Method 4: Refer to Your Friends

Referring the Course Hero service to your friends and inviting them to join the platform can benefit you and get you a Course Hero free trial membership. If you want to help your friends as well, then nothing is better than referring them to Course Hero, which can also get them 20% off on signing up. Know more about how you can refer to your friends with the help of the points listed below:

1. Sign in to your account and open the Course Hero referrals page.

referrals page

2. Go to the Share section and choose a method you would like to share.

3. Click on the Send button to share with your friends.

4. You can also Share on social with the option given below.

refer to your friend

5. For every person that joins, you will get 8 tutor questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Course Hero worth the subscription?

Ans. Yes, Course Hero is worth the subscription, especially for students. Students get access to millions of study resources, homework questions, and more. The service also provides expert tutors with 24/7 assistance, which can help students with studying tips and doubts.

Q2. How can I unlock Course Hero without paying for it?

Ans. You can unlock Course Hero without paying for it by uploading your notes and documents. This can get you credit within a few hours or 3 days. This credit can be used to unblock material on Course Hero.

Q3. Can I get Course Hero for free if I am a teacher?

Ans. Yes, teachers can get hands on the Course Hero services for free. To do so, you must make an account on the platform.

Q4. Can I cancel my Course Hero subscription?

Ans. Yes, you can cancel your Course Hero subscription at any given time. It would be best if you did so before your subscription was renewed. If you have already been charged for a renewal, you can send a request for a full refund.

Q5. Can I earn on Course Hero?

Ans. Yes, you can earn on the platform by becoming a tutor. Tutors make an average of $500 per week by helping students learn on Course Hero.


Course Hero is undoubtedly a great platform for students to experience the best environment of online learning. Not only can they have access to infinite course-specific material, but they can also get an answer to their doubts from expert teachers. To have access to Course Hero free trial membership is a blessing. We hope that our doc was helpful in guiding you well about all the ways in which you can obtain useful studying material for free on Course Hero. If you have any more suggestions or queries to ask, please leave your comments below.

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