How to Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon

SHEIN is an online Chinese fashion retailer founded in 2008. SHEIN is best known for buying clothes at affordable rates. There is a program on SHEIN that allows people to try free clothes and have them for free! This deal is valid only if the buyer writes a written review about the product within 10 days. In this way, people can get free clothes on SHEIN. The program is called SHEIN free trial program and is provided by the SHEIN trial coupon. In this article, we will see How to Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon and use it for getting free clothes. You will also know about how to search for and get SHEIN Coupon codes & Discount Offers. So, let’s get started!

How to Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon

How to Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon

SHEIN’s free trial program is a platform to request free products from the online platform itself. It needs an account registration before use. Though the registration is free. It allows the customer to try the clothes for free. This means that if the customer wins on SHEIN free trial program, they Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon.

If you visit the SHEIN website you can see that there are so many reviews written on the site. The reviews are original, the reason for these reviews and photos will be explained in detail below.

Requirements for SHEIN Free Trial Program

Following are the requirements of the program listed in detail.

  • You need to apply for the SHEIN free trial program through your account. After applying, SHEIN will choose the winners for the program to Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon. The criteria for winning the program are not definite as there are various criteria SHEIN uses to choose the correct candidate.
  • In case you win the SHEIN free trial program then the items you have added will be delivered to you within 30 days of placing the order. After getting the items you have selected, you need to enter the review of the product with pictures on the SHEIN website. The review of the product must be done within 10 days of receiving the product.
  • If you don’t have an idea about what criteria to review, SHEIN conveniently provides detailed instructions and structure on how to add a well-written review for the product. You can read the detailed instructions and implement the same while writing the review of the product on your own.
  • You need to include the pros and cons of the product you have purchased. The review you write doesn’t necessarily need to be based on SHEIN’s opinion. The pros and cons can be your own opinion after the usage of the SHEIN product within 10 days of receiving the product. The images that are needed for the review must be the screenshot you took when you received the product, so the website images itself is not allowed.
  • After your review of the product is completed, you need to submit it, SHEIN will evaluate the review and post it. In case you have failed to follow the detailed instructions that SHEIN provided then your review will be discarded. You have only one chance to write a review to meet the requirements.

Where to Try SHEIN Free Trial Program?

SHEIN free trial is not very easily visible on the website and is only available when a user logs into the website to Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon. First, you need to create an account on SHEIN to be able to use the SHEIN Free trial center.

1. Visit the official website of SHEIN.

2. Click on the profile icon present on the top right side of the window and click on Sign in/ Register.

click on profile icon and click sign in or register

3. Enter the details and click on the checkbox I agree to the Privacy & Cookie Policy and Terms & Conditions and then click on REGISTER.

enter the details for creating an account and click register. How to Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon

4. Then, you will receive an image reading Congratulations! You have successfully registered.

message reading congratulations you have successfully registered

5. Now, you will be automatically logged in.

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6. To Log into the SHEIN free trial program. Click on the profile photo present on the top-right side of the webpage.

click on profile photo icon. How to Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon

7. Click on the Free trial Center present under the Other Services section.

click on free trial center

8. Browse for any product and click on Free trial.

click on free trial. How to Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon

9. Select the size from the given options and click on ADD NEW ADDRESS.

select size and click add new address

10. Enter your location, First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number and click on SAVE.

enter your shipping details and click save. How to Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon

11. Now, a window will be prompted asking you about your Address details.

12. Enter the address details and click on Save.

enter details and click save

13. Finally, click on SUBMIT button to receive the request for a free trial.

click submit. How to Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon

Wait for the processing to occur, the processing time takes about one week to finish. After processing, the item will be shipped to you free of delivery. The only main requirement is to submit a detailed review of the product within 10 days of the free trial item. This is how you can get free clothes with the SHEIN free trial center.

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How are People Selected for SHEIN Free Trial Program?

People who participate in SHEIN free trial program are called testers. SHEIN states that the testers are chosen by the automated system. The automated system considers activity level and whether the tester is a potential buyer, and the frequency of their buying.

This also means that if you have purchased on SHEIN before, then it is likely that you will be chosen and Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon. Testers at SHEIN can apply for the SHEIN program three times per week.

Things Not to Do

There are some rules and conditions for participating in SHEIN free trial program, not adhering to or breaking these can lead to you not being chosen ever again. To avoid this, make sure that you follow the rules, here are some of the things not to do after applying to the SHEIN free trial.

  • Post Photos that are not correctly sized for upload on the website.
  • Not submitting the review as promised by you.
  • Using a fake account to spam for free clothes.
  • Use someone else’s photos other than yours

SHEIN explicitly states that anyone caught cheating on the platform will never be able to access the SHEIN free trial program and they will be banned. In case you have any doubts then you can access the help center present on the website.

Shein free trial help center

Why Should You Enter SHEIN Free Trial Program?

SHEIN is a large store selling clothes of all styles. Its low cost is due to its Chinese origin but the quality of the garments is good. With coupons and the low cost of SHEIN offering, you will get the cheapest purchases. Here are a few more positives to this program.

  • You can also easily get free clothes with the SHEIN Free Trial Center and get accepted as a tester.
  • There are also recurring offers for products and deals which are displayed on the website. This can be useful to buyers since they can get the best deal possible and get more chances to get selected for the SHEIN free trial coupons.
  • One of the best things is when you are a buyer, you frequently get new coupons for both products as well as SHEIN free trial program.

SHEIN Discount Offers and Coupon Codes

Since SHEIN offers plenty of discounts and coupon codes for users, not most of them are listed on the official website. In this case, you might need to search for other coupon websites to get the most out of SHEIN coupon codes and discount offers. Below given are some websites for obtaining free discount coupons.

1. Retailmenot

Retailmenot is a Canadian-based website that provides coupons for all websites. It is a subsidiary of Ziff media group. To access the website to get SHEIN coupon codes you can visit the Retailmenot Shein coupons page.

retailme not discount coupon. How to Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon

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2. Couponfollow

Couponfollow founded in 2010 is yet another website to obtain coupons for any shop. One plus point of Couponfollow is that you can provide your Email ID so, they can provide you with timely notifications if any new coupon is available on a website. Go to CouponFollow Shein coupons page to see SHEIN coupons.

coupon follow coupon codes

3. Savings

Savings offers daily coupons which are moderated already and tested before they are posted on the website. To check SHEIN discounts on Savings then navigate to Savings shein coupons page.

savings shein coupon codes. How to Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon

4. MarieClarie

MarieClarie is another coupon website for discounts and offers related to shopping. One of the plus points of MarieClarie is that the best deal available is filtered every day and is written on the left side of the website. It also has stats based on the offers and discounts on the main page. You can visit MarieClarie Shein coupons page.

marieclarie coupon code for shein

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5. Savoo

Savoo is another website for accessing SHEIN coupon codes. The coupons are rated by users and the codes are provided every day. To use the coupons, visit the Savoo Shein coupons page.

savoo shein discount. How to Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon

The above websites will get you reliable SHEIN Coupon Code & Discount Offers and also Get SHEIN Free Trial Coupon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Do I need to pay for SHEIN free trial?

Ans. A normal account that is not blocked is eligible for up to 3 times of free trial programs per week.

Q2. Is there any charge for using SHEIN free trial?

Ans. There are no charges for SHEIN free trial. The only requirement from the buyer is to write a detailed review within 10 days of purchase.

Q3. Is the SHEIN free trial real?

Ans. SHEIN’s free trial is a legitimate program that offers buyers a free trial program. But beware though, if anyone is found spamming the free trial product through various fake accounts, then they will be banned.

Q4. Do we need to return SHIEN free trial?

Ans. Once the request for SHIEN free trial is approved, the buyer will receive the coupon with the product. The SHIEN free trial does not require it to be returned. Also, make sure your review is written as per your product. If your product is not reviewed by you then it can affect the eligibility of your next purchase from the SHIEN free trial.


We hope the above article on How to get SHEIN free trial coupon was helpful to you and you were able to get the SHEIN coupon code. If you have any queries or suggestions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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