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How to Cancel Shipt Membership

Shipt is an American delivery service owned by Target Corporation, and it was founded and initially funded by Bill Smith. The company started its services by targeting regions with no grocery delivery services before expanding into other regions. Users can get the items delivered on the same day as ordered from Shipt. Customer orders are shipped and delivered by a fleet of more than 300,000 Shipt Shoppers across the country. You will need to purchase the membership costs $99 per year, for better facilities from Shipt. So, in this guide, you will learn how to cancel a Shipt membership and get answers to related questions like what are Shipt terms and conditions and does Shipt charge a cancellation fee.

How to Cancel Shipt Membership

How to Cancel Shipt Membership

A Shipt membership enables customers to place orders for products from local retailers such as ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Costco, CVS, Harris Teeter, H-E-B, Jewel Osco, Kroger, and many other brands/companies. Keep reading further to find the steps explaining how to cancel your Shipt membership in detail.

Is It Easy to Cancel Shipt Membership?

Yes, it is easy to cancel Shipt membership.

What are Shipt Terms and Conditions?

The Shipt rules terms and conditions include:

  • When a Weekly Delivery order is canceled (whether a single delivery or all future deliveries) through your Shipt account, it is accessible through either the Shipt web application or mobile application on Android or iOS.
  • You can also cancel a Weekly Delivery order by contacting our support team via phone, email, or live chat.

How to Cancel Shipt Membership?

You can delete your Shipt membership by the following methods:

Option I: Using Support Phone Number

1. Open the dialer app on your phone and place the call at the (205) 502-2500 number.

Open the dialer app on your phone and place the call at the (205) 502-2500 number | Shipt charge cancellation fee

2. Wait until a Shipt representative answers.

3. Request the membership cancellation of your Shipt account to the representative.

4. Provide your account information to the Shipt representative to complete the process.

Option II: Send Cancellation Request Email

1. Visit the Gmail website and click on Compose to compose a new email.

Note: You can use any other email website you use for communication purposes.

Visit the Gmail website and click on Compose to compose a new email | How to Cancel Shipt Membership

2. In the Subject section, type Request to Cancel My Shipt Membership.

3. Add membership@shipt.com as the recipient.

4. Write the body of the email and explain why you want to close the membership and Send the email.

The Shipt representatives will get in touch with you to complete the process.

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How Can You Cancel Your Shipt Account?

You can cancel your Shipt account by following the below steps:

1. Firstly, open your email account which is associated with the Shipt account.

2. Now, compose an email and enter the email address: support@shipt.com.

3. Within the Subject section, type Request to Delete My Account.

4. Type the body of the email and click on Send to initiate the process of account deletion.

Compose email - Subject - Request to Delete My Account - Send to support@shipt.com

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What Happens If You Cancel Shipt?

If you cancel after your free trial ends, the yearly subscription will show up on your credit card statement. If that happens, Shipt will refund you for any remaining days of the 365-day period once you cancel. Besides, if you cancel any order on Shipt, Shipt may or may not charge a cancellation fee depending upon the cancellation period, i.e. before or after the delivery person starts shopping.

Can You Get a Refund on Shipt Membership?

Yes, you can get a refund for canceling your Shipt membership. Shipt will refund your credit card for any remaining days you have left on your subscription. That includes if you cancel the day after your subscription renews.

How Can You Cancel Auto Shipt Renewal?

To prevent the automatic renewal of your annual Shipt membership fee, you must cancel your membership before the next annual membership fee is charged. To cancel your membership, contact Shipt at (205) 502-2500 or send an email to xteam@shipt.com with your full name, phone number, and e-mail address.

How Can You Cancel Your Shipt Free Trial?

You can cancel your membership at any time by reviewing your subscription through your Shipt account. You can also contact them via email at support@shipt.com

How Can You Contact Shipt Customer Service?

You have multiple ways you can contact Shipt customer service. You can contact the support team via LIVE CHAT from the Shipt Help page, email them at support@shipt.com, or call them at (205) 502-2500.

Shipt Help page - LIVE CHAT | How to Cancel Shipt Membership | Shipt charge cancellation fee

How Can You Restart Your Shipt Membership?

If you have previously canceled your subscription and decided to restart your membership, you can reactivate it at any time by sending a request email for the reactivation of your account. You can send the request to membership@shipt.com.


So, we hope you have understood how to cancel Shipt membership and learned about Shipt charge cancellation fee. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.

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