What is GameStop Membership Value?

GameStop is an American retailer of consumer electronics, video games, gaming gear, merchandise, and gaming collectibles with 4,816 outlets spread over nearly 25 nations. If you also visit GameStop and are curious about GameStop Pro membership, stay tuned till the end. In this review, you will get to know more about its value and whether it is worth it or not. Let’s dive in!

What is GameStop Membership Value? | GameStop trade-in worth it

What is GameStop Membership Value and Savings?

The observed value of a membership is called membership value. Membership value at GameStop stands for the total amount of money a PowerUp Rewards Pro member has saved, including all factors like a 10% discount on pre-owned items or a 10% bonus on trade-ins. Also, customers having a pro membership get a double point on any purchase as a customer without a pro membership which is 20 points per dollar you spend. This ensures that customers regularly visit Gamestore and use their membership to the fullest.

Why GameStop Pro Membership is Worth It?

For many players, upgrading to pro is worth it solely for the subscription of Game Informer magazine costing $50 annually, which they consider to be compensation for the membership fee.

  • If you regularly buy games and other items from GameStop, then it soon pays for itself, and the $5 monthly credit can save you money.
  • Also, with the monthly bonus, you earn a $10 welcome bonus simply for being a Pro Member.
  • Also, extra incentives like double the points, special deal days, welcome gifts, and more trade-in credits are available with GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro Membership.
  • You also get early access to recently announced products, console drops, limited edition collectibles, and an additional 10% bonus trade-in credit on most items.
  • GameStop, along with providing coupons, also provides discounts Pro Members of GameStop PowerUp Rewards receive 2% cash back (20 points) for every dollar purchased.
  • Moreover, you get free home delivery over a purchase of $35 if you are a Power Up Rewards Pro member.

Your PowerUp Rewards Pro membership will pay for its cost itself several times over a year. So, all these benefits make GameStop membership totally worth it.

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How Can You Use GameStop Coupons Online?

You can use GameStop coupons to buy games, consoles, merchandise, or anything from the GameStop official website. Here is how you can redeem your GameStop online coupons:

1. Visit the GameStop official website on your browser.

Visit GameStop's official website | What is GameStop Membership Value | What is GameStop Membership Value?

2. Now, search for any desired item you want to buy from GameStop. We have selected a game for the console.

3. After the selection, click on Add to Cart.

 After selecting the game or any other good click on Add to Cart.

4. Then, you will be redirected to your GameStop Card. Click on ENTER PROMO CODE, as shown below.

 Now, you will be redirected to your GameStop Card, and then you have to click on Enter Promo Code just below the order summary. | What is GameStop Membership Value? | GameStop trade-in worth it

5. Enter the copied coupon code and click on SUBMIT to redeem your promo code.

Enter the coupon code, you have copied earlier and click on Submit button to redeem your promo code.

This is how you can easily your GameStop coupons or promo code online.

How Much is 1000 GameStop Points Worth?

At GameStop, you can earn:

  • 10 points for every $1 spent or
  • 20 points for every $1 spent as a PowerUp Rewards Pro member.

You have an option on how you want to redeem your GameStop points, and 1000 GameStop points are worth $2.

  • You can get reward certificates which can be redeemed online or in-store,
  • or you can donate them to Make-A-Wish and Extra Life.

Note: Users with a GameStop PowerUp Pro membership subscription can redeem a minimum 1,000 points in exchange for a 1 dollar GameStop reward certificate which can be used online or in GameStop stores to buy games and goods.

What Can You Do with Your GameStop Points?

After learning what is GameStop membership value, let’s learn about GameStop points. Each time to buy goods from GameStop, you are rewarded with GameStop points. There are also other ways to earn, like trade-in with GameStop, creating an online profile, or participating in surveys.

You can use your GameStop points to do the following things.

  • Redeem a GameStop Reward Certificate: The minimum points you can redeem are 5,000 in exchange for a $5 GameStop reward certificate which can be redeemed online or in GameStop stores. There are reward certificates available in various denominations. GameStop won’t let you utilize multiple GameStop Reward Certificates for the same transaction.
  • Get a GameStop Pro Membership: You can get a GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro Membership subscription by redeeming your GameStop points.
  • Get Cash: You can redeem your GameStop points and they will provide you cash in exchange for your collected GameStop points.
  • Make a Donation: GameStop Rewards Point is available for donations to Make-A-Wish and Extra Life. You can donate 0.1 percent value of each point to a great cause.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can You Negotiate with GameStop?

No, GameStop does not permit bargaining. Their costs are determined by the company and no GameStop employee has the authority to change that pre-determined cost. So, there is no way you can bargain at any GameStop store.

Q. How Much Can You Sell Your PS3 for at GameStop?

Having a PS3 in 2022 is valuable if you enjoy retro games. Also, it is backward compatible with the original PS2 model. If you want a throwback experience and you like to play retro games, PlayStation 1 games are still playable on the PlayStation 3. So, if you want to sell it to GameStop, you can get an approximate amount between $100 and $120 for your PS3 at GameStop according to the variant and condition of your gaming console.

Q. Does GameStop Price Match Amazon?

No, GameStop does not match Amazon’s prices because prices on Amazon are determined by sellers, availability, and ongoing sales on Amazon. Price matching involves covering the difference between the prices of identical products set by rival companies via cash rebates or gift cards. So, Amazon’s prices change frequently, and GameStop offers a service that makes it possible for customers to purchase reasonably priced playable games and also provides preorders for upcoming games.

Q. Is GameStop Trade-in Worth It?

Yes, GameStop trade-ins are worth it because through this you can get games and gaming consoles at cheap prices.

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We hope that you learned about what is GameStop membership value and if GameStop memebership and trade-in are worth it. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.

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