How to Get PeopleWhiz Free Trial

Finding information on a person on the internet can be a task. This task is often daunting and can take a lot of time & effort. To make this search easy and efficient, there are multiple tools on the internet that can be taken into account. These tools provide accurate and detailed information on a person you are trying to find in the vast ocean of the internet. One such amazing tool that can help you with the required database is PeopleWhiz. Though being one of the most used people searching tools, PeopleWhiz is not free to use and is a paid service. So, if you are looking for ways to get PeopleWhiz free trial, our today’s guide will surely help you with it. We will discover a lot more about this public record service, from PeopleWhiz reviews, what the platform is about, its cost, features, and also about how you can remove yourself from People Whiz website. So, without delaying any further let us get straight into all the details on PeopleWhiz.

How to Get PeopleWhiz Free Trial

How to Get PeopleWhiz Free Trial

Here, we have shown the ways to find PeopleWhiz free trial and PeopleWhiz reviews in detail.

What is PeopleWhiz?

  • PeopleWhiz is a background screening platform that was founded in 2017.
  • It provides a detailed background check of a person by using a compilation of public records.
  • This data broker site is a provider of over 67 billion public records.
  • PeopleWhiz follows a clean, simple, and user-friendly interface.
  • It is a one-stop shop for different purposes like background checks, aggregating public records from multiple resources for better accuracy, and organized reports.
  • Public records from where personal information is taken include government agencies like federal, state, and local.
  • The database in PeopleWhiz is filled with criminal records, mugshots, and third-party sources.
  • Also, you can access the social media records of the person searched.
  • They offer 24/7 online customer services to their subscribers for queries.

Features of PeopleWhiz

PeopleWhiz is known to provide detailed information about a person. You can get PeopleWhiz free trial before paying for the subscription to enjoy the following list of features when you search for a person:

  • Another name of the person, in case they have one.
  • Family members of the person searched.
  • Known associates of the subject.
  • Contact information including phone number and address.
  • Property records under the name of the person.
  • Criminal and arrest reports if any.
  • An easy-to-use interface makes it a convenient site to use.
  • The platform also offers simple and advanced search options.
  • A large database is another amazing feature of the website.

What is PeopleWhiz Free Trial?

  • PeopleWhiz is a subscription-based platform that provides you thorough background check of the person as well as other important information on them.
  • However, it also offers a free trial to users for a free background check.
  • To access this free trial, you must provide your credit card information on the website.
  • Also, this free feature does not open all the available features on the platform.
  • On the other hand, it gives you an idea about the features that you can further access by getting paid subscription.
  • To get your hands on free services initially, you have to opt for a monthly subscription to PeopleWhiz at $27.99.
  • The 3-month plan which costs about $68.85 is also available for users to start with.
  • You can also get the 6-month membership plan for only $14.95 per month.

How Can I Pay on PeopleWhiz

PeopleWhiz offers different modes of payment to its subscribers, including:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa card
  • U.S Discover card

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Steps to Get PeopleWhiz Free Trial

To get your hands on a free trial in PeopleWhiz is easy, you can do so on its official website using the steps given below:

1. Open PeopleWhiz website on the browser of your choice.


2. Click on Sign up on its home page.

3. Next, enter the details (name, email address, password, and billing address) to fill out the online registration form.

4. Now, you are eligible to access a free trial on PeopleWhiz.

Purpose of PeopleWhiz

PeopleWhiz can be used for background check services as listed below:

  • To search for yourself on the internet.
  • To check the potential background of a roommate.
  • To find friends or long-lost family members.
  • In the case of dating online.
  • To get someone’s address.
  • To find biological parents.
  • To identify someone’s phone number.
  • To obtain a person’s court records or to find out their criminal history.
  • For a background check in case, you are selling or buying items or services online.

PeopleWhiz Reviews

Following is some of PeopleWhiz reviews listed below.

  • PeopleWhiz is a public record website that has been accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the year 2019.
  • The website has been given an A+ rating on the platform.
  • In the last 3 years, PeopleWhiz has received 219 complaints out of which 124 have been closed within 12 months.
  • Some people have given negative feedback to the website stating it as outdated.
  • Some people have also complained about getting their subscriptions canceled.
  • On the other hand, there are numerous positive reviews about the website as well in which people have given it a 3.8 rating.
  • There are mixed reviews about the website on the internet.
  • Some of the comments on PeopleWhiz are misleading and untrue as well.
  • All in all, based on all reviews, PeopleWhiz is a reliable and convenient people-searching tool that works well for most people out there.

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How to Remove Yourself from People Whiz

Some people might not want to make themselves available on any public record site, be it PeopleWhiz or others. Personal information is intimate and thus it is your choice completely to put it up on the internet. So, if you want to take out any details from websites like PeopleWhiz, you can do so. Follow the steps below to remove yourself from People Whiz:

1. Launch PeopleWhiz’s opt-out page.

Launch PeopleWhiz opt out page

2. Now, provide the required information in it including First Name, Last Name, City, and State.

3. Next, click on Search to get the results and search for your information.

Click on Search

4. Provide your email address and then click on Next.

5. Then, confirm your identity and verify your removal.

6. Now, activate your removal request.

7. You will receive an email notification to confirm cancellation.

Once confirmed, the process will take about seven days, afterward which your personal details will be taken out from PeopleWhiz.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Once your free trial is complete on PeopleWhiz, does it automatically activate your subscription?

Ans. Yes, if your free trial is complete and you have not canceled your subscription, PeopleWhiz will automatically activate your monthly subscription or your chosen plan. PeopleWhiz does not offer any refund, so, if you happen to forget to cancel your free trial, money will be deducted from the card you have entered in the payment section and will not be returned.

Q2. How can I pay in PeopleWhiz?

Ans. Payments in PeopleWhiz can be done using cards.

Q3. Why do people choose PeopleWhiz free trial?

Ans. People usually choose the free trial option on PeopleWhiz because a free trial is easy to set up, it helps to give them an idea about how the website works, and it is a perfect way to get assured before spending on the tool.

Q4. Is PeopleWhiz reliable?

Ans. PeopleWhiz is a legit site and 100% reliable. It was established in 2017 and since then has served millions of users around the world with detailed information that they need to find about a person.

Q5. Does PeopleWhiz offer customer service?

Ans. Yes, PeopleWhiz offers 24/7 customer service to resolve issues regarding credit cards, subscriptions, robocalls compensation, small claims, appointments, and harassment issues.


We hope that our doc on PeopleWhiz free trial was informative, elaborative, and provided you with all the details that you needed to know about this public record platform and PeopleWhiz reviews. Let us know how could we help you with our doc. If you have any more suggestions or queries, you can leave them as well in the comments section below.

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