How to Get PeopleFinders Free Trial

How to Get PeopleFinders Free Trial

PeopleFinders is one of the most used and trusted background search platforms available online. The platform is known for its in-depth analysis and detailed reports of individual backgrounds. It is a useful platform for those who want to verify an individual’s information before interacting with them. Often, people, wonder does PeopleFinders really work and if is it legit. Let us assure you that PeopleFinders is a legit platform that performs background checks by scanning public records, criminal data, and personal information such as social media searches and educational background, and professional history. The next question that users often have is, is PeopleFinders free? The answer is no, however, the service is available for very affordable prices and users can also opt for PeopleFinders three day trial options. However, PeopleFinders 7 day free trial background check is not available for users instead the basic PeopleFinders trial offer costs just $0.95 and lasts for 3 days. Users can subscribe to either 30 day basic or 30 days premium membership plans to benefit from the platform. However, users can also get the PeopleFinders 3 day trial from the official website or the mobile application. The PeopleFinders app is available for Android and IOS devices. In the following guide, we will discuss the PeopleFinders platform and how to get PeopleFinders free trial and bring it to your use in the best way possible.

How to Get PeopleFinders Free Trial

How to Get PeopleFinders Free Trial

In this article, we have described about PeopleFinders free trial and how to get it in detail.

What is PeopleFinders?

PeopleFinders is an online background check service that was launched in 1999 by Rob Miller. A background check is a process of learning about an individual’s identity and background. Many businesses and people often have to run background checks on others for personal safety, and manual verification. Background information of an individual includes criminal records, professional history, educational qualifications, etc. This information helps businesses to verify the identity of the person they are interacting with. PeopleFinders is a reliable tool that helps in making a check for another person’s identity and you don’t have to ponder on questions like does PeopleFinders really work and is PeopleFinders free. and chose their services immediately. PeopleFinders with its advanced tools help you with saving a lot of effort and time in web searches and provides you with all the basic background information about your clients and people that you will be dealing with. While performing a background check the PeopleFinders app searches hundreds and thousands of data and records such as public records, and information on the social media handles about the individual you are looking for. PeopleFinders also has unique trial options, unlike other similar platforms such as TruthFinder, PeopleFinders does not offer 7 day free trial background check, however, the platform has equally good 3 day trial offers that can get you most of the information on a person.  

Features of PeopleFinders

The following are some of the important features of the PeopleFinders platform that you should know before going to get PeopleFinders free trial.

  • Search by Name: This is one of the most used services on the PeopleFinders platform. The service requires you to just type in the first and last names of a person and get detailed information about the person. The information that you can get includes address history, contact information, current address, and information about relatives and aliases. The information received after the search has proved to be remarkably accurate.
  • Reverse Phone Look Up: This is one of the best features of the PeopleFinders platform. You can get detailed information about an unknown number. Users may wonder does PeopleFinders really work on phones and how accurately? let us inform you the PeopleFinders application for IOS and Android devices automatically performs a background search for all the unknown numbers that you get a call from. The answer to the question is PeopleFinders free is no. This service is included in the monthly PeopleFinders packages, and can also be bought for $3.95 only.
  • Reverse Email Look Up: Similar to the Reverse Phone Look Up feature you can use the Reverse Email Look Up feature to get all the background information for an unknown email address. This service can get you information such as phone numbers, current or previous addresses, and acquaintances.
  • Reverse Address Look Up: Instead of opting for an option like 7 day free trial background check, this is one of the most useful features in the platform. This feature can be incredibly helpful if you want to get information on a particular area and neighborhood. Just by entering your address in the search, you can get the market value of the property, the history of the ownership of the place, and even the list of possible criminals such as sex offenders that may be living near you.
  • Criminal Record Check: This feature can be a lifesaver in many cases. If you want to check if a person has a criminal history or has been involved in criminal activities. You only need to enter their name in the PeopleFinders tool and get all the criminal history of the person. You will receive arrest records, sex offender status, and felonies registered against them.
  • Public Record Search: If you have doubts about does PeopleFinders really work and want a thorough and deep background search for an individual this feature is just for you. The information that you can get by using this feature varies from the financial situation, traffic citations, business affiliations, etc. however, if you are wondering if is PeopleFinders free, then the answer is no, and you will have to join a membership to use this feature.
  • Complete Background Report: For $39.95 you can get a detailed report on a person’s background. This feature will include all the necessary information to get a good look at a person’s background.

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How to Get PeopleFinders Membership

The PeopleFinders platform provides various membership plans and PeopleFinders offers such as PeopleFinders 3 day trial offer to its users for the best service, the platform does not have 7 day free trial background check option. The following are some of the membership packages of the PeopleFinders platform.

  • 30 Day Membership Plan: This is a basic plan that is offered by the PeopleFinders platform to its users. Under this plan for $24.95, a month users can get personal basic information, family, phone number, and address lookup. All the searches are kept confidential.  
  • 30 Day Premium Membership Plan: With the same services as in the last Membership Plan, this plan includes a few more features. A user can pay under $29.95 per month for this plan. This plan consists of personal basic information, family, phone number, address lookup, property, bankruptcies, criminal, sex offender check, etc.

PeopleFinders Trial Options

Many users often have questions like does PeopleFinders really work, to resolve such doubts you can opt for PeopleFinders trial options. The PeopleFinders platform provides trial options to the users at very low prices, the answer to the query, is PeopleFinders free is, no and you will have to pay a small sum to avail of the trial offer of the platform. The following two trial options are available for the users to read carefully to get PeopleFinders free trial to your best use.

  • 3-Day Trial: This trial option is available for users at $0.95 only. A user gets unlimited phone searches for three days and the user also gets one name search report.
  • 3-Day Premium Trial: Priced at $3.95 only, this trial plan gets you everything in the basic trial and complete background reports, criminal background checks, and public record searches for three days.

How to Send an Opt-Out Request on PeopleFinders

If you wish to remove your information from the PeopleFinders, you can send an opt-out request to the platform. You can follow these simple steps to remove your information from the platform.

1. Visit the official PeopleFinders website.

PeopleFinders Website

2. Choose a search type to generate a report of yourself.

3. Search and check your profile.

4. Now, copy the URL from the address bar.

5. Now visit the PeopleFinder Opt-out Request page.

PeopleFinder opt out page

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to send a request to remove your information from the platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is PeopleFinders legit?

Ans. Yes, PeopleFinders is a legit platform and does not share your private information, the platform has been used by millions of users with satisfactory results.

Q2. How to get a PeopleFinders trial?

Ans. You can get 3 day PeopleFinders trial from the official website and the mobile app. The platform is available as a mobile app for Android and IOS users.

Q3. Is PeopleFinders a safe platform?

Ans. Yes, PeopleFinders is a safe platform to get background information about an individual. The in-depth search of the platform makes it one of the most accurate such platforms.


We hope this guide was helpful to you and you were able to get PeopleFinders free trial. Let us know which method worked for you. If you have any suggestions or queries for us please let us know in the comment section.

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