How to Find Out If Someone is Married

Are you falling for someone at your workplace? Do you want to make the first move but are unsure of their marital status? Love is indeed unpredictable and can happen at any age. But these questions might pop up in your head before approaching your love interest to save you from the embarrassment later. If you are someone who is going through this dilemma then we have got you covered with a perfect guide. Our thorough guide on how to find out if someone is married will teach you all the ways in which you can be sure of their relationship status. Also, we will uncover other topics as well, including how to find out if someone is married public records, how to find out when someone got married for free, and how to check if someone is married. So, without delaying it any further, let us start uncovering the truth!

How to Find Out If Someone is Married

How to Find Out If Someone is Married

You might want to find the marital status of someone if you are interested in them. This is also possible in a case if you have been dating someone already and want to make sure you are not showing interest in a married person. You may also want to ensure the marital status of a person if you are trying to take things to the next step. A person can also show interest in another individual’s relationship status out of pure curiosity.

How to Find Out if Someone is Married from Public Records

Marriage Public Records

Public records are typically a safe and secure way to know if someone is married is not. Public records are informative documents kept by the government as they are required by the law. Marriage licenses and divorces are also public records that are available to everyone that requests them and therefore they can help you with how to find out if someone is married public records. Marriage records are managed by and made available at the local county clerk’s office where the marriage took place. You can find where to request access to a marriage record at

Note: Some marriages might be secretive or confidential, therefore you might not find information in public records.

  • In some states and cities, you can find marriage records online but they usually require an extensive search.
  • To request marriage records from government resources, you need the full names of the couple, the place where the marriage took place, the date of marriage, and other relevant information if possible.
  • You can also visit the local courthouse to find the marriage records.
  • You might be charged a nominal fee to access the marriage records.

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While finding out about your love interest’s marital status is possible with the help of public records, there are other ways too that can help you with the same for free. Let us look at some of the easy and more convenient ways below:

Method 1: Use People Finder Engine

Whether the person you like is your known or some stranger, you can get to know if they are married or not with the help of a people finder engine. People finder tools are extremely helpful in giving you all the unknown details about a person. From finding their social media accounts to their location, these tools support you with everything. You can further use this personal information to know about your person of interest’s marital status. To do so, you can check out our guide on Top 10 Best People Search Websites and pick yourself a perfect people finder tool.

Use a People Finder Engine. How to Find Out If Someone is Married

Method 2: Use Social Media

If you want to know how to find out when someone got married for free then the best option is to access their social media accounts. Social media is one such place where you can find almost every personal detail of a person, from their childhood pictures to their marriage date, people post everything on their social handles these days.

1. You can send a friend request to the person of your interest on Facebook and check their profile to know if they are married or not.


2. You can make that person your friend on Instagram to know about their personal life better as well.

 Instagram. How to Find Out If Someone is Married

3. Also, Snapchat is a very addictive and growing platform these days where people post almost every day about their personal stuff and stories.


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Method 3: Use Google Search

Google is a great tool for a reverse image search and can help you greatly in knowing how to check if someone is married. It is not only a free tool but is quite effective in helping you out by showing a lot about an individual’s personal life as well. All this is possible with image search which you can try with the help of the following steps:

1. Open the Google browser on your desktop.

2. Now, drag and drop or simply upload an image of the person whom you want to find out about in the Google Images search bar.

Upload an image in Google Images search bar

3. The search will unveil the photo or related results on the browser which can help you to find out a lot about the person.

Method 4: Check for Wedding Ring

Another simple way that can help you with your search for how to find out if someone is married is to simply check if the person of interest to you is wearing a wedding ring.

  • A wedding ring or band is a significant indicator of being married.
  • Couples wear their rings on their fingers almost every time.
  • If you find a person wearing a ring on their ring finger at all times, it is possible that they are married.

Method 5: Unusual Dating Hours

If you are already dating someone and are doubtful of their behavior and are curious about how to check if someone is married then you can also take notice of your date timings.

  • Meetups in a relationship are very often and are known as dates. If you are frequently seeing someone on dates, note down the times you usually meet.
  • Check for a possible pattern or the same timeline when they meet you.
  • Married people have responsibilities and often avoid meeting at unusual times like at breakfasts.

Method 6: Avoid Family or Friends Meetups

Another thing that can help you know how to find out when someone got married for free is the behavior of the person you are dating.

  • If your partner has never made you acquainted with their family or friends, it can pose doubts about their relationship status.
  • If your significant other avoids the talk about their family and friends, it can also be a red flag.

Method 7: Hire Investigator

The last option that you can opt for to avoid all the doubts about the person you like is to hire a private investigator. Even though this method is not free and can cost a lot of bucks, you can be sure of the marital status of the other person. If you do not have the guts to ask the person to their face, then this is what you can go with.

  • Private investigators help you with an advanced background search of the person that reveals everything about their past.
  • They can give you other details about the person as well including where they live, what job they do, their family, friends, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are public records free?

Ans. No, searching for someone using their public records can cost you some money, especially if you need to do so by visiting a government facility.

Q2. Can I look up people who are married?

Ans. Yes, you can look up people who are married. Marriage licenses are public records that are available to anyone who requests them.

Q3. How can I know online if a person is married?

Ans. You can know if a person is married or not online by viewing their pictures, their marital status, and accounts of their family members, and also by using people finder tools to know everything about them.

Q4. Is marriage registration important?

Ans. Yes, marriage registration is important for official & legal reasons.

Q5. Are marriage public records accurate?

Ans. Yes, official marriage public records are official.


We hope that our doc was helpful in guiding you well about how to find out if someone is married from public records or other ways. If yes, then let us know which one of the methods helped you the most. Also, you can leave your queries and suggestions, if any, in the comments section below.

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