How to Find Someone on Reddit Without Their Username

Reddit is a news aggregation website founded in 2005. Reddit is basically a discussion website where users submit content in the form of links, images, videos, posts, or text. This content is voted up or down by other users of the site, which thereby becomes trending on Reddit. This social site has become extremely popular for its content and social news that reaches people within seconds. However, finding someone on Reddit is not as easy as it is to find popular news. Especially if you don’t know the person’s name, it becomes rather more difficult to find them. If you are someone struggling to know how to find someone on Reddit without their username, then you have landed on a perfect page. In today’s guide, we will discover different ways in which you can find someone on Reddit by email, find a user on Reddit, and also find my friends on Reddit. So, let us begin with knowing all about Reddit and finding people on it.

How to Find Someone on Reddit Without Their Username

How to Find Someone on Reddit Without Their Username

Reddit, based in America, is a social news aggregation website that holds discussions.

  • The users can post news, images, comments, and links to the platform.
  • Discussion threads with the point of view of different people have what made it a socially recognized platform.
  • It is also popular due to the fact that people can share their real views on Reddit more than on other platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.
  • To find a user on Reddit is equally easy as it is to indulge in news thread on the platform.

While it is easy to find a Reddit user with their name, it is equally difficult to do so without any information on their name. Finding a user without their name can be tricky at times because usernames are what make it easy for people to connect to other Redditors. However, we have compiled two different ways in which you can know how to find someone on Reddit without their username.

The first one involves Google in which you can connect back with a lost Reddit friend by using their old posts or comments as a helping hand. The other one involves using people search tools which can get you all the details on a person you are trying to find.

Method 1: Search on Google

Google is an extremely helpful tool, it is not only a search engine but also helps to find people on multiple social sites. You can use the following steps to find your person on Reddit:

1. Use the search bar of Google to enter a username, old comments, or even old posts.

2. Next, type after entering a name, username, or post and then hit Enter key.

 Type afterward

3. Now, you can check the Reddit profile you were trying to find.

Method 2: Use People Search Tools

Another method that is equally effective but is less time-consuming involves using people search tools to find a user on Reddit. People search tools are extremely useful in finding all the information on someone whom you are trying to locate. These tools are very precise and easy to use. With the minimum requirements needed for such tools to operate, you can find great details about a person. As there are multiple tools on the internet, you can choose a perfect fit for you using our helpful guide, Top 10 Best People Search Websites, which mentions all the features of these people’s search tools like Spokeo, Truthfinder, Intelius, Instant Checkmate and more.

 Use People Search Tools

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Why Do you Need to Find Someone on Reddit by Email?

Finding someone on Reddit using their username or email is common. This can help you in connecting with the person and being a part of their social life on Reddit. There can be many reasons behind finding someone on the platform, a few of these are listed below:

  • One of the primary reasons to find a Reddit user is to determine if they are present on the platform. This helps in stating the presence of the individual on this famous discussion site and also in contacting them.
  • You can also learn a lot about a person from their Reddit chats and the type of discussion groups.
  • Reddit is also a great site to know about a person completely which is somehow not possible with other social sites.

How to Find Someone on Reddit by Email

To straight-forwardly answer this question, you cannot find someone on Reddit with their email address. Even if a user’s account is linked with Reddit, Reddit does not provide a feature to find an account with the help of email. You can search for a person using their Reddit username. You can also search for the name on Google to find other social whereabouts of the person.

How to Find a User on Reddit

Even though knowing the real identity of a person on Reddit is a tough task, you can find a user on Reddit with some tricks. The following mentioned ways will let you with find my friends on Reddit issue:

Method 1: Search by Username

The first and the most basic method to try in order to find someone on Reddit is to search for the person by their username. On most social networking sites, people use similar usernames, hence, if you are aware of their name on a particular site, chances are that they have the same on Reddit as well. So, simply enter the username in the Reddit search bar or make possible variations of usernames and try them out.

1. Open the Reddit website on your web browser.

Open Reddit

2. Click on the search bar and enter the username you want to find in it.

Enter the username. How to Find Someone on Reddit Without Their Username

3. Now, check the username results and click on the one you are trying to find.

Method 2: Use Profile URL

The next method that is again very easy and convenient is to simply use the profile URL to find my friends on Reddit. If you the exact username of the person, it can help you with finding their Reddit profile very easily. You can follow the steps given below to use the profile URL in finding a person:

1. Open the browser (e.g. Google Chrome) on your system.

2. Enter the following URL in the browser address bar.

Note: Enter the name in place of the username in the given profile URL.

Enter user username

3. Now, press Enter key to reach the person’s profile.

4. Once you have opened the individual’s Reddit profile, you will be able to see their comment history and will also be able to send them a direct message.

You can check comment history. How to Find Someone on Reddit Without Their Username

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Do Reddit users keep their identities anonymous?

Ans. On Reddit, users are not asked to give their personal information in their profiles or the content they upload. Therefore, Reddit users can choose to be anonymous if they want.

Q2. Can someone find you easily on Reddit?

Ans. No, you can find someone on Reddit only if you have information about their username or their content on the platform. As it is not compulsory for users to give their personal details on Reddit, it can become a tad difficult to search for someone there.

Q3. How can I invite someone on Reddit?

Ans. On clicking on your user profile you can access the profile hovercard in which the option of an invite to the community is present. You can send this invitation to the person of your choice.

Q4. Is using a person’s email ID helpful in finding them on Reddit?

Ans. No, as explained earlier in the doc, using a person’s email ID is not helpful in any way in finding them on Reddit. Reddit does not have any feature where you can use an email address to find a person. Even on entering the email address on the search bar in Reddit, you will not get any results.

Q5. Is it possible to search for someone’s posts or comments on Reddit?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to use someone’s posts or comments on Reddit. Reddit’s advanced search option allows this by using this search parameter, author: [username].


While Reddit is a great social connecting platform, some users choose to stay anonymous and maintain their privacy. Therefore, it can sometimes become difficult to find a particular Reddit user you are looking for. In case it has been a daunting task for you, we hope that our doc helped you with it. If our guide has been insightful in how to find someone on Reddit without their username issue for you then please let us know. You can also leave your suggestions and queries in the comments section below.

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