How To Block Subreddits From Your R/all Feed?

Tired of seeing certain stuff in your Reddit feed that you’d rather avoid? No worries. In this guide, we’ll show you an easy way to block specific things from showing up in your Reddit r/all feed. Whether you want a more personalized feed or just need to filter out some content, we have the solution to block specific subreddits that can waste your time.

Block Subreddits From Your R all Feed

How To Block Subreddits From Your R/all Feed?

1. To block Subreddits on older versions of Reddit

Older version of Reddit | How to block Subreddits from your r/all feed?

Reddit was not the same as today. In the year 2018, the site wholly over-turned its appearance and options. The site was tested for 12 months, and after satisfying results, the site got updated. In the older version of Reddit, you can block specific subreddits, but not in the new one.

You can tap three times in the older version of Reddit to block any time-wasting subreddits. There was an option available on the r/all page, and all you need to do is enter the name of the subreddit, tap the ‘+’ icon, and done.

2. To Block Subreddits on Newer Version of Reddit

The company has changed many of its functions in the newer version. By default, you will get the latest version of Reddit when you install it, but if you still want to use the older version, you can download it from In the older version, you will miss out on many updated features but will have the option to block subreddits easily. Additionally, the subreddits you have blocked in the older version won’t vanish in the newer one.

Using the old version only for those extra sub-filters is not a good idea. But, you are not defenseless against unwanted subreddits. In this article, we will be discussing some ways and third party solutions to block subreddits.

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3. Blocking Subreddits Today

Blocking subreddits today is not as easy as it used to be. The updated version doesn’t feature any filter option in your r/all feed. The easiest thing you can do is to spam vote it, but there should be thousands of spam votes on the particular subreddit to remove it from the r/all feed.

If you don’t want any third party interference in your account, then the best way to dismiss the unwanted content is to upgrade to Reddit premium. The premium version of the Reddit app will allow you to block or hammer down some of the unwanted subreddits from the r/all feed. Though the premium version is a bit pricey, it is worth it.

4. To upgrade your Reddit application

click on get Reddit Premium

1. Tap on the downward-facing arrow at the top right corner.

2. From there head towards the User Settings menu which will take you to a new user interface.

3. From there, tap Reddit premium > get Reddit premium and choose your payment option. Once you have completed your payment successfully, you can easily block any unwanted subreddits by hitting the lock hammer in the r/all feed.

choose your payment option | How to block Subreddits from your r/all feed?

The blocking is pretty much the same as the older version but with updated features.

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5. For Native Mobile Apps

If you are using a Reddit application from your mobile phone, things might not be the same. Mobile users aren’t as lucky as desktop users when it comes to blocking any particular subreddit. Mobile users are left with only one option: purchasing the premium version of Reddit and use the desktop to hammer unwanted subreddits. There is no such option available to block specific subreddits in the iOS or Android version of this application.

Download and update Reddit on your Mobile device. After installing the application, follow the below steps:

1. Launch Reddit from the Home screen of the working device.

2. Tap to the Avatar at the top right corner,

Tap to the avatar at the top right corner

3. Tap on the Reddit Premium tab, and then get a Reddit premium button.

Tap on the Reddit premium tab | How to block Subreddits from your r/all feed?

4. After clicking on “Get Premium“, choose your payment method and follow the instruction.

After clicking on Get Premium, choose your payment method

The premium version of the Reddit application allows you to block subreddits and enables you to buy Reddit Gold. Reddit Gold is a type of currency that the site uses and allows you to interact with other users’ content.

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6. Third-Party Solution

If you don’t want to pay Reddit your hard-earned money, but also want to modify your r/all feed, then the last option is any third-party app. There are innumerable extensions present in the market which allows you to alter your Reddit r/all feed. Our recommendation is “Reddit Enhancement Suite“. This Reddit Enhancement Suite application is available for Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Safari. Here is the step-by-step method to block Subreddits from your r/all feed.

1. Open your browser window and visit

Visit Reddit Web Browser | How to block Subreddits from your r/all feed?

2. Install the RES extension by visiting this link.

3. Now, visit the reddit website, click on the RES extension button placed on the interface screen. A drop-down menu will appear, Click on the  Three Dot Menu then click on Options, you will be on the Reddit Enhancement Suite’s page.

Click on the  Three Dot Menu then click on Options.

3. After visiting the page, click on the ‘filterReddit’ tab inside the SubReddits tab on the left corner of the menu.

4. Toggle the filterReddit option and scroll down to the Subreddits section. You will see a +add filter option situated at the left corner downward of the box.

5. After reaching this stage, you can type the names of the subreddits that you want to block. You can type as many subreddits you want to block from your r/all feed.

Toggle the filterReddit option and scroll down to the subreddits section | How to block Subreddits from your r/all feed?

6. Click the Save option after adding all the subreddits to seal the deal.

Click the save option after adding all the subreddits to seal the deal.

7. Blocking a Subreddit Using Kora

Kora allows you to schedule block time for the subreddits. This is one of its most impressive features of Kora. The extension provides many extra features as well that are quite appealing. Let us jump to the step by step guide to block a subreddit using kora.

1. Download and install Kora on your device.

2. After launching the site, you will get a window that will allow you to type and add subreddits that aren’t of any use.

3. You can also schedule your subreddit block, and can also repeat the schedule automatically. Scheduling also allows you to select the day, time, and until you want to block that particular subreddit.

4. Give a name to your block.

5. Explore to work effectively throughout the week without wasting your time on unwanted and distracting subreddits.

Reddit has now decided to claim its r/all feed. However, Reddit users do not want a feed that is served. If you aren’t satisfied with Reddit’s algorithm they declare your independence by paying for premium and installing third-party apps.


We hope this article was helpful and you were able to block subreddits from your r/all feed. If you have any query then feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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  1. Would love a brief “Read Me First” (& I imagine there was one, or many) – as a n00b, at Reddit, as well as this extension. Fumbling my way thru, but with all the effort from volunteers, and the (presumably) extensive work done by volunteers, I can’t imagine that no one took time to make sure it’d be useful.
    Any directions to what now exists (recognizing that things change, and are NOT as thoroughly documented, when the pt goes onto Life Support) would be appreciated.
    I feel I’ve spent enough time down the (“…idiots doing ___”) & (“Why do ___ do ___”) rabbit holes, for it not 2B too embarrassing 2B a bit lost-ish.
    Thx much,.

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