How to Get Vidgo 7 Days Free Trial

As much as traditional TV services were enjoyed in their time, new and fast television streaming services have taken over now. These are not only known to telecast live TV packages but also offer users on-demand programming. Vidgo is one of many TV streaming services that ensures entertainment programming and is preferred over a dish setup. Not only Vidgo offers some great entertaining channels, but it also provides a free trial for new users who would like to check its services. If you are also looking for the same and want to know how to get Vidgo free trial then you have come to the right place. In our today’s guide, we will be uncovering does Vidgo have a free trial and if you can get Vidgo free trial of 7 days. Along with that, we will also get to know about the services provided by Vidgo, its subscription plans, and a lot more. So, let us begin with our informative doc on how to get Vidgo free trial without credit card right away.

How to Get Vidgo 7 Days Free Trial

How to Get Vidgo 7 Days Free Trial

Continue reading this article to know the steps to get free trial on Vidgo in detail.

What is Vidgo?


  • Vidgo is a famous American television streaming service.
  • It was founded in 2018 by Shane Cannon.
  • Vidgo provides 150+ channels to stream.
  • The list of channels included in Vidgo includes entertainment, live sports, news, local, and a lot more.
  • Vidgo subscription offers 14,000+ shows and movies.
  • You can watch content on Vidgo for up to 100+ hours.
  • Vidgo has all the new releases, timeless hits, classics, and superhit movies.
  • Along with television packages, Vidgo also provides cloud-based digital video recorder and on-demand programming.
  • Vidgo is a great platform for live sports lovers.
  • The best part about Vidgo is that users get Vidgo free trial of 7 days which allows them to check the services and a variety of shows that it offers.

Does Vidgo have a Free Trial?

  • Vidgo offers a free trial for users who are new to this streaming service.
  • Along with new customers, this offer is also valid for users who return to the service after 60 days.
  • Vidgo provides three different packages to its customers and you can easily sign up for one package to get Vidgo free trial without credit card.
  • The services that are received are completely dependent on the package that you choose.
  • This 7-day free trial is enough to give users a gist of the services provided by the streaming platform and to know if it is worthy enough to be used.
  • Under free trial, users will get their hands on 110+ channels including popular live sports, shows, news, and more.

How Long is Vidgo Free Trial

  • Before you know how to get Vidgo free trial, you must be aware about the time period for which you will be getting free services of this trial.
  • The free trial lasts for 7 days.
  • Once you choose the package of your choice; you will be given 7 days free with it to stream multiple channels in Vidgo.
  • Different packages included in Vidgo are English Plus, English Premium, and Spanish Mas.
  • Under the English Plus free trial, you will be able to access 110+ channels on Vidgo.
  • Under the English Premium free trial, you will be able to access 150+ channels.

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Vidgo Plans and Prices

Vidgo Plans and Prices

Once you get Vidgo free trial of 7 days and continue to use the service, you will be subscribed to the plan you have chosen. The plan remains free for 7 days and afterward you are charged according to English Plus, English Premium, or Spanish Mas plan that you have selected. Let us explore these plans below:

  • English Plus Package: Under this plan, you will have access to 110+ live English-language TV channels including news, local shows, live sports, and more. This package costs about $59.95/month. Users get 20 hours of free DVR which is included for the first 90 days.
  • English Premium Package: Under this plan, you will have access to 150+ live channels including live shows, news, and local shows. It costs about $79.95/month. Users get 20 hours of free DVR with it.
  • Vidgo Mas Package: This package is specifically for Spanish-speaking people and offers 45+ live channels including Fox, ESPN, Discovery, Nat Geo, and much more. The package costs about $39.95/month. Users get 20 hours of free DVR which is included for the first 90 days.

Does Vidgo have a Free Trial for 3 Days?

Vidgo used to offer its users a free trial for 3 days. Under this free trial, users would get access to some of the popular live TV channels including ESPN and Fox news. However, this 3-day free trial has now been updated to a 7-day free trial and thus the earlier trial is no longer available for users.

What Devices Can I Access Vidgo On?

Access Vidgo on multiple devices

Vidgo streaming services can be used on multiple devices. You can access the service on almost all devices including:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Desktop
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV

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How to Get Vidgo Free Trial

Getting Vidgo free trial without a credit card is easy. You can follow the steps below to access it from your device:

Note: Vidgo is only available in the United States and its territories.

1. Open the Vidgo website on your browser.

2. Now, click on the START FREE TRIAL button on the header image of Vidgo page.

start free trial vidgo

3. Next, you will be taken to create a new account on Vidgo.

4. If you already have an account, choose a plan then click on FREE TRIAL.

5. Enter the information required on the signup page and then check the Agree with Terms and Conditions box.

6. Finally, click on SUBMIT.

7. Now, open your email and verify your account to get Vidgo free trial without credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does a 7-day free trial automatically renew into a paid subscription?

Ans. Yes, if Vidgo 7-day free trial is not canceled before 7 days, it is automatically renewed to the paid subscription of the plan that you have chosen. You will be charged the monthly price of that specific package.

Q2. Is Vidgo worth the money?

Ans. Vidgo is a convenient and reliable streaming service that offers different plans under efficient prices and 100+ channels to stream. Along with it, you can also watch on-demand programs and enjoy the video recording feature of Vidgo.

Q3. After trials how much does Vidgo cost?

Ans. Depending upon the plan you have chosen, Vidgo costs about $59.95, $79.95, and $39.95 per month for English Plus, English Premium, and Vidgo Mas package, respectively.

Q4. What payment method is available to make payments on Vidgo?

Ans. Vidgo services can be accessed by paying via debit or credit card payment options at the moment.

Q5. Can I get Vidgo free trial on Roku?

Ans. Yes, users can get it on Roku. The process to get a free trial is the same as mentioned in the doc above.


We hope that our doc on how to get Vidgo free trial successfully helped you with all your doubts about Vidgo, its subscription plans, free trial, and how to activate it. Let us know which part of the doc helped you the most. If you have any other queries to ask or suggestions to make, you can leave them in the comments section below.

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