How to Get and Use Notes on Instagram on Android and iPhone (2024)

Explore the new feature and boost your engagement!

Instagram introduces new features frequently to gain attention and increase its user-friendliness.

One such insightful feature is Notes, which lets you post whatever you feel for your followers to see.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to get and use Notes on Instagram on Android and iPhone.

How to Get Notes on Instagram Android

How to Get and Use Notes on Instagram

Notes on Instagram lets you share your thoughts and moods in a brief message with your followers.

This way you can start conversations with others and be more connected.

Option 1: On Android

Follow the steps mentioned below to use Instagram Notes on Android:

1. Open the Instagram app and tap on the messaging icon.

2. Now, tap on Your note.

3. Type a note or upload a song and tap on Share.

Type a note

Now, it’ll be visible in the chat area of other users.

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Option 2: On iPhone

The steps to use Instagram Notes on the iPhone are the same as Android. So, refer to the section above.

How to Enable Notes on Instagram

To enable Notes on Instagram, you can directly update the app to the latest version and you’ll get this feature automatically.

How to Turn Off Instagram Notes Feature

First things first, there is no direct way to turn off the Instagram Notes feature.

However, you can mute this feature of specific Instagram user by following the steps mentioned below:

1. Long press on the Notes of the specific user you want to mute.

2. Choose Mute notes from the options.

Click on mute notes

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How to Get Notes on Instagram if Not Showing

If you don’t have Notes on your Instagram or it’s not showing, it can be due to several reasons such as account suspended or disabled by Instagram, saved too many Notes exceding the limit, and app glitch.

You can easily fix this issue and get back Instagram Notes on your device.

How to Reply to Notes Using Messaging on Instagram 

Follow the steps mentioned below to reply to Notes using messaging on Instagram:

1. Tap on the note you want to message.

2. Now, type your message and tap on the send button.

Send a message

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are Instagram Notes?

Ans. Notes is a feature that lets you post up to 60 characters long text that lasts for only 24 hours on Instagram. Users can reply to them as messages. 

Q2. Where can I find my Instagram notes?

Ans. You can find your Instagram Notes at the top of the inbox section or the chat area on your account.

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To sum up, this blog gave you some tips to be closer to your loved ones and keep them more connected with you and your updates.

But remember, don’t let social media take away the real closeness. 

Hope this article helped you with how to get and use Notes on Instagram on Android and iPhone.

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