How to React to Instagram Stories

Elevate your interactive experience on Instagram!

In addition to replying to stories, Instagram has made interaction on the platform even more dynamic. By simply reacting to stories, you can now easily communicate your emotions and responses in just under a second. Now, you don’t have to send a direct reply or fill someone’s DM. Watch closely as we walk you through the easy steps of how to react to Instagram Stories.

How To React To Instagram Stories

How to Give Quick Reactions on Instagram Stories 

Reacting gives your social experience an additional level of involvement, whether it’s in response to a humorous post or complimenting a picture. Before we guide you on how to respond to Instagram stories, let’s make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed on your phone. Once that’s done, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Instagram story you’d like to react to.

2. Tap on Send message.

3. Now, choose an emoji to express your reaction. 

tap on reactions | How to React to Instagram Stories

When you react to stories using emojis or Bitmojis, the person who shared the story will receive and be able to see your reaction in their direct messages (DMs).

How to React to Story Without Filling DMs

If someone has turned off story replies or maybe you’d prefer not to disturb the person with a direct message, you can still react to a story without sending a notification to their inbox. Just follow this simple step to give a quick reaction on someone’s Instagram stories:

1. Open the Instagram story you want to react to.

2. Just tap on the heart icon to react to the story.

tap on the heart icon

The heart will turn red and you can like stories without directly messaging the user.

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Should I React on an Insta Story?

When it comes to reacting to a story, it truly depends on various factors, especially the relationship between you and the person who posted the story. Consider these factors:

  • Relationship: Examine the nature of your relationship with the person. Are you close friends, acquaintances, or colleagues? If you are in a comfortable space with the user, you can react to show your support.
  • Story Content: Take note of the content of the story. Is it a celebration, a personal moment, or something else? If you are unsure about the type of content, it’s advisable to avoid unnecessary reactions to prevent any embarrassment.
  • Privacy Settings: Check if the person has specific privacy settings for story reactions. If they’ve turned off story replies, respect their choice and opt for a non-intrusive reaction like simply reacting heart.
  • Public Figure: You can always react to a celebrity’s story as they may not even see replies or direct messages. 

Reacting to someone else’s story is a wonderful way to express your interest in their life, showcasing your connection and effort. Now that you know how to react to stories, go ahead and make your Instagram more engaging. Keep visiting us for more tech guides.

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