Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Travis Shipton

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a first-person video shooting game that is not a remake but a soft reboot of the original story. There have been multiple improvements in the game since its release but unfortunately, Modern Warfare 2 error Travis Shipton is an issue that has stayed with it. This specific error occurs when a player tries to get into online multiplayer matches. If you want to learn what does the error Travis Shipton mean in modern warfare 2 and what can you do to fix this error, then you have landed on the right page. Our doc below will guide you thoroughly about this error, why it occurs, and how you can resolve it with some easy-to-attempt methods. So, be with us till the end and get Travis Shipton error fixed.

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Travis Shipton

How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Travis Shipton

In this article, we bring to you a perfect guide that will help you fix Modern Warfare 2 error Travis Shipton on Play Station console.

Why Does Modern Warfare 2 Error Travis Shipton Occur?

Travis Shipton error on MW2 is usually encountered when a person tries to get into multiplayer matches in the game. If you are experiencing the same, one of the following reasons might be behind it:

  • The controller/keyboard is connected as a guest.
  • Issues with internet connection.
  • Pending system update of the console.
  • System outage or maintenance of game or console server.
  • Outdated version of the game.

What Does the Error Travis Shipton Mean in Modern Warfare 2?

Now that you have understood what causes error Travis Shipton in MW2, it is time to look into the error in detail. The Travis Shipton error in MW2 is a message that displays when one of the accounts logged into MW2 is not connected to the platform’s online services, for example, PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. This error can occur if there is something preventing you from accessing the online network.

How this Error Travis Shipton in MW2 Looks Like

Travis Shipton error comes up when players try to get online while joining a multiplayer match. This error also prevents players from joining matchmaking in MW2. This error comes up as a strange Travis Shipton error code on the screen and immediately stops users from playing online matches.

Ways to Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Travis Shipton

When your console is unable to connect to the internet or if there is an update pending, it can stop you from accessing MW2 online. Also, you must ensure that all the devices and controllers you are using are signed in by an online account, without being plugged into the account. Now that you are aware of how this error Travis Shipton in MW2 looks like and what are its causes, it’s time to fix it using some easy and doable troubleshooting methods as given below:

Method 1: Wait for PlayStation Network Server Uptime

To start with, you should first check the PlayStation Network Status from its official page and verify if the servers are operational. In case PSN services are under maintenance or there is an outage, you should wait till it is functional. If all PSN services are up and running, move on to the next method for a solution.

Verify PlayStation Network Status

Method 2: Wait for Game Server Uptime

Next, to resolve Modern Warfare 2 error Travis Shipton, you must verify if Activision Online Services are working. Along with operational console services, you should also ensure that everything is fine with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Once you visit the game page, select the game and check its real-time information. Wait for some time if any issue comes up.

Verify Activision Online Services Status

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Method 3: Troubleshoot Internet Connection

Another essential part of an interrupted MW2 online experience is a good and stable internet connection. You can also try to switch the internet network from a wired connection to a wireless one or vice versa in order to resolve the Travis Shipton error. If you are still facing issues with the data network then approach the steps below:

1. In your PS4, open Settings from the home page.

Settings on PS4

2. Under the Settings menu, select Network.

Select Network. Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Travis Shipton

3. Now, select Test Internet Connection from the menu.

Select Test Internet Connection

Once the internet connection test has been run, try to reboot your internet router to resolve temporary bugs with your internet.

Method 4: Accept Updated Terms of Service

To fix Modern Warfare 2 error Travis Shipton, you need to check if there are some new updates to the PlayStation Terms of Service. You can check this by visiting the PS Store and if you are required to accept the updated Terms of Service then consider accepting the new terms. Once accepted, try playing the MW2 game again and check if you can now play online multiplayer matches.

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Method 5: Sign in to Play Station

Even though it is a minor fix, you should sign into your account on the PlayStation console to ensure no guest account is coming into the play. In case your controllers/devices are connected as a guest, you are bound to face this error.

Method 6: Re-Login to PS4

You can also try to sign out of your account and then sign back into your valid account. By doing so on your PlayStation, you can get into the COD Modern Warfare 2 back and access its online multiplayer matches.

1. Open Settings of your PS4.

Settings on PS4

2. Now, select Account Management from the menu.

Select Account Management. Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Travis Shipton

3. Next, select Sign Out.

Select Sign Out

4. Now, go to Settings again to select Account Management, and Sign in to your account.

5. To Sign in, enter your email address and password.

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Method 7: Power Cycle PlayStation Console

A temporary glitch or bug in the system might also result in Modern Warfare 2 error Travis Shipton. In this case, you can power cycle your PlayStation console and resolve the error easily. By doing so, you can reload its resources and refresh it to remove any bugs or errors.

1. First, press the PS4 console power button for 5-7 seconds.

play station console

2. Now, on hearing two beeps, unplug the console power line from the electrical outlet.

3. After a few minutes, turn on the PS4 console and run the game to check if the error has been fixed.

Method 8: Update MW2

Even though MW2 conducts automatic updates, sometimes temporary bugs and glitches can trigger the game updating issues leaving it vulnerable to operational dysfunction. Therefore, try attempting a manual update of the game using the steps below:

1. Highlight the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game thumbnail in your game’s dashboard.

2. Now, press the Options button on the controller to display the menu.

3. Next, select Check for Update and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

check for update Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on PlayStation ps4

Once the update process is complete, check if you can now access the game online.

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Method 9: Update PlayStation Console

Being already aware of what causes error Travis Shipton in MW2, you must know that an outdated PlayStation console is one of the prominent reasons behind the Travis Shipton error. Therefore, you should update the PS console to its latest build with the help of the following steps:

1. Turn on PlayStation and navigate to its Settings.

Settings on PS4

2. Now, select System Software Update from the menu.

3. In case PS is already updated and The installed application is the latest version message comes up, try attempting the next method.

The installed application is the latest version

Method 10: Contact Activision Support

Finally, if you still have not been able to fix the Travis Shipton error then the last resort that can be used is contacting Activision Support for help. You can get the issue investigated by professionals and get a better resolution as soon as possible.

Contact Activision Support. Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Travis Shipton


This brings us to the end of our guide on Modern Warfare 2 error Travis Shipton. We hope that we were able to find you a suitable method to fix the error with the help of our guide. For more queries and suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us by leaving your comments below.

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