Fix Instagram ‘Not Posted Yet. Try Again’ Error on Android

Instagram is the sixth most used social media application through which you can share and post audio-video content and photographs with people all over the world. Eighty million photos are shared on average each day, while 100 million users upload stories via Instagram. Nonetheless, some users are frustrated with this error message, ‘Not Posted Yet. Try Again’. This might occur due to various reasons like issues with storage space, data settings, account restrictions, network connection, or cookies. If you are also dealing with the same problem, this article will help you. We bring a perfect guide on how to fix Instagram ‘Not Posted Yet. Try Again’ error on Android device.

Fix Instagram Not Posted Yet Try Again Error on Android

Fix Instagram Not Posted Yet Try Again Error on Android

Here are a few methods to fix Instagram Not Posted Yet Try Again error:

Method 1: Reduce the File Size

Many people are not aware of the fact that Instagram has a maximum limit for file sizes. Posts exceeding the said limit will encounter ‘Not Posted Yet. Try Again’ issue. Some posts taken in 4K (or) Ultra High-Definition quality will take longer to be uploaded, or often, may not be uploaded at all.

The maximum recommended resolution for pictures is 1936 x 1936 pixels and for videos, the most recommended resolution is 1080p, with H.264 format and MP4 codec.

Reduce the size of your picture or video file using a size reduction application on your mobile or your computer. Then, try posting it on Instagram.

Method 2: Change Data Saver Settings

Always ensure that the data consumed while using Instagram is within limits. Sometimes, excessive data usage might prevent you from posting content on Instagram. To avoid issues arising out of data usage limits, change the  advanced data settings on Instagram by following these steps:

1. Launch the Instagram app and tap your profile photo from the bottom right corner.

2. Now, go to Settings by tapping the three-dashed icon at the top right corner as shown.

Now, go to settings by tapping the three dotted icon at the top right corner of the screen.

3. Here, tap on Account followed by Cellular Data Use.

Here, tap on Account followed by Cellular Data Use | Android: ‘Not Posted Yet. Try Again’- Fixed

4. Finally, toggle ON the Data Saver option. This way the video won’t load in advance and as a result, less data is consumed.

Finally, toggle ON the Data Saver option.

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Method 3: Reboot your Android device

Rebooting your phone is a simple method that rectified minor issues and switches your device back to normal. We generally use our phones for several days/weeks without restarting them. Some software glitches might occur that get fixed when you reboot it. All the running applications and processes will be shut down in the restart process.

1. Press the Power button for a few seconds. Then, you can choose to either Power Off your device or Reboot it.

Note: Not all devices have the same interface, check carefully before choosing an option.

You can either power OFF your device or reboot it. | Fix Instagram Not Posted Yet Try Again Error on Android

2. Here, tap on Reboot. After few seconds, the device will start again and will return to normal mode.

Method 4: Update Instagram Application

This is an easy fix that will help solve all the technical glitches occurring in the Instagram application. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Launch the Play Store application on your device and tap on your profile picture.

2. Here, tap on My apps & games in the menu list.

Click on My apps & games option

3. Navigate to the Installed applications tab and select it, now search for Instagram in the list.

4. Finally, tap Update if your app is not updated.

Search for Instagram and check if there are any pending updates | Fix Instagram Not Posted Yet Try Again Error

If it is already in its latest version, you will not see an Update option. Instead, you will see an option to Open the application. By doing so, you can ensure whether the application is running the latest version or not. 

Suppose this doesn’t fix Instagram Not posted yet as IG post stuck on sending, try again error, then try clearing cache and storage space on your device, which will be explained in succeeding methods.

Method 5: Clear Cache in Instagram

Cache improves your browsing experience. It acts as temporary memory that stores the pages you visit and fastens your surfing experience during the next visits.

1. Launch your device Settings.

Note: All smartphones don’t have the same Setting options and they change from manufacturer to manufacturer. Please be aware of the settings before changing any.

2. Now, tap Applications and navigate to All Applications as shown.

Now, select Applications and navigate to All Applications | Android: ‘Not Posted Yet. Try Again’- Fixed

3. Search for Instagram and tap on it.

4. Next, tap on Storage and navigate to Clear cache, now tap on it. 

Finally, tap Clear cache. | Fix Instagram 'Not Posted Yet. Try Again' Error on Android

This will remove all the data present in cache memory and will help fix common Instagram errors.

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Method 6: Uninstall Third-Party Applications

It is always recommended not to install unverified apps on your device. But, if you have any third-party apps installed, this uninstall process will help you bring your device back to its normal functional state. Uninstall unwanted and unused apps from your device to free up space:

1. Launch the phone Settings app. Select Applications as shown.

Note: All smartphones don’t have the same Setting options and they change from manufacturer to manufacturer. Please be aware of the settings before changing any.

Enter into Applications.

2. Now, a list of options will be displayed. Tap on Installed Applications as seen here.

Now, a list of options will be displayed as follows. Click on Installed Applications.

3. Start searching for apps that are unwanted. Next, tap on the app you wish to remove from your phone.

4. Finally, tap on Uninstall, as shown below.

Finally, click on Uninstall | Fix Instagram 'Not Posted Yet. Try Again' Error on Android

You can repeat the above process for apps that are no longer needed or seem unverified.

Method 7: Check your Network Connection

If you cannot post your content on Instagram, a poor network connection is to blame. Always ensure that your data is turned on before using the app. Also, if you are using a Wi-Fi connection, try resetting it. These are the most basic troubleshooting methods used by people when a network error occurs on their device. Disabling and enabling the Internet again can help fix Instagram ‘Not posted yet. Try again’ error on your Android phone.

1. Swipe up or swipe down on the phone and search for the Wi-Fi icon. Now, long-press the Wi-Fi icon as shown below (or) Navigate to Settings > Connections > Networks.

Long press the Wi-Fi icon.

2. On the Wi-Fi settings screen, tap on the network that causes the authentication error. Once you tap on it, you are given two options, as shown in the picture below. Here, you will see two options, Forget network or change password.

Click on the network that pops up an authentication error. | Fix Instagram Not Posted Yet Try Again Error

3. Tap on Forget network.

4. Now, tap on Refresh. You will get a list of all available networks within range, including those you had disabled in the previous steps.

5. Tap on the network you wish to connect to. Then, re-connect to Wi-Fi using network name & password.

long-press on your Wi-Fi network or tap on the arrow icon next to your Wi-Fi network

The Instagram Not Posted Yet Try Again error should be resolved by now or else try the next methods.

Method 8: Clear Storage Space

When your storage space is almost full, you cannot post your story/feed on Instagram. You can try removing unnecessary files and cache from the device as instructed in Method 5. This will free up some space and the Instagram ‘Not Posted Yet. Try Again’ error will be fixed.

In addition, you can try moving your apps to an SD card. This will clear most of the space in the internal storage of your phone. However, even very few multimedia files and apps might use a chunk of storage space and lead to syncing errors. In such cases, search for rarely used apps/files and delete them to free up space.

If you have expandable storage, these apps can be moved to an SD card instead of removing them from the phone. This is an added advantage of using an external memory card. Just follow the steps to transfer applications from an Android device’s internal memory to an SD card.

The method, as mentioned in the above link, is applicable for cases where the said application supports the storage switching option. An SD card can be used as internal storage memory for apps that do not support this feature. All apps and multimedia files can be stored here thereby, relieving the burden of internal storage space. When you use an SD card as an internal storage device, it can only be used in that particular phone unless you format it.

Note: Some SD cards may be slow in processing. Before turning your SD card into internal storage memory, make sure that you select an SD card fast enough to maintain the optimum performance of your Android device.

1. Place the SD card into your device.

2. Open device Settings.

3. From the list of settings displayed on the screen, select RAM and storage space as shown below.

Here, enter into RAM and storage space.

4. Tap on the SD card and then tap Erase SD card as depicted below.

click on Erase SD card.

5. On the next screen, you will get a warning ‘This operation will erase the SD card. You will lose data!’. Confirm your choice by tapping on Erase SD card as shown here.

Click on Erase SD card | Fix Instagram Not Posted Yet Try Again Error on Android

6. Now, you can transfer your files and apps on the SD card. 

When you free some disk space, you can post your feed on Instagram when your file size is within prescribed limits.

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Method 9: Do Not Post Sensitive Content

You cannot post any photos or videos on Instagram. The content that violates the policy & terms of use of the Instagram app will not get posted. Such content includes but not restricted to

Your account will be suspended for 24 hours, and you will not be able to post anything on Instagram until your account is removed from the suspension. Refrain from sharing such posts/stories/feed for this period.

Always check whether your post contains any sensitive content. If yes, then the issue of Instagram ‘Not Posted Yet. Try Again’ will arise. Instead, remove the sensitive content from the post and repost it again.

Method 10: Wait For Restrictions To Lift

Instagram is equipped with Restriction features to filter spammers. The ‘I cannot post any feed on Instagram’ issue primarily occurs when you use multiple Instagram accounts or do not have a reliable profile.

1. Log out from your Instagram account on your device and close the application.

2. Log in to the same account on another mobile or computer and try if you can post your content in it.

3. If you still cannot post your feed on Instagram, this means that your account is restricted. In this scenario, all you can do is wait for restrictions to be lifted.

Pro Tip: You can also tackle this issue by editing your profile and removing any links in your bio. Another way is to chat with someone on the friend list, or by keeping yourself engaged with the site until the problem gets solved.

Method 11: Perform a System Update

If you are still facing Instagram Not posted yet Try again error on your Android phone, then there are chances that a system update might fix this issue. For Android phones, follow these steps to perform System Update:

1. Open Settings on your device and go to the About phone section.

Go to the About phone section.

2. Tap on System update and Check for updates to see if there are any updates available for your device.

Tap on ‘System update.’     Finally, tap on ‘Check for updates’ | Fix Instagram Not Posted Yet Try Again Error on Android

3. Wait for your device to be updated and relaunch Instagram on your Android device. This should fix the posting issues on Instagram or else try contacting the Instagram support center.

Method 12: Contact Instagram Support

In case all the above methods fail to resolve Instagram ‘Not Posted Yet. Try Again’ error on Android; there might be a technical error with the application. Try contacting Instagram support and report your problem. The support team will rectify the issue from their end.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to fix Instagram Not Posted Yet Try Again error. Let us know which method worked for you best. Also, if you have any queries/comments regarding this article, then feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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