What Happens When You Temporarily Disable Instagram?

We’ve all been there-you’re lying down in bed, scrolling through an endless feed filled with overly political rants, friends doing stuff that makes you feel envious and covetous, and maybe also a mouth-watering souffle (which you have to stay away from because of your diet). And then comes a sudden moment of realization. You want a break from all this! You become aware of the fact that oftentimes, social media becomes an outlet for stress, anxiety, and frustration. And when the sense of self-actualization overwhelms you and you realize it’s finally time to pull the plug, we’ll be right here, waiting for you and helping you along the way.

So now that you’ve decided that you want to disable your Instagram account, what should you do? For starters, we’ll let you know that a lot of changes. In this article, we’ll discuss what happens when you temporarily disable your account and how you can disable your account.

What Happens When You Temporarily Disable Instagram

What Happens When You Temporarily Disable Instagram?

Let us take a look at all the changes that take place in your account when you disable Instagram.

Disabling your account equals not using it at all for the time being. Therefore, when you disable your account, you essentially go off of Instagram for a while. Your followers won’t be able to find your profile. No user on Instagram will be able to locate your profile, and as such, they won’t be able to interact with it as well.

However, users won’t be able to unfollow you for the time being. This is the prime reason why people like to disable their accounts temporarily since it makes their profile disappears without any trace. The advantage of disabling your account is that once you temporarily disable it, Instagram saves all your information in its servers. This means that you won’t lose any of your data.

You won’t be able to receive or send any DMs when you disable your Instagram account. However, once you log in and reactivate your account, you will be able to see all your previous chats, and your messages will be intact.

If someone were to search for you, they would see “Instagrammer” displayed where your name would have been. Your chats will still be available to the people on the receiving end.

The account, after it has been disabled temporarily, is available for some time. However, you can identify a disabled account by seeing a “No Posts Yet” message even though the number of posts is mentioned on the top.

If you had commented on a picture, that comment would disappear automatically. Even your likes would disappear on other posts. But don’t worry, these won’t get deleted. As soon as you log in back, these comments would appear again.

We hope you received a fair idea as to what happens when you temporarily disable your Instagram.

How Long Your Account Will Remain Disabled For?

Once you have disabled your account temporarily, your account may remain disabled indefinitely until you log in. Initially, the account would get activated automatically after a week, but Instagram seems to have deleted that feature.

Reasons for Disabling Instagram

If at a point during your scrolling sessions, you realize that your usage has been increasing day by day, you might consider disabling your account. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Just like Facebook and WhatsApp, Instagram can be quite addictive. It can become so addictive that its usage might decrease your professional as well as personal productivity. In such a situation, taking a break from this application sounds like a logical option.

2. If you do not find ample time to take a look at the application and are fed up with the notifications, you can temporarily disable your Instagram.

3. In case you are traveling and do not want any activity on your Instagram page, you can temporarily disable it. Influencers are well aware that doing this will safeguard their followers.

4. Apart from this, people can casually disable their accounts to take a break from the internet in general.

5. If your exams are nearing, you should definitely disable your account temporarily.

6. Now that you have enough reasons to disable your account let us look at how you can achieve it with your profile.

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How to Temporarily Disable Your Instagram Account

To temporarily disable your account, you need to have a functional browser since this feature is unavailable on the application.

1. Log in to your Instagram account on your browser.

Log in to your Instagram account on your browser.

2. Once you’ve logged in successfully, select the Edit Profile option at the top of the screen.

Select the Edit Profile option at the top of the screen.

3. Scroll until you reach the bottom of the screen.

Scroll until you reach the bottom of the screen

4. Here, you will find a blue-colored option stating Temporarily Disable Account.

5. When you tap on this option, a new window will open.

When you tap on Temporarily Disable My Account, a new window will open.

6. Here you will have to specify the reason why you are disabling your account.

7. Enter your password again.

8. Now tap on Temporarily Disable Account.

9. Once you do this, you will be automatically logged out of your Instagram account.

And that’s it! This is the way to temporarily disable your account.

How to Reactivate an Account that was temporarily disabled

Now once you’re done with your social media cleanse, you might be thinking of making a  comeback.

1. Open the Instagram application on your device.

2. Enter your details, such as your username and password.

3. If your account was linked to Facebook, then you can also use that option.

4. Once you type in your details, press Enter, and you’re done.

5. You will be able to log in to your account in steps as simple as these!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How long does temporarily disabling Instagram last?

Temporarily disabling your Instagram lasts indefinitely until you voluntarily log in again.

Q2. What happens when you temporarily disable your Instagram account?

When you temporarily disable your Instagram account, other users won’t be able to find your profile. Your comments and likes will disappear from other people’s posts.

Q3. Do I lose followers if I temporarily disable my Instagram account?

One doesn’t lose any followers if they temporarily disable their Tiktok or Instagram account.

Q4. What happens to Instagram direct messages when you temporarily disable your account?

Your direct messages get stored on Instagram servers when you disable your account. Therefore, you can access them as soon as you log in again. However, to the person you exchange these messages with, these chats would be available as usual.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to understand what happens when you temporarily disable your Instagram account. If you still have any queries regarding this article, then feel free to ask them in the comments section.

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