Can You Get Star Citizen on Xbox One?

Star Citizen is a multiplayer space-trading simulation game developed and published by Cloud Imperium games. It is also a free-world game where you can explore space. The game is currently in the developing stage, but there are a few alpha versions of the game available for users to play. If you are someone who liked the Star Citizen game and are curious to know if can you get Star Citizen on Xbox One or not, this article will help you with that. It will not only help you learn whether the Star Citizen game is available on Xbox One but also make you understand where can you get this game and what are its system requirements.

Can You Get Star Citizen on Xbox One?

Can You Get Star Citizen on Xbox One?

The actual release date of the final version of the game has not been out. But it will be out soon as the alpha and beta testing of the game ends. Star Citizen is a very heavy game, and the system requirements to run this game are pretty high, whether the console will run it or not. You will get to know if can you get Star Citizen on Xbox One further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Can You Get Star Citizen on Xbox One?

No, you cannot get Star Citizen on Xbox One. Star Citizen game is only released for Windows PC by Cloud Imperium Games. Star Citizen game is only developed for the Windows platform, and there is no certain news or rumors about the release of the game on Xbox One or any other platform.

Star Citizen website

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Will Star Citizen Come to Consoles?

No, Star Citizen will not come to consoles. Many years have passed since Star Citizen launched, and it got updates as well. But the game is still only available for Windows PC which qualifies for the Star Citizen system requirement. The developers don’t have any plans for developing the game for consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and others. They wanted to keep the game only for PC users. If you own a Windows PC and meet the minimum system requirement of the game, you are ready to play this game.

Will Star Citizen Ever Release on Xbox?

No, Star Citizen will never release on Xbox. It will never be possible. And the reason for that is that Star Citizen is not supported on Xbox. Xbox cannot meet the system requirements to run this game, even though the latest Xbox console has been considered. Until the developers make the Star Citizen Xbox version, there won’t be any chance of this game coming to Xbox or any other platform other than Windows.

Is There a Game like Star Citizen on Xbox?

Yes, there are a few games like Star Citizen available for Xbox. Even though it does not run on Xbox, there are other similar games available for Xbox that you can download and play.

These were all the games that are quite similar to Star Citizen and the most important is that they run on Xbox.

Destiny on Xbox Store

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What System Can I Play Star Citizen on?

Star Citizen is only available for Windows PC/laptop users. To run Star Citizen on your PC, your PC must have:

  • At least 16GB+ RAM
  • At least 512GB SSD
  • Windows 8 or higher
  • DirectX 11 Graphics card with 3GB+ RAM
  • A powerful Quad Core, Hexa Core, or Octa Core CPU with AVX

If your PC meets all these system requirements then you are ready to purchase the game, download it and play it on your system. As it is a simulation space game, the system requirements of the game are very high compared to most of the newer games.

What Consoles Can You Get Star Citizen on?

You cannot. You can get Star Citizen only on Windows PC and with Windows version 8 or higher. Start Citizen was only released for the Windows platform, and there is not any further news or plans by the publishers about the release to consoles, like Xbox and PlayStation. Star Citizen is specifically designed and built for only Windows PC users, and the game can be purchased from their official website.


So, we hope you have understood if can you get Star Citizen on Xbox One. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.

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