WhatsApp iOS Beta Testing Expiring Groups Feature

WhatsApp has just submitted a new update in their latest WhatsApp version up to As iOS users, saving your phone storage is never a bad deal. With this new addition, WhatsApp iOS beta testing expiring groups feature and this feature will allow iOS users can save their storage space. Want to know more about this latest feature? Keep reading.

WhatsApp iOS beta Testing Expiring Groups Feature

As the previous WhatsApp beta for iOS update, unfortunately, the version contained some bug fixes as well as some improvements but this led to the discovery of a new feature. According to WABetaInfo, “In particular, WhatsApp is now working on a new feature called “Expiring groups” that will allow users to set a certain expiration date for their groups, for a future update of the app.”

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In simple terms, the new feature called Expiring groups will allow users to set a time for the group expiration and once the date is reached, users will be prompted to clean up the group so that they don’t build up unused groups and use up their storage.

The following feature will be soon available globally as it is still under development. The feature will be visible within the group info, for users to easily set a date and time for the expiration of a group. Once the feature is released, iOS users will be able to choose from various expiration options, for instance, one day, one week, or even a custom date!

Additionally, after the date for the expiration is fixed, participants of the group will have the ability to remove the expiration date, in case they change their minds. Although this action can only be done by the user who previously set the date and time for the expiration of the group and no one else can alter it.

We all have several unattended groups that are barren and barely anyone uses them anymore. Hence, we expect that the introduction to this feature will provide solutions to common issues where groups tend to become cluttered and irrelevant over time. This update will provide users with an unexpected way to save space by managing groups over time, groups that are created with a temporary intention such as birthdays or any other events.

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The ability to choose when to close a group is under development and will soon be available to users in future updates. It would become easier and at least issues with WhatsApp and storage space will decrease with this feature. For more updates, stay tuned to our page.

Source: WABetaInfo

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