Can I Use Amazon Pay Balance for Electricity Bill?

Paying your electricity bills online can be fast and convenient with multiple payment options and the AutoPay system. Amazon Pay offers these features with a secure transaction guarantee and rewards on various bill payments, including electricity. Here’s how to use your Amazon Pay balance to pay your electricity bills quickly.

Can I Use Amazon Pay Balance for Electricity Bill Payments?

Can I Use Amazon Pay Balance for Electricity Bill Payments?

Amazon Pay safeguards customers’ financial information using a private payment gateway and encryption. Users can use it to make purchases or pay expenses without having to input their payment information each time they pay. Credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, and Amazon Pay balances are just a few payment options supported by Amazon Pay, accessible in many different locations and currencies. So, let’s see if you can use them to pay your electricity bills.

Can I Pay My Bill with Amazon Pay Balance?

Yes, you can use your Amazon Pay amount to pay your bills only if the business or service provider you’re paying to accepts Amazon Pay as a payment method. You can use the payment methods connected to your Amazon account, including your Amazon Pay balance, to make purchases and settle debts. The withdrawal of cash, transferring money to another account, or transactions outside the Amazon Pay network is prohibited with your Amazon Pay balance.

Can I Use Amazon Pay Balance for Electricity Bill?

Yes, if your electricity provider accepts Amazon Pay as a form of payment, you can use it to settle your bills. Understanding the procedure may change based on the particular supplier and how that company handles payments is essential. For this reason, it is best to contact your electricity provider to determine whether they take Amazon Pay as a payment option and what steps are necessary to settle your account using Amazon Pay.

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How to Pay Electricity Bill using Amazon Pay?

You can take the essential steps listed below to settle your electricity bill using Amazon’s Wallet:

Note 1: Ensure that Amazon Pay is a valid payment option for your electricity provider. Usually, you can discover this information by visiting their website or calling their client service. If you don’t have enough balance to pay the payment, visit the Amazon Pay website or mobile app and add money to your Amazon Pay balance.

Note 2: Depending on your electricity provider’s payment policies and how they operate, there may be different steps to follow to pay your account with Amazon Pay.

1. Visit the Amazon Pay website and Sign In to your Amazon account. 

2. Select the Electricity option under the Bill Payments section.

Select Electricity under Bill payments.

3. Enter the details in the following fields to pay from the Amazon Pay balance for the electricity bill.

  • State
  • Select your Electricity Board
  • Consumer Number
  • Billing Unit

4, Mark the Remind me when my bill is due checkbox to get monthly pending electricity bill alerts.

5. From the Offers section, select the suitable offer, if available for your bill payment.

6. Then, click on Fetch Bill.

Enter the details - Mark the Remind me when my bill is due checkbox - select the suitable offer - Fetch Bill

7. Click on Continue to pay.

8. Choose Amazon Pay as your mode of payment and select Continue.

9. Select Place your Order and Pay to initiate the transaction of the electricity bill from Amazon Pay balance.

10. Enter your UPI ID PIN.

11. Verify the payment total and then complete the transaction.


From this guide, you learned if can I use Amazon Pay balance for electricity bill payments and understood the steps to do so. You can drop your queries and topic suggestions for future articles in the comments section below.

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