What is Amazon Prime PMTS Bill WA?

What is Amazon Prime PMTS Bill WA?

Amazon Prime membership is the extended service provided by Amazon to enjoy some extras. Amazon Prime membership has a wide number of Amazon Customers, and people love the services provided. Amazon concentrates on both sides, like booking grocery items to watch movies. Amazon customers are from worldwide. In 2021, it crossed 200 million users, according to the record. Due to the number of services used by users, it extended some add-ons to Prime membership. People are very much confused with the statement called Amazon PMTS and do not know where it is coming from and tend to cancel Amazon Prime PMTS. Let us know more in detail about what is Amazon Prime PMTS bill WA.

What is Amazon Prime PMTS Bill WA?

What is Amazon Prime PMTS Bill WA?

The fact is Amazon is used by many people as it exceeds more than 200 million users. Compared to worldwide, it has huge followers in the US. It has 172 million users in the US. Though Amazon knows its word wide business strategy, it demands its customer’s high payment by introducing many kinds of stuff, including physical stores, AWS Services, and other services. In 2021, it was estimated that Amazon’s net profit amount would be more than $33.36 billion. Hence it is up to us how to use Amazon Prime membership. Keep reading further to find out what is Amazon Prime PMTS bill WA in detail.

What Charge is Amazon Prime PMTS?

There are three types of Amazon Prime PMTS.

  • One is $14.99 per month
  • The other one is $139 per month
  • The last one is $8.99 per month

There are Sales Taxes associated with Prime Video according to each state. You can also give a free trial if you didn’t use Amazon Prime for the past 11 months.

To use Amazon Prime you should have an account and credit card. Through a free trial, you will have access to free shipping, Prime Video, and Prime Music. After using the free trial you will automatically directly to paid membership plan. If you are an Android user, you are having an important note to consider as you should take care of the Subscription through Google subscription services. Hence, this is the charged amount in PMTS.

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What is Amazon Prime PMTS on Bank Statement?

As with every other bank statement, it’s a kind of bank statement. It just indicates the payments of Amazon Prime statements.

Usually, Amazon billed for $12.99 per month and $119 annually. But now it has again renewed its demand, like:

  • For Regular Prime Membership holders, it costs $14.99
  • For students, it costs $7.49
  • For Government assistance recipients, it is $6.99

Sometimes the price will be higher than the mentioned amount. Simply having your Amazon Prime membership in active mode will sum up the amount. It could also be taxed.

What is Amazon Prime PMTS on My Credit Card?

As we are buying everything online, our life will be easier if we purchase an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime began in 2005, starting to tell its customer to buy Prime memberships. Now you may notice the Amazon Prime PMTS statement appearing in your credit card statement. These were due to the result of the acceptance of Amazon Prime membership, and also, agreeing to Amazon’s terms and conditions. You can view the amount that went from your credit or debit card either monthly once or yearly once. It will come up with the name indicated as Amazon Prime PMTS.

This could also be due to enrolment in:

Why is Amazon Charging Me for Prime When I Don’t Have It?

We love to purchase goods even though it’s very hard to see bank statements. It could be even harder when you see Amazon charging for Prime when you don’t have the account to pay for it. It is due to the renewal of the subscription while using the free trial. It’s because you may have signed in without canceling the free trial. You don’t want to do new things to get rid of this. We can imply the same methodology that we used to do for everything. Just relying on the customer support team. So yes, go for a complaint. Continue reading to know more about what is Amazon Prime PMTS bill WA.

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How Do I Cancel Amazon Prime PMTS Charges?

Amazon making us involved in Prime membership. So to get rid of this, we can follow these steps.

1. Open the Amazon app on your phone.

2. Then, tap on the profile tab from the bottom bar.

Launch the Amazon app and tap on the profile tab from the bottom bar

3. Tap on Your Account.

Tap on Your Account

4. Tap on Manage Prime membership.

Tap on Manage Prime membership | what is Amazon Prime PMTS bill WA

5. Tap on the Manage membership drop-down menu option.

6. Then, tap on Manage Membership.

7. Tap on the End membership option.

Tap on the End membership option

8. Follow the onscreen instructions to cancel the Amazon Prime membership.


We hope that you learned about what is Amazon Prime PMTS bill WA. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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