22 Best Weather Apps for Apple Carplay

Stay ahead of the forecast while on the road with these top apps.

In order to predict the weather for the entire day so that you can be prepared, weather apps are a necessary component of daily life. Users can access the most recent information and forecasts using the weather apps. There are a lot of weather apps for CarPlay that are specifically made to give drivers flexibility and alerts while they are driving. So, today let’s discuss best CarPlay weather app.

22 Best Weather Apps for Apple Carplay

Best Weather Apps for Apple Carplay

We are now about to examine the best weather apps for Apple Carplay.

1. Weatherology


Weatherology is the first among weather apps for CarPlay. It enables mobile access to weather data. It offers in-depth forecasts and information on the weather from a number of sources, including the National Weather Service. Additionally, it offers thorough radar maps that you can use to keep track of storms, and it even has the ability to notify you via phone when a certain weather event occurs. Also, it can offer driving instructions based on the current weather, helping you avoid becoming stranded in inclement weather. It has 4.6 ratings on App store.


  • They provide up-to-date audio weather information and graphics for the most recent weather advisories.
  • Displays for the hourly and 7-day forecast.
  • Global weather conditions are presented.
  • Weatherology is a hands-free, secure solution for you to access the most recent weather in your car through Apple CarPlay.

2. Waze Navigation and Live Traffic

Waze Navigation and Live Traffic

Waze is second on the list of best CarPlay weather app. It is an interactive navigation program that is free and sponsored by advertisements. It uses crowdsourcing to compute travel routes in real-time and warns you of traffic and road dangers. Waze features including real-time traffic and route information, alerts for accidents and speed traps, and voice-guided navigation are all accessible to users thanks to Apple CarPlay integration. It has a whopping rating of 4.9 on the App store.


  • Waze further provides community-based services.
  • It can notify traffic jams, construction zones, and road closures.
  • You can share your anticipated arrival time with loved ones using the Send ETA option.
  • Waze can also propose routes depending on user preferences, such as staying away from toll roads and motorways.

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3. Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather. 22 Best Weather Apps for Apple Carplay

Carrot Weather is truly entertaining and top weather alert software, it gives you weather updates with amusing comments. For iOS, you may get the Carrot Weather app without charge. In order to assist drivers to stay updated about the weather in their area, Carrot Weather for CarPlay is a fully customized weather app that provides a number of features and capabilities. Also, users have access to extensive radar and satellite maps, weather reports, and weather updates. It has a rating of 4.7 on App store.


  • It includes real-time weather updates.
  • It provides customizable maps, severe weather alerts, air quality assessments, dynamic radar maps, and much more.
  • To make it a perfect travel companion, it also offers special elements like hilarious commentary and phrases.
  • In-app subscriptions can be purchased by users to access all of the app’s features.

4. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel, is a free weather app for iOS. It provides users with hourly, daily, and weekly weather forecasts as well as other weather-related information. It provides you with real-time updates so that you can properly prepare for the conditions outside. It has about 4.7 rating.


  • Get extensive information about the weather in the place of your choice.
  • It covers the current wind speed, humidity level, and real and feels like temperature, and visibility information.
  • It clearly displays on a map data such as the UV index, relative temperature, rain, snow, storm, and cloud coverage.

5. AccuWeather

AccuWeather. 22 Best Weather Apps for Apple Carplay

AccuWeather is a weather app that offers precise forecasts, notifications for severe weather, and up-to-the-minute weather reports. In order to give its users highly accurate weather information, AccuWeather uses cutting-edge weather prediction technologies. The software makes meteorological data available for more than 3 million locations worldwide and supports many languages, making it usable by people from all over the world. It has a 4.6 rating.


  • AccuWeather Minute Cast provides a minute-by-minute forecast of precipitation for a user’s precise location.
  • Lifestyle forecasts for the UV index, cold and flu, allergies, and air quality
  • Threatening severe weather alerts from AccuWeather
  • Tracking that is simple to use and responsive to tornadoes, hurricanes, and other severe weather

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6. WeatherBug


WeatherBug is the sixth on the list of best Apple CarPlay weather app. Your daily weather forecast may be found on WeatherBug. Basic weather data for your location is shown on the home page. To give consumers reliable weather information, WeatherBug leverages data from a global network of weather stations. The app offers radar and satellite maps, severe weather alerts, hourly and 10-day forecasts, severe weather warnings, and other weather-related news and updates. It has 4.8 ratings.


  • Reliable forecasts of the weather based on the WeatherBug network.
  • Unique live weather cameras, fun, and simple photo sharing.
  • Beneficial Lifestyle Predictions.
  • Warnings for dangerous weather and other situations.
  • Satellite animations and radar maps.
  • Extensive weather information for hourly and 10-day predictions.

7. Weather Underground

Weather Underground. 22 Best Weather Apps for Apple Carplay

Weather Underground is one of the few apps that actually depends on a community to produce forecasts. Air quality, pollen counts, and other environmental variables that may affect outdoor activities are also covered by Weather Underground. The app provides an intuitive user interface and lets users personalize their weather experience by choosing their preferred units of measurement and seeing weather data for numerous places. It has a rating of 4.0 in the App store.


  • Reliable forecasts of the weather based on the Weather Underground network.
  • Localized weather data for more than 2.6 million sites globally.
  • Radar maps, offer customers up-to-the-minute details on local weather conditions like precipitation, temperature, and wind patterns.
  • Hourly and 10-day predictions, as well as alerts for dangerous weather situations, are all offered by Weather Underground.

8. Weather Live

Weather Live

Weather Live is a popular iOS weather app that offers up-to-date predictions, hourly updates, severe weather alerts, and real-time weather radar. To keep users up to date on the most recent weather conditions, the app offers a variety of features, such as weather maps, animated backgrounds, thorough weather charts, and air quality forecasts. Users can add widgets for temperature, wind speed, and other variables to Weather Live to further personalize the software. The software also lets users add several places and get personalized weather alerts. It has a rating of 4.6 on the App Store.


  • Climate maps.
  • Animated background.
  • Comprehensive weather charts.
  • Forecasts for air quality.
  • Widgets for wind speed, temperature, and other variables.
  • The capacity to add additional places.
  • Personalized weather alerts.

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9. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is among the best weather apps for CarPlay. It is a top-notch weather app for iOS devices that works with CarPlay. It offers precise and current information on the present. The Yahoo Weather app is a great way to view all the essential weather data for the places you care about along with a few helpful extras. Yahoo Weather is a fantastic option if you value beautiful imagery and want a well-designed interface for tracking weather. It has a rating of 4.5 making it into the list of best CarPlay weather app.


  • A dashboard that has been modified.
  • Weather forecasts based on routes.
  • Interactive maps and visualizations.
  • A 24-hour temperature chart.
  • A graphic showing the sun, wind speed, and other factors.
  • Beautiful Flickr images that are relevant to your location.

10. MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar Weather Radar. 22 Best Weather Apps for Apple Carplay

MyRadar Weather Radar, is one of the most user-friendly and quick weather apps for iOS. The app provides an intuitive user interface and lets users personalize their weather experience by choosing their preferred units of measurement and seeing weather data for numerous places. Its interactive map feature makes it simple to investigate the local weather, and its historical weather data allows you to see trends and make plans for the future. MyRadar Weather Radar is a fantastic option for anyone looking to monitor the weather, whether they are a house owner or a driver concerned about staying safe on the road. It has a rating of 4.8 on App Store.


  • Radar images that move at a high resolution.
  • It shows the current temperature, the wind speed, and the amount of precipitation.
  • Ability to track a storm.
  • Push notifications for warnings of severe weather.
  • Widgets to customize for your home screen.
  • A map that is interactive.
  • Weather information from the past.
  • 24-Hour Thermometer Chart.
  • Advanced lifesaving features for severe weather threats on the Premium+ tier.

11. Weather Mate- NOAA Radar Maps

Weather Mate- NOAA Radar Maps

Weather Mate, is one detailed weather forecast available for your present location. The user-friendly interface of Weather Mate enables users to personalize their weather experience by choosing their preferred units of measurement and seeing weather data for several places. It’s simple to keep up with local weather alerts and conditions with the help of Weather Mate. It has a rating of 4.5 on App Store.


  • Weather reports for your area.
  • Hi-def radar maps.
  • Data from the past.
  • Travel scheduler.
  • Featured in weather stations.
  • Apple Watch app with many locations.
  • Weather notifications and alerts.

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12. Weather Mate Pro

Weather Mate Pro

Weather Mate Pro is the updated and paid version of the Weather Mate app with further features and customization possibilities. Compared to the previous version, 15-day extended predictions are available in Weather Mate Pro. Mate Pro delivers more intricate radar and satellite maps along with historical and upcoming radar animations. Overall, Weather Mate Pro is a more feature-rich and adaptable program than the free edition and is made for people who like a more in-depth and unique weather experience. It costs around $4.99. And it has a rating of 4.7 definitely higher than the previous version.


  • Able to simultaneously view many areas.
  • Access several types of maps, add custom locations, and create bespoke weather alerts.
  • It also has a travel planner so you can schedule vacations and quickly check the weather where you’re going.

13. RadarScope

Radarscope. 22 Best Weather Apps for Apple Carplay

Radarscope, is a specialized display tool for weather lovers and meteorologists that enables you to view NEXRAD Level 3 and Super-Resolution radar data, as well as severe weather warnings and storm tracks. It offers a multitude of specific details regarding weather conditions, such as wind speed, precipitation, storm cells, hail, temperature, and more. Moreover, Radar Scope offers interactive capabilities for tracking storms and other weather-related occurrences, as well as an animated replay of radar data over time for easier comprehension and interpretation. It rates 4.7 on App store.


  • Tracking storms and other weather phenomena with interactive mapping tools.
  • Get access to storm tracks and severe weather warnings.
  • Radar data is played back animatedly over time.
  • Information on precipitation and wind speed.
  • Data about the weather and lightning.
  • Optional Radarscope Pro membership package with further tools and information for thorough storm analysis.

14. Storm Shield

Storm Shield

Storm Shield, is the go-for app if you are looking for an app to predict and show you severe weather predictions such as life-threatening weather occurrences including tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, thunderstorms, winter storms, and others. It is one of the best weather apps for CarPlay. Everyone who needs to stay up to speed on the most recent weather conditions will benefit greatly from having Storm Shield as a friend. It is meant to assist users to stay safe and informed about hazardous weather. It has around 4.8 ratings on App store, which is pretty impressive.


  • Live streaming of newscasts.
  • Social sharing capabilities.
  • Push notifications for alerts.
  • View weather information from the past and the future.
  • Access to various language assistance.

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15. WeatherBug Elite

WeatherBug Elite. 22 Best Weather Apps for Apple Carplay

WeatherBug Elite, is a premium version of the popular WeatherBug app. It gives users comprehensive weather reports and forecasts specific to their present location. It provides up-to-date information, hourly predictions, 10-day forecasts, weekend forecasts, and thorough weather maps. Users of WeatherBug can stay informed about shifting weather conditions by receiving real-time weather alerts. Users may track their regular fitness routines and weather-related activities thanks to WeatherBug’s integration with Apple’s Health app. It has 4.7 ratings.


  • It has access to each station’s specific weather data.
  • A radar with many features.
  • The KP metric feature.
  • Weather alert system and forecasts that go out several weeks in advance.
  • Widgets for customizable weather.
  • A detector for lightning.
  • In-depth details are also given on the direction and speed of the wind, humidity, temperature, and other factors.

16. Hello Weather

Hello Weather

Hello Weather, has a user experience that is clear and simple to use, with changeable themes and widgets to fit various preferences. With the exception of optional in-app purchases for extra features like dark mode, custom notifications, and extended predictions, the program is free to download and use. All things considered, Hello Weather is a fantastic option for anyone searching for dependable and customized weather software for their iOS device. As it’s best Apple CarPlay weather app with a rating of 4.7 on App store.


  • Hello Weather is CarPlay compatible, so users may easily view weather reports while on the road.
  • Users are always informed of any potentially dangerous weather conditions because to the real-time weather warnings and notifications it offers.
  • To access all features, you must update the app; it is free to use but also has a premium edition.

17. Weather Up

Weather Up

Weather Up is the upgraded version of Weather Atlas. As a user, the first thing you will notice is the bright design of the app. It offers thorough weather forecasts and maps with information on temperature, precipitation, air quality, and other factors. Also, you can configure notifications to notify you when severe weather is expected. Also, the app offers hourly updates, a 10-day prediction, and a brief description of each weather parameter. It rates 4.5 on App store.


  • Apple Watch users may view weather information and alerts thanks to Weather Up’s compatibility with the smartwatch.
  • With the help of various widgets, you may personalize the app and set up a profile to remember your favorite places.
  • Up to 50 locations can be added.
  • While Weather Up is available for free with ads, access to the pro version requires an in-app subscription.

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18. Windy.app

Windy.app. 22 Best Weather Apps for Apple Carplay

If you are an adventurous type of person then Windy.app is for you. Users have found it to be a really useful tool as it’s compatible with CarPlay, and because of the accuracy, it provides. It is a free app to download but it also has a lot of in-build app features which could be accessed by doing a certain payment. It has a one-time payment option for one year worth $35.39. Having a rating of 4.7 on App store it makes it to the list of best CarPlay weather app.


  • The platform provides all of the most popular weather forecast models, including ICON, ECMWF, GFS, and others.
  • It provides 51 world weather maps
  • The 16 altitude levels range from the ground to 13.5 km/f/450.
  • It offers altitude, time zone, and the times of sunrise and sunset.
  • Contains data for more than 50,000 weather WebCams.

19. RainViewer: Weather Radar Live

RainViewer: Weather Radar Live

RainViewer uses advanced technology that scans the sky for any weather change. It is more than just a normal weather forecast app. With more than a thousand doppler radars, RainViewer offers a reliable forecast for around 90 countries. The app is free to download and use, and provides an easy-to-use interface for users to access the weather information they need. It has a rating of 4.6 on App store.


  • One of the standout features is you can customize the app icon to be displayed.
  • Real-time rainfall and storms are displayed on a map via a radar viewer.
  • A system that alerts users when rain or storms are on the way.
  • Calculator for precipitation.
  • UV index is provided.
  • Support for lock screen widgets.

20. Tomorrow.io: Weather Forecast

Tomorrow.io: Weather Forecast. 22 Best Weather Apps for Apple Carplay

Tomorrow.io is an American weather technology startup that uses wireless networks in new ways to produce precise, in-depth weather information. Using user-friendly, intuitive web apps, the company offers business intelligence using its own patented technology. They provide a variety of services, such as predictions, weather warnings, historical weather data, and real-time weather data. They are able to offer more precise, up-to-date weather information than conventional weather services thanks to their sophisticated technologies. It rates around 4.6 on App store.


  • Real-time weather data.
  • Modern software provides more accurate, current weather information.
  • Data on the weather based on polygons and points.
  • API queries are used for unique data sets.

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21. AI Weather Bot: Live forecast

AI Weather Bot: Live forecast

AI weather Bot is a free weather app that offers forecasts and real-time weather updates. It may be used to look up hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts as well as the present weather conditions. It may be utilized with Apple CarPlay and is freely available via the App Store. Also, it has a lot of other features like weather notifications, weather history, and an interactive map with editable layers. It has a rating of 4.8 in App store, making it to the list of Best Apple CarPlay weather app.


  • Weather forecasts and updates in real-time.
  • Interactive map with layered options.
  • Support for voice is provided.
  • It is compatible with Apple CarPlay and is freely downloadable from the App Store.

22. Weather on the Way

Weather on the Way. 22 Best Weather Apps for Apple Carplay

Weather on the Way is an effective tool that may offer comprehensive weather data for any place. It may display the present situation, forecasts, and radar maps, enabling users to readily follow local weather trends and make plans in accordance with them. It also offers comprehensive details on the amount of precipitation, wind speed, humidity, and other factors. It has a rating of 4.8 on App store, making it in the list of best weather apps for CarPlay.


  • It offers to build numerous paths to various locations.
  • It enables you to view the weather for your trip both now and in the future.
  • With severe weather conditions like snow, ice, and flooding, you can get alerts.
  • You can select a departure time for your route and sign up for notifications when inclement weather may cause delays.
  • If the conditions on your primary route are inadequate, it helps you locate alternatives.

How to Add Apps to Apple Carplay

Here’s how you can add apps to Apple Carplay:

1. Go to Settings and click on General.

tap on General

2. Then, tap on CarPlay.

tap on CarPlay

3. Select a vehicle. Next, select Customise.

4. To add apps, tap on Add.

Note: To delete apps, tap on Delete. Also, to modify the order in which the apps show, tap and drag each app.

The arrangement of your apps on the display will be retained the next time you connect your iPhone to CarPlay. On your display, only CarPlay-compatible apps will be visible.

How to Connect Apple Carplay

By connecting your iPhone with your vehicle or CarPlay, you can reinvent the way you travel while putting functionality and safety first. You may use a number of functions that are intended to keep you focused on the road by smoothly integrating your iPhone with CarPlay. You can make calls, send and receive messages, listen to your favorite music, get turn-by-turn instructions, and much more. Let’s see how to connect Apple Carplay to iPhone:

1. Start your car and make sure Siri is turned on.

2. Link your iPhone to your car using either of the methods below:

  • Use the USB port on your car to connect your iPhone if your vehicle supports CarPlay with a USB connection. A smartphone symbol or a CarPlay icon may be used to identify the USB port. Use an Apple Lightning to USB cable only.
  • Connect your iPhone to the USB port in your car if it allows CarPlay either wirelessly. Simply tap and hold the voice control key on your steering wheel if your vehicle has just wireless CarPlay. Ensure that Bluetooth or wireless mode and Wi-Fi are turned on on your stereo and iPhone.

3. Tap on the CarPlay network > Auto-Join.

4. Now, follow the steps in the previous heading to add apps and connect your vehicle.


We hope we could serve you with weather apps for CarPlay. We know there are a number of options to choose from. It would be really unfair to select from so many options with such good ratings but here are our top three from the list Carrot, Weather Live, and Yahoo weather. If you have any suggestions regarding the same do let us know in the comments below.

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