21 Best Weather Apps and Widget for Android

Its raining apps...Hallelujah!

Are you tired of getting caught off guard by unpredictable weather conditions like heavy rainfall or scorching heat? Well, the solution might just be an app away. From real-time weather updates to extreme weather warnings, weather apps are designed to keep you prepared for anything Mother Nature throws your way. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best weather apps and widgets for Android.

best weather apps and widget for Android

Best Weather Apps and Widgets for Android

When it comes to handling the unpredictability of weather, having the right app by your side can make a significant difference. That’s why we have come up with this list to help you withstand surprises and take control of your day. Here are some of the best ad-free weather apps and widgets for Android that you should consider before making the decision.

1. CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather | Best Weather Apps and Widget for Android

If you want daily weather updates with a fun twist, then you should try the CARROT Weather app. It offers detailed weather analysis and provides current, hourly, and daily forecasts. The app then pairs these updates with subtle jokes and punchlines about the weather along with elements like a sun and snowflake. By purchasing its Premium Club, you can view the weather for any location up to 10-70 years in advance. This purchase also comes with a customizable widget for your screen.

2. AccuWeather


Interestingly, AccuWeather is trusted by the World Meteorological Organization and has received numerous awards for its brilliant features. It offers live weather forecasts including MinuteCast, and sends severe weather alerts, precipitation, allergy outlooks, rain probability, and air quality index. The best part about this app is its minute-by-minute updates. Owing to its unique RealFeel technology, you can get a better understanding of how the weather actually feels. It is one of the best free weather apps that comes without ads.

3. Today Weather

Today Weather

Today Weather is a user-friendly app that provides accurate weather forecasts to users on their screens. It boasts individual data sources for each country, so you can get precise information. The app displays air quality, pollen count, UV index, and severe weather alerts, so you can you’re your day accordingly. Additionally, you also get customizable widgets.

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4. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather | Best Weather Apps and Widget for Android

Yahoo Weather is another amazing and trusted weather app for Android users. You can get precise weather forecasts including weather alerts, wind maps, and interactive radar. To make things more interesting, the app also displays animated sunset and sunrise times along with other details like UV index and humidity sensor. Furthermore, the app also pairs the best photos with the current weather stats and gets extra brownie points.

5. 1Weather


With thousands of users around the world, 1Weather emerges as one of the best options on this list. With this app, you can get weather alerts, rain forecasts, current temperate, and 25+ live radar maps. Moreover, it offers daily weather news and local forecast videos, so you can plan your schedule accordingly. Apart from this, you get numerous customizable widgets and details like humidity, UV rating, and wind speed.

6. Weather by WeatherBug

Weather by WeatherBug

Weather by WeatherBug displays local forecasts, accurate weather conditions, and severe weather alerts for users around the world. You can use its radar to get real-time weather updates across different places including England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Apart from this, you can use Weather to get weather warnings for saved locations, use its storm tracker, and an animated lightning map. Additionally, Weather is known for its fastest updates, large weather network, and interactive maps. It is one of the best free weather apps that you can use without ads.

7. Overdrop

Overdrop | Best Weather Apps and Widget for Android

By utilizing the expertise of top-tier weather forecast providers, Overdrop aims to present precise weather data to its diverse user base. With its array of features such as a weather radar, 24-hour, and 7-day forecasts, this app among other best weather apps and widgets for Android empowers you to plan your trips with ease. Moreover, you can stay safe with real-time weather alerts. To personalize your experience, Overdrop further extends a choice of up to 50 distinct widgets, allowing you to find the perfect match that suits your style.

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8. Weather Forecast


Weather Forecast is an easy-to-use app that provides detailed weather forecasts for multiple locations. You can use this app to get hourly, daily, or weekly forecasts, check sunset and sunset times, and get other weather details. This app automatically detects locations and provides the latest weather updates. You can even share all the information with your friends. Additionally, the app comes with a widget and an option to allow weather notifications on your lock screen.



NOAA comes with hourly forecasts, animated radar, and precise weather details, all in one place. Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface is a great option for people who struggle with technology. By using NOAA point forecasts, this app offers precise weather data based on GPS location. You can use it to get severe weather conditions at the top of the forecast and customizable widgets. Additionally, manually entering the location is also easy, it truly is one of the best free weather apps that works without ads.

10. Weather Live

Weather Live

Weather Live stands out as a fully-fledged app that uses advanced technology to deliver comprehensive weather information for any location. Renowned among Android users, it remains one of the top choices for people looking for weather apps. Weather Live keeps you informed with weather warnings, accurate forecasts, visibility updates, and other essential weather conditions. This way, you can be prepared for the ever-changing weather patterns.

11. Weather & Widget – Weawow

Weather & Widget – Weawow | Best Weather Apps and Widget for Android

Weather & Widget – Weawow is a free weather app for Android users. Along with precise weather information like rain, humidity, and cloud, this app also offers tons of beautiful weather-related photos. These photos are used to depict the current weather of any location and help you decide your outfit for the day. This app has customizable widgets and layouts, so users can decide what to see. Moreover, Weather & Widget supports up to 50 languages. It is one of the best ad-free weather apps and widgets for Android.

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12. Weather


Weather is the ultimate weather companion that caters to numerous countries and cities and shows quick weather details on your screen. You can use this app to get all the weather-related information displayed on your screen. Moreover, it features comprehensive forecasts of up to 40 days, including rainfall forecasts, weather alerts, temperature updates, and of course, sunrise/sunset timers. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface ensures effortless navigation, while the availability of widgets adds beauty to your device.

13. YoWindow


YoWindow by RepkaSoft is another great option for Android users. By simply sliding your finger from left to right, users can scroll the time through the day and watch how the weather changes. It shows accurate weather forecasts, UV index, and chances of rain for the UK, England, Wales, and Ireland. Furthermore, you get various YoWindow widgets to add charms to your device with ease. However, some users have complained about its battery consumption.

14. Flowx


Unlike some other similar apps, Flowx is an ad-free app, accompanied by seamless forecast animations through a simple screen swipe. By offering a diverse range of data types and forecast models, it extends a comprehensive weather analysis. By enabling its travel mode, you can automatically get forecast updates tailored to your location. Similarly, you can use this app offline as well. For its Pro version, the app offers silver and gold subscription package options. You also get a widget that you can customize with a preferred location and graphs to display. This is definitely one of the best free weather apps without ads.

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15. Weather Underground

Weather Underground

Weather Underground pairs precise local weather forecasts with severe weather alerts, weather radar, satellite maps, and so much more. By downloading this app on your Android smartphone, you can take a glance at current temperature, humidity levels, and wind speed, and plan your day ahead. Moreover, its hourly forecasts allow users to plan the rest of the day in advance. Apart from this, this app like some other best weather apps and widgets for Android comes with light/dark mode, UV index, sunrise/sunset, and lets you save favorite locations with just a few taps.

16. Myradar


Myradar, a renowned weather app, combines lightning-fast speed with a user-friendly interface, and power features. By taking a swift glance, users can access animated weather radar catered to their location. This offers a quick overview of weather patterns. It further boasts multiple data layers and animated elements like winds to make things more exciting. Moreover, the app sends weather alerts and accurate predictions in advance. Users can simply pinch in and out to zoom accordingly.

17. Appy Weather

Appy Weather | Best Weather Apps and Widget for Android

Appy Weather by Third Culture Apps is another amazing weather app on this list. It features a simple and elegant UI, so users can easily find what they are looking for rather than scrolling endlessly. The app offers three subscription options including Plus, Pro, and Lightning Pro. You can use this app among other best weather apps and widgets for Android in the dark, get the latest weather-related notifications, and make use of its animated radar.

18. Windy


Windy is a fast, secure, and reliable weather app for Android users. It provides leading weather forecast models and provides users with timely updated weather forecasts of their location without ads. This free app features 50+ weather maps and crucial details like temperature, run, and wind, so you have everything at your fingertips. Windy features tide forecasts, 1500+ paragliding spots, 50+ airports, and supports up to 40 different languages. It is a fully customizable app that lets you make changes to the color palette and add maps to the quick menu.

19. Weather Forecast & Widget

Weather Forecast & Widget

Weather Forecast & Widget is a free app that offers hourly forecasts and local weather details to users. It updates its record hourly and also offers a report on the weather for the next day or the coming 40 days. In addition to this, you can also check the air quality index, weather radar map, and UV index, get weather warnings, and try out different widgets. This app is also easy-to-use and does not require any technical knowledge.

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20. Local Weather Alerts

Local Weather Alerts

With Local Weather Alerts, you can easily view and manage a detailed weather report of different cities on your screen. Along with real-time weather data, this app provides weather alerts and forecasts for the next 24 hours or 25 days. You also get multiple desktop widgets, weather backgrounds, multi-day weather forecasts, and alert notifications.

21. Geometric Weather

Geometric Weather Best Weather Apps Android

Geometric Weather is a lightweight and powerful weather app. It shows real-time temperature, air quality, allergy-related information, severe weather alerts, daily forecasts, and hourly forecasts. Along with this, you get live wallpapers, widgets, dark themes, and custom icon themes. It is one of the best free weather apps that works without ads.

By reading this article, you now know about the best weather apps and widgets for Android. So, whether you are planning a foreign trip or simply deciding the need for an umbrella for the day, these apps will be your reliable source for detailed weather reports. Let us know which one you liked in the comments down below, and stay tuned for more informative blogs.

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