14 Best Weather Gadget for Windows 10

Would you prefer drenching yourself under the rain when you are all set, dressed up and are on your way to meet your friends? You would not miss that rain cover umbrella if you already know the predicted weather shows rain shortly. The sunscreen when it’s a bright scorching sunny day out there, you can just carry it along to reapply it again for longer sun exposers, can’t you? This is how generously predictions and forecasts can save us from oversight foul-ups. You don’t sit with a note of doubt before the TV or radio anymore waiting for weather forecast and decide whether to divert or to follow your plans. The advancement of technology already unturned this stone and with the highly accurate sensors and software interpretations your P.C. or laptop already shows you. If don’t see the weather forecast on your device, let’s search for you weather gadget for Windows 10. Don’t panic, we will also look for weather widget Windows 11, in case you have that running on your device.

Best Weather Gadget for Windows 10

Best Weather Gadget for Windows 10

Sometimes, it is more than just a demand of the time to be able to get some future references and forecasts of the weather before moving ahead with the day. Windows assists and serves its users with such an app that has its limits beyond just forecast and mere predictions.

1. MSN Weather

homepage of MSN weather app. 13 Best Weather Gadget for Windows 10

To bring the most advanced features to its users, Microsoft Windows has already developed and pre-installed an app MSN Weather which also now is available in the form of a widget on Windows 10 and subsequently on Windows 11.

  • Displays the weather forecast for any city in the world, regardless of where the user is and the city interested in enquiring about
  • Access to 3D Satellite Maps which provide information about clouds, wind speed, rain, visibility, temperature, humidity, precipitation, air quality, snow, and snow depth at any given location
  • Has Historical Weather, which is advanced weather forecasting for an entire year
  • Also, shows data for the record high and low temperatures for that place mentioning the year as well
  • Available as MSN weather website on Microsoft Edge

But what about other gadgets, i.e., apps and widgets other than the default pre-installed MSN app? Also, how can we miss on websites in search for weather gadget for Windows 10. Following forward in this article, we have a curated list of best weather gadgets for Windows 10 that can definitely assist you in learning about the predictions of weather for that day.

2. Weather 14 Days

home page of Weather 14 days app. 13 Best Weather Gadget for Windows 10

The Weather 14 days is available on the Microsoft store. It is a pretty decent forecast app with some really useful features. Currently, as per the app description on the Microsoft store, this app delivers weather data from 450,000 locations all around the world. An amazing weather widget windows 11. The features include:

  • Weather forecast for 14 days
  • Highest and lowest predicted temperature of any particular day for the given place.
  • Exact time of sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset
  • Speed and direction of wind
  • Rain, UV Index, Humidity, Dew point, Fog, Cloudiness, Pressure and Snow line
  • Download: Free app available on the Microsoft store

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3. Forecast

forecast app homepage

Forecast app from the Microsoft store purely seems like an inspiration by MSN Weather. However, they have their own forecasts and algorithm-based predictions that can be relied upon. The features that this app provides its users with are:

  • Clean and simple UI with customizations available
  • Current weather conditions of the day and weekly and hourly based forecasts
  • Temperature, Sky appearance, Visibility, Precipitation for the consecutive hour, Relative Humidity, Dew Points, Barometer, Time of Sunrise and Sunset
  • Auto location update
  • Download: Paid app available with a free trial version (price: $1.49)

4. MyRadar

my radar app. 13 Best Weather Gadget for Windows 10

If you are looking for another interesting weather gadget for windows 10, I should tell you that the MyRadar app is one of the most scientific looking weather forecasting applications that provides high-definition animated weather radar to its users. Features of this app include:

  • Easy and lag-free zoom-in and zoom out
  • Different types of maps with roads view, aerial view, greyscale and topographic view.
  • Weather warnings and alerts
  • Precise satellite views
  • Forecast for 10 days available
  • Layers of wind and its direction, Temperature, Cloud and lightning available.
  • Also helps in precisely tracking Earthquake, Hurricane, Wildfire and other National Weather Service tracking.
  • Download: Free version with in-app purchases, Premium ad-free version also available.

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5. AccuWeather

home page of official website of AccuWeather

If you are old and have been quite into apps and widgets, you might have heard of this name earlier. AccuWeather is an American company that provides weather details and forecasts to large amount of radio stations and newspapers. The AccuWeather app is available for Android and iOS. For Windows users, AccuWeather website is available to check on pretty accurate weather forecasts that feature

  • Current day weather display not only limited to availability for hourly but also to every minute basis.
  • Monthly predictions also available.
  • Sky appearance, Max UV Index, Wind, Wind Gusts, Humidity, Indoor Humidity, Dew Point, Pressure, Cloud Cover, Visibility, Cloud ceiling
  • Additionally, Probability of Precipitation, Probability of Thunderstorms and Precipitation available for the current date’s morning, afternoon, evening and overnight.
  • Download: Not available for windows. Free website.

6. The Weather Channel

website of The Weather Channel. 13 Best Weather Gadget for Windows 10

The weather channel is an impeccably beautiful and organized website bought by IBM to look at for all the weather condition updates and forecasts. As per a data survey conducted in 2022, it is prominently regarded as the most trustworthy channel by Americans. The website is simple and user-friendly with features like:

  • Current date temperature for morning, afternoon, evening and overnight
  • Hourly updates are also available for Temperature, UV Index, cloud cover, wind direction and speed, humidity in percentage and rain amount sky condition, and rain possibility percentage.
  • 10 days forecast available
  • Also displays sunrise and sunset time, pressure, visibility, dew point and moon phases.

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7. World Weather Online

The home page of World Weather Online

We add to the list this simple and informative website that contains almost everything in terms of weather updates world weather online. With highlighting contents like weather blogs, sports weather, holiday destinations weather and historical weather data, this website contains more information than any other website in this list, possibly star-marking one of the best weather gadget for windows 10 Furthermore, the features of this website also include:

  • Real-time weather condition of any particular date for the given place and 14 days forecast.
  • Weather history for any particular day and place that includes history from that current date, weather history of that day in the last month, weather history of that date in last year and moreover weather history of that specific date in the last 15 years.
  • Displays time of sunrise and sunset, time of moonrise and moonset, minimum and maximum temperature, rain and rain percentage, cloud percentage, pressure, wind speed and direction, and gust speed.
  • Graphical representation for 15-day temperature chart, 15-day precipitation chart, 15-day pressure chart, 15-day wind speed and gust chart.
  • Historical data includes in tabular form monthly averages of maximum and minimum temperature and the number of days it rained, calculated using data from the past 12 years for any particular place.
  • Graphical representation of weather averages for any particular place from the data of past 12 years that include yearly maximum, minimum and average temperature; yearly rainfall and rain day averages; yearly snowfall and snow day averages; annual wind speed and wind gust averages; annual pressure averages; annual cloud and humidity averages; annual UV index averages; Annual Sun hours and Sun days averages; Annual visibility averages.
  • App support for Android and iOS. For Windows, they have made five free widgets available. You may use any of it as weather widget Windows 11 for your device.
  • World Map that displays temperature, precipitation, humidity, pressure, cloud visibility and wind.

8. Windy

Windy homepage. 13 Best Weather Gadget for Windows 10

Windy is a website for enthusiasts that are looking for weather gadget for Windows 10. The radar has a wide range of view and the map is high-definition in quality. For the meteorological enthusiasts, this website enables access to features like:

  • Long list of layers available – weather radar, satellite, wind, wind gusts, wind accumulation, rain, thunder, rain accumulation, new snow, snow depth, precipitation type, thunderstorm, temperature, dew point, humidity, freezing altitude, UV index, clouds, high medium and low clouds, fog, cloud tops and base, visibility, thermals. Waves, wind waves, tidal currents, ozone layer, pressure, extreme forecast, weather warnings, soil moisture and a lot more layers to add on
  • Seven days of forecast

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9. WeatherBug

home page of WeatherBug official website

Weather bug is a website curated for both forecasts and learning. The pretty and simple user-friendly website is enough for a user general weather updates and forecasts.

  • Weather parameters like temperature, windchill, dew point, humidity percentage, pressure, time of sunrise and sunset, daily and monthly rain amount, average wind speed and direction, wind gust, moon phase, UV index, air quality, pollen and spark lightning
  • Current, hourly and 10-day forecast available
  • Lots of articles and data available for educational purpose

10. Storm Weather

home page of storm weather app. 13 Best Weather Gadget for Windows 10

Storm Weather is a pretty basic app for weather predictions and forecasts. Its features:

  • Forecasts for 15 days
  • Data for more than 8 million locations.
  • Favourite locations can be saved as tiles that show forecasts one hour ahead.
  • Forecast on hourly basis with data 72 hours ahead.
  • Six-hour based forecasts history in the last 12 days.
  • Weather maps with radar with precipitation history in last 6 hours.
  • Download: App from Microsoft store

11. Weather View

Weather View

The Weather View app is another feature-rich app developed for Windows that helps with weather forecasts.

  • Weather forecast for 10 days
  • Covers weather reports for over 7 million places across the globe
  • Tracking for three different locations at the same time
  • Hourly updates and forecast
  • Live titles

12. Weather Forecast

the home page of weather forecast website. 13 Best Weather Gadget for Windows 10

The Weather forecast website as the name suggests provides all the weather condition updates and forecasts.

  • Weather forecasts for 12 days.
  • Highest and lowest temperature, rain amount, humidity percentage, UV Index.

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13. VentuSky

ventusky website

Visually for the initials, the VentuSky website looks similar to that of Windy. However, it is as functional and optimal.

  • Radar Map available
  • Layers for Perceived temperature, Precipitation, Radar, Satellite, Clouds, Wind speed, Wind gusts, Air pressure, Thunderstorms, Humidity, Waves, Snow cover, and Air quality

14. UV Weather

UV Weather chrome extension. 13 Best Weather Gadget for Windows 10

UV weather is an extension on Google Chrome that helps in providing real-time weather updates to users on chrome.

  • The database is large and available across the continents
  • Displays weather parameters like air temperature, accurately feeling temperature, UV Index level, relative humidity percentage, probability of precipitation, cloud cover percentage, dew point temperature, wind speed, air pressure, visibility
  • Pro version at $1 per month with frequent updates, radar map, easy switch between multiple locations, ads-free version, auto dark mode, 30 days extended forecast and much more
  • Add extension for UV Weather directly


Having concluded our list of the most effective and best weather gadgets for Windows 10, we have come to the end. Learning and understanding meteorology and weather parameters seem not so harsh with the help of these apps, websites and widgets. Download your favourite app, bookmark your trusted website and customize your device now with weather widgets. I hope you find a likeable weather gadget for Windows 10 from this article. If you have any queries or, suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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