12 Best Liquid Cooling Phone List

Liquid cooling technology is like having a tiny air conditioning system inside your device. It ensures that it can keep up with your demands, whether you’re playing games, watching videos, or multitasking like a pro. As smartphones continue to become more powerful and generate more heat, liquid cooling technology will likely become increasingly important in helping to keep them cool and running smoothly. If you are looking for a Xiaomi or Samsung liquid cooling phone or any other liquid cooling phone, or you are just wondering do phones have liquid cooling or do they use a different technology, this article is for you. We bring you the best liquid cooling phone list to help you find a smartphone that fits all your needs.

12 Best Liquid Cooling Phone List

Best Liquid Cooling Phone List

Liquid cooling technology in smartphones is designed to keep the device’s temperature in check during heavy usage or gaming, preventing the processor from overheating and causing damage. In this article, you will find Liquid Cooling Phone List with one of the best and most efficient and effective liquid cooling phones.

What is Liquid Cooling Technology?

Liquid cooling technology is a fascinating way to keep electronic devices cool while they are operating at high speeds and under heavy loads. This method of cooling can offer several benefits over traditional air-cooling methods, including improved efficiency, reduced noise levels, and a longer lifespan for the components. Liquid cooling can prove to be beneficial for devices in the following ways.

  • Remove heat from hotspots within a device – Liquid can absorb much more heat and transport it away more efficiently.
  • More effective at dissipating heat – Liquids have a higher specific heat capacity than air, meaning they can absorb more heat energy per unit of mass or volume.
  • Quieter than Air Cooling System – Liquid cooling systems do not create as loud a sound as air cooling systems, making them quieter.
  • Improving the lifespan of the device – Overheating can cause a device’s components to degrade over time, which can lead to reduced performance and a shorter lifespan. A liquid cooling system can help to keep the components cool, reducing the risk of damage and prolonging the device’s lifespan.
  • Add some visual flair to a device – Many liquid cooling systems use colored coolants or illuminated components, which can create a stunning visual effect and make a device stand out from the crowd. While this is a feature that is usually found in PCs it is making its way to smartphones too.

Do Phones Have Liquid Cooling?

Yes, liquid cooling isn’t just limited to PCs now. But, why do phones have liquid cooling? They do not have to go through as massive a workload as a PC. Well, imagine your smartphone is like a tiny, high-tech oven. As you use it, the processor generates heat, just like an oven generates heat when it’s baking. But instead of delicious cookies, your smartphone is cooking up data, apps, and games. If the heat generated by the processor isn’t managed properly, it can damage the components and cause the oven to overheat.

This is where liquid cooling technology comes in. A liquid coolant flows through a tiny chamber inside the device, absorbing heat as it circulates. The heated liquid is then pumped to a heat sink, where it releases the heat into the surrounding air. This process repeats continuously, keeping the temperature of the processor and other components in check.

Think of it like a miniature water park. The liquid coolant is like a group of people on a water slide. They start at the top of the slide, get splashed with water to cool off, and then end up at the bottom of the slide, ready to go again. The heat sink is like a swimming pool, ready to absorb the heat and keep things cool. Just like at a water park, the liquid coolant keeps flowing in a loop, making sure everyone stays cool and comfortable.

But smartphones today are shifting towards a more efficient form of liquid cooling called a vapor chamber liquid cooling system. It involves a small, flat chamber called a vapor chamber, which is filled with a liquid coolant. The vapor chamber is in direct contact with the device’s internal components, and as the components heat up, the liquid coolant inside the chamber absorbs the heat and turns it into vapor. The vapor then rises to the top of the chamber, where it cools and condenses back into a liquid state, releasing the heat in the process. The cooled liquid then flows back down to the bottom of the chamber to repeat the process. Vapor cooling is an effective way to keep electronic devices cool and improve their performance, particularly during demanding tasks such as gaming or video editing.

List of Liquid Cooling Phones

Liquid cooling technology is an exciting and innovative way to keep electronic devices running smoothly and efficiently. Here are some smartphones that have already taken advantage of this technology.

1. Vivo X90 Pro 5G

Vivo X90 Pro 5G

Vivo X90 Pro 5G is equipped with a liquid cooling system that helps to keep the device cool during intensive use. The system uses a heat pipe and a vapor chamber which helps to prevent overheating and ensures that the device maintains optimal performance, even during demanding tasks like gaming or video streaming. Overall, the liquid cooling system in the Vivo X90Pro 5G is a key feature that contributes to the device’s smooth performance and longevity.

2. Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung Galaxy S23. 12 Best Liquid Cooling Phone List

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is one of the best Samsung liquid cooling phone. The entire S23 series has a powerful cooling system that utilizes liquid cooling technology to keep the device running at optimal temperatures. This system consists of larger vapor chambers than the 2022 models, which contain a liquid that absorbs the heat produced by the phone and turns it into vapor. The vapor then travels to a cooler area where it can condense back into a liquid and return to the original area to start the process anew. This type of cooling is more efficient than traditional copper heat pipes and allows for more powerful processors in the Galaxy S23 series.

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3. OnePlus 11 Concept

OnePlus 11 Concept

OnePlus 11 Concept phone has introduced a new level of innovation with its liquid cooling technology. The Active CryoFlux liquid cooling system is designed to mimic the cooling systems found in gaming PCs, and it flows around the camera like a halo. This technology is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, as it can lower the temperature of the phone by up to 2°C during gaming. This means that users can enjoy extended gaming sessions without worrying about their phones overheating. On our Liquid Cooling Phone List, OnePlus 11 Concept’s liquid cooling technology might be a game-changer for mobile devices and set a new standard for future smartphone designs.

4. Nubia RedMagic 8 Pro

Nubia RedMagic 8 Pro. 12 Best Liquid Cooling Phone List

Nubia RedMagic 8 Pro features a liquid cooling system that keeps the device from overheating during intense gaming sessions. The coolant then flows through a series of channels, evaporating and carrying the heat away. This process is like having a tiny refrigerator inside your phone, keeping it cool and performing at its best, no matter how demanding the game or app might be.

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5. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is not just another Samsung liquid cooling phone, but it also boasts an impressive liquid cooling system that takes its performance to the next level. This advanced cooling technology ensures that the Galaxy S22 Ultra remains cool even during intense tasks such as gaming or video editing, allowing users to push the limits of the device without any fear of overheating.

6. Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro 5G

Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro 5G

The Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro 5G comes with an advanced cooling system designed to keep the device’s temperature under control during heavy usage. It features a combination of a large vapor chamber, a graphite layer, and a copper heat sink. The copper heat sink then absorbs any remaining heat, ensuring that the device stays cool even during intense usage. Overall, the cooling system in the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro 5G makes it one of the most advanced Xiaomi liquid cooling phone in the market, helping to maintain optimal performance and preventing the device from overheating.

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7. iQOO Neo 6 series

iQOO Neo 6 series

The iQOO Neo 6 series features a multi-dimensional liquid cooling system that helps to keep the device’s temperature under control. It utilizes a liquid cooling system to keep the device’s temperature under control during heavy usage. The system includes a 11500mm² vapor chamber, which is filled with a liquid coolant that absorbs heat as it circulates through the device. The heat is then dissipated through a multi-layer graphite sheet and a heat sink, which spread the heat evenly and releases it into the surrounding air. This cooling system ensures that the iQOO Neo 6 series stays cool during demanding tasks, such as gaming or streaming, allowing for optimal performance without overheating.

8. Xiaomi POCO F4 GT

Xiaomi POCO F4 GT

In our liquid cooling phone list, the Xiaomi POCO F4 GT boasts a unique and innovative cooling system called LiquidCool Technology 3.0 that keeps the device running smoothly and efficiently, even during long periods of intensive use. This cooling system uses a combination of liquid cooling technology and graphene sheets to dissipate heat away from the device’s internal components. The liquid cooling technology works by circulating a special coolant through the device, which absorbs and disperses heat, while the graphene sheets provide an additional layer of heat dissipation. Together, these cooling technologies ensure that the POCO F4 stays cool and comfortable to the touch, even when you’re pushing it to its limits with demanding games or high-resolution video streaming. With its powerful cooling system, the POCO F4 is among the best Xiaomi liquid cooling phone that delivers exceptional performance and speed, without any worry of overheating or lag.

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9. OnePlus 10 R 5G

OnePlus 10 R 5G

The OnePlus 10 R 5G takes cooling to a whole new level with its cutting-edge cooling technology. This device is engineered with a state-of-the-art liquid cooling system that keeps the phone cool even during the most demanding tasks. The innovative system uses a combination of liquid coolant and vapor chamber technology to dissipate heat away from the device’s internal components. This ensures that the phone’s performance remains consistently high and the device does not overheat.

10. Xiaomi POCO F3

Xiaomi POCO F3. 12 Best Liquid Cooling Phone List

The Xiaomi POCO F3 is among the other Xiaomi liquid cooling phone on this list and it has a cooling system that helps to prevent the device from overheating. The LiquidCool Technology 1.0 Plus system in the POCO X3 Pro is an advanced cooling system that allows the phone to stay cool during extended use, even while gaming or streaming high-quality videos. The coolant in this system evaporates, carrying the heat away, and condenses on a graphite sheet, which spreads the heat evenly and dissipates it into the air. This process ensures that the device stays cool even during heavy usage and helps Xiaomi liquid cooling phone to maintain optimal performance.

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11. Nubia RedMagic 7

Nubia RedMagic 7

One of the most unique features of Nubia RedMagic 7 is its advanced liquid cooling system, which helps to dissipate heat from the CPU and GPU during intensive gaming sessions. The system uses a combination of liquid and air cooling to keep the device running smoothly and prevent overheating. The liquid coolant is circulated through a heat sink and vapor chamber, which help to absorb and transport heat away from the components. The system is also equipped with a high-performance centrifugal fan that helps to move air across the components and further dissipate heat. With this advanced cooling system, the RedMagic 7 can deliver smooth and responsive gaming performance, even during extended play sessions.

12. Samsung Galaxy M53 5G

Samsung Galaxy M53 5G

Samsung Galaxy M53 5G is another Samsung liquid cooling phone on our list. It comes with a vapor cooling chamber which is designed to keep the phone cool during long gaming sessions, allowing users to play for endless hours without worrying about overheating. This innovative cooling system ensures that the Samsung Galaxy M53 5G can perform optimally, even during high-intensity tasks such as gaming or video streaming, without any risk of overheating.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to the best liquid cooling phone for you on our liquid cooling phone list. If you have any queries or, suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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