21 Best Free Plagiarism Checker

As an act of theft, plagiarism by no means can be justified or glorified in any way. Whether it was an act of cognizance or just nescience behavior, the consequences considering the seriousness of this offense can be severe. The purpose of a plagiarism checker is to ensure that the user’s work does not quaff any sort of plagiarism. As a result of the current need, we have listed some of the best free plagiarism checker for you. In this article, we have shown the list of best plagiarism checker online that fits your purpose and helps you to keep your integrity intact. Continue reading to know about the best plagiarism checker for research papers.

Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Best Free Plagiarism Checker

This software is an indispensable tool for anyone who values originality and wants to maintain the highest standards of professionalism in their work. To experience the peace of mind that comes when your content is free from plagiarism, let us go through the list of the best plagiarism checker software available.

1. Copyleaks


There is no doubt that Copyleaks ranks among one of the best plagiarism checker for research papers in the world. This top-rated software that comes highly recommended boasts an impressive ability to detect plagiarism with remarkable accuracy, thanks to its advanced AI-based text analysis technology. It also serves as a detailed report of instances of plagiarism with comprehensive information of its extensive scrutiny across its huge database of sources. Additionally, it creates an invaluable difference from others in its ability to detect not only user-conducted plagiarism but also content generated by AI, such as ChatGPT.

  • 99.12% accuracy in AI-generated content detection.
  • Scheduled recurring scans to ensure the safety of users’ content and prevent potential plagiarism.
  • Source code detection to check source code in multiple code languages such as JAVA, Python, C++, and many more.
  • Detects paraphrasing and other hard-to-detect forms of plagiarism.
  • Enables scanning of files in various formats.
  • API tool integration to detect plagiarized e-learning content
  • MS Office add-on
  • Not just for research purposes, but can be used in multiple sectors.
  • Current Plans and Price:
Plans Price Pages Plan Type
Free $0 USD 10  
Paid $9.16 USD/month 1200 Annually
  $20.82/month 3000 Annually
  $34.16/month 6000 Annually
  $63.32/month 12000 Annually
  $154.16/month 30000 Annually
  $291.66/month 60000 Annually
  $566.66/month 120000 Annually
Custom 120000 +

2. Quetext

Quettext. 21 Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Any plagiarism checker serves the crucial purpose of protecting the authenticity and integrity of a writer’s emotions and ideas that are conveyed through their words. This one of the best online plagiarism checker, Quetext stands out among one of best plagiarism checker for research papers in this regard. With advanced technologies like DeepSearch technology to not just analyze the similarity of words or sentences but also the context and theme, this plagiarism checker efficiently eases the process of detection.

  • Lightspeed recognition guarantees a swift and precise detection of plagiarism.
  • Three-step detection process: Contextual Analysis > Fuzzy Matching > Conditional Scoring
  • Extensive database of internet sources to verify the text being checked.
  • Accurate plagiarism results with overall score and percentage of possible plagiarism.
  • ColourGrade Feedback system highlights types of matches with different colors, i.e., exact, and near-exact matches.
  • Cite Source feature generates citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago formats.
  • Current Plans and Price:
Plans Price Pages (Words) Number of Users
Free $0 USD 1 page (500 words)
Essential $10.49 USD/year 200 pages (100,000 words) 5
Essential $71.99 USD/year 200 pages (100,000 words) 5
Professional $20.99 USD/year 500 pages (250,000 words) 2 ($3/month for additional)
Professional $143.99 USD/year 500 pages (250,000 words) 2 ($3/month for additional)
Enterprise $52.49 USD/month 1000 pages (500,000 words) 5 ($3/month for additional)
Enterprise $359.99 USD/year 1000 pages (500,000 words) 5 ($3/month for additional)

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3. Viper


Viper plagiarism checker comes with an easy and interactive user interface, mostly considered among the best plagiarism checker online. The scanning process is very detailed, as marketed by the developers and after scrutinizing the document of a user, the checker provides a review report.

  • Three steps check: Upload, Scan, and Compare.
  • Database with over 10 billion sources to scan against, which includes web sources, books, papers, PDFs, journals, etc.
  • Faster scan for plagiarism, takes less than 30 seconds.
  • Highlights matching content with cited sources as well.
  • Individual match score and overall score in plagiarism report.
  • Supports scanning texts in 56 global languages.
  • Documents in multiple formats such as Word document, PDF, Google Docs and more can be uploaded.
  • Also supports PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Can also detect self-plagiarism.
  • No subscription is required; users can pay for individual works using credits.
  • Current Plans and Price: $3.95 USD/one credit; $9.85 USD/three credits; $14.50 USD/five credits; $26.30 USD/ten credits; $39.50 USD/twenty credits; $66.00 USD/fifty credits
  • Each credit = 5000 words (30,000 characters); One document of 10,000 words requires 2 credits and two documents of 5,000 words in total require 2 credits as well.

4. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools

After a thorough evaluation of the multitude of factors and features in search of one of best free plagiarism checker online currently available, we stumbled on Small SEO Tools. The comprehensive and user-friendly platform, somewhat similar in looks to that of Search Engine Reports, for effortless scanning asserts complete reliability for writers and freelancers against any instances of plagiarism.

  • Direct paste or upload from local storage, Google Drive, or Dropbox in DOC; TXT; PDF, and many more formats.
  • Quick utility generates plagiarism reports in seconds.
  • Simple procedure to download and share report.
  • Multi-platform support, i.e., Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or macOS.
  • Cites matching sources with highlights duplicates and plagiarized sections.
  • Extensive database with billions of web pages being sourced.
  • Built-in automatic rewriting tool ensures to paraphrase of plagiarized sections.
  • URL integration and exclusion
  • Multilingual support
  • WordPress Plugin to directly check for plagiarism before posting on WordPress.
  • Current Plans and Price:
Plans Price Total Words Total Pages Users
Free $0 USD 1000
Basic I $9.80 USD 25000 83 00
Basic II $9.80 USD 60000 200 02
Basic III $9.80 USD 100000 333 03
Basic IV $9.80 USD 160000 533 04
Classic $9.80 USD 62500 208 02
Classic I $9.80 USD 125000 416 04
Classic II $9.80 USD 187500 640 06
Classic III $9.80 USD 250000 1040 09
Enterprise $9.80 USD 90000 300 02
Enterprise I $9.80 USD 180000 600 05
Enterprise II $9.80 USD 345000 1150 10
Enterprise III $9.80 USD 510000 1700 15
Institute I $9.80 USD 530000 1767 15
Institute II $9.80 USD 900000 3000 20
Institute III $9.80 USD 1456000 4853 25
Institute IV $599.80 USD 2220000 7400 30

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5. iThenticate

iThenticate. 21 Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Another one of best online plagiarism checker is iThenticate. It is unparalleled when the concern is to determine as best plagiarism checker for research papers for professional works. Even though its services are paid, the output they result in is significant and worth every penny spent. iThenticate’s partnership with Crossref enables a magnum of sources that makes it global trust for research papers, publishers, academicians, and scholars as well.

  • Database of over 99 billion active and archived web pages, more than 200 million content products like articles, books, encyclopedia, conference proceedings, abstracts, and much more.
  • Over 89 million academic materials and 56,000 scientific, technical, medical journals from scholars, and 200,000 US law reviews is their weapon that scans every tad and bit of any given document against their sources.
  • Inclusive similarity report with highlighted matches and panel of sources.
  • Current plans and price: Single: $100.00 USD/1 document credit (25,000 words); Multiple: $300.00 USD/3 document credits or 75,000 words, Organization: Custom quote

6. Grammarly


Grammarly is no longer an unknown name among professionals who seek execution in the field of content or original documentation in institutions and businesses, thanks to its solid marketing strategies. Grammarly’s reputation precedes it as a reliable tool for enhancing writing skills. This is because of its solid grammar grip over the language, readability inspection ability, the definition of the tone a particular statement seems to appear, and even for plagiarism detection. By far, one of the most trusted, and unquestionably, not just the best free plagiarism checker and paid as well, it is also one of the best plagiarism checker for research papers.

  • Massive database of more than 16 billion webpages and ProQuest databases
  • Advanced algorithm examines the document even for the smallest traces of plagiarism and speeds up the scanning process
  • Can be used for academic purposes for essays, research work, case studies, review works, and more
  • Trusted by over 600 universities, as claimed by the company
  • Comprehensive plagiarism report can be downloaded as PDF
  • Documented style scanning
  • Multi-platform availability
  • Current Plans and Price:
Plans Plan Type Price per Month
Free   $0 USD
Premium for Individuals Annual $12.00 USD/month
  Quarterly $20.00 USD/month
  Monthly $30.00 USD/month
Grammarly Business for Teams Monthly $15.00 USD/month/member

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7. Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports plagarism checker webpage

Plagiarism in all cases undermines the value and steals the uniqueness of research and production. Unfortunately, there are instances where this unethical behavior goes unnoticed and undetected. To combat this, Search Engine Reports offers a wide range of features if you are looking for some of the best plagiarism checker for students. With a handle-with-ease and a free tool, you can scan up to 1000 words for plagiarism. Simply paste the text in the box provided and click on Check Plagiarism. It’s that simple. Below are some key features of this one of the best online plagiarism checker.

  • Accurate and reliable plagiarism results with percentages and sources highlighted.
  • Database compares scanned text to billions of web pages.
  • Plagiarism checker tool supports over 17 languages.
  • Does not save any content searched using the tool.
  • Upload documents directly from the PC or Dropbox.
  • Scan against any particular URL.
  • Exclude up to 5 URLs from being matched as sources.
  • Plagiarism report can be downloaded as PDF.
  • Integration of paraphrasing tool and Grammarly.
  • Current Plans and Price:
Plans Duration Price Words per Search Total Words
Silver Weekly $4 USD 5000 10000
  Monthly $10 USD 5000 35000
  Quarterly $25 USD 5000 100000
  Yearly $89 USD 5000 400000
Gold Weekly $7 USD 10000 20000
  Monthly $20 USD 10000 70000
  Quarterly $50 USD 10000 200000
  Yearly $178 USD 10000 800000
Platinum Weekly $14 USD 20000 40000
  Monthly $40 USD 20000 140000
  Quarterly $100 USD 20000 400000
  Yearly $356 USD 20000 1600000
Diamond Weekly $20 USD 30000 60000
  Monthly $60 USD 30000 210000
  Quarterly $150 USD 30000 600000
  Yearly $534 USD 30000 2400000

8. EduBirdie

EduBirdie. 21 Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Edubirdie aces it as a platform considering the hunt for the best plagiarism checker for research papers. Ultimately it is a writing aid for students who want to put the class of nails into their work, as the app can help a user in editing, grammar check, readability, and also in rewriting a piece of text in an improved manner.

  • The AI-based plagiarism checker generates an inclusive report with an average score for the text and similarity percentage in comparison with the matched sources.
  • It also lists down the sources to help the user to verify and make appropriate changes to fix any type of plagiarism.
  • Built-in-citation generator quotes plagiarized content and creates a bibliography list.
  • Exclusion of sources feature also accessible.
  • Users can upload a file or paste text up to 10000 words for scanning.
  • Cloud uploading using Google Drive or Dropbox is also possible.

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9. PlagiarismDetector.net


In the company of the best free plagiarism checker, PlagiarismDetector.net is a compulsive addition that can detect plagiarism for free for content up to 1000 words at once. With gorgeous features and functional standards like any other detection software, this works with:

  • Quick and Deep search
  • Colour coded highlights in report with plagiarism percentage and sources and can be downloaded in PDF.
  • Multilingual support with over 150 languages included
  • Multiple file formats and multiple files support.
  • Lexical frequencies technology to reduce the time of response
  • Word choice examination and comparison with sources
  • Contextual analysis for matching phrases
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Phrase rewriter for English
  • Current Plans and Price:
Plans Price
Free $0 USD
Individual $5.00 USD/week
  $20.00 USD/month
  $30.00 USD/year
Institute $11.00 USD/week
  $50.00 USD/month
  $220.00 USD/year
Enterprise $17.00 USD/week
  $90.00 USD/month
  $330.00 USD/year

10. Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X. 21 Best Free Plagiarism Checker

The Plagiarism Checker X software is designed to cater to the needs of research scholars, students and teachers, bloggers, writers, content creators, publishers, SEO experts, website owners, and managers who are mandated to keep a check on the free-from-plagiarism status of their content intact before submitting or publishing in order to debar from its negative consequences.

  • Software compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Windows Vista.
  • Scans files in multiple formats like Microsoft Word Documents, Spreadsheets, PDFs, and many more.
  • Supports over 50 languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, and more.
  • Side by side comparison of the two documents and highlights original and duplicate content.
  • Bulk comparison to scan whole batch of documents with a single click.
  • Website plagiarism checker to verify the quality of content before publishing.
  • Quotes and bibliography identification and exclusion
  • Inclusive reports with highlighted matches.
  • Current Plans and Price:
Plans Price Number of Users
Basic $0 USD or Rs.0
Professional $39.95 USD or Rs.2499 1
Business 147.95 USD or Rs.11299 5



This is not just for those looking for one of the best plagiarism checker software but PREPOSTSEO comprises over 95 free online tools that help users from the field of content creation, academics, media and communication, and many more. The Plagiarism Checker is a great tool that detects stolen content and derives the source as well.

  • Deep-search technology
  • Supports documents in various formats
  • Can exclude specific URLs, quotes
  • The report consists of the percentage of plagiarism, including paraphrasing percentage, and percentage of originality
  • Matches the exact line and phrase and also lists the matched sources against whom plagiarism is detected
  • Real-time word count calculation
  • Guarantees security
  • Sentence rewriter to rephrase plagiarized content
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Also available as a plugin for WordPress, as API, as Chrome Extension, etc

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12. CopyScape

CopyScape. 21 Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Another best online plagiarism checker software is CopyScape. This trustable tool keeps the head high in terms of scanning and identification of plagiarized content for website owners and content buyers.

  • Secures search engine rankings and from copyright infringement issues for content buyers before publishing any content on their website.
  • Copysentry tool tracks and scans data all over the internet daily to detect any copies of the website owner’s original content and sends an email to user on detection of any.
  • Free plagiarism warning banners for websites and a comparison tool.
  • Offline scan by copy and paste
  • Upload file in PDF or Word document
  • One-time scan up to 10,000 pages with Batch Search.

13. PlagScan


PlagScan is an easy-to-use yet feature-rich and one of the best plagiarism checker for research papers. Users can upload a file from the computer, or the cloud, or simply by copying it from the source and pasting it on the checker. Just a couple of clicks, and you’ll be able to verify the originality of any work whatsoever.

  • Plagiarism Level reveals the percentage of similarity detected between texts with a complete list of sources matched.
  • The Plagiarism Prevention Pool scans newly submitted documents with web sources as well as internal sources within the database, including documents already submitted by other clients, and highlights any matches for easy reference.
  • Offline export and share plagiarism report as a Word or PDF document.
  • Self-plagiarism detection against the user’s own documents.
  • Detects obfuscation techniques such as adding characters or white numbers instead of spaces, mixing Cyrillic letters with Latin letters, etc.
  • Privacy and security ensured. 
  • Current Plans and Price:
Price Pages Words
$5.99 USD 6000 words 24 pages
$12.99 USD 17,500 words 70 pages
$24.99 USD 40,000 words 160 pages
$49.99 USD 100,000 words 400 pages

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14. PlagiarismCheck.org


PlagiarismCheck.org is known for its advanced algorithm and extensive database that uplifts the versatility and over 8 years of credibility as one of the best plagiarism checker online. This software offers detection at both individual and organizational levels with 24*7 support. To keep the originality of one’s work intact, it works by considering –

  • Exact matches, i.e., duplicate content
  • Rearranged word order or whole structure of a sentence.
  • Matches found against sentences with substituted synonyms.
  • Checks changes in the voice of the sentence, i.e., active to passive and passive to active.
  • The software supports English and Spanish as interface languages and also serves integration with LMS: Google Classroom, Canvas, Google Docs Add-on, etc.
  • Current Plans and Price:

For Organization: Advanced ($1 USD/user); Pro (Custom Offer)

For Individual:

Plans Price Number of Pages
Basic $5.99 USD 20
Light $9.99 USD 50
Standard $25.49 USD 150
Premium $45.49 USD 300

15. Duplichecker

Duplichecker. 21 Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Another one of Best free plagiarism checker software is Duplichecker. It offers another efficient plagiarism detection tool with all the optimal functions to detect any kind of plagiarism. Similar to most of the other best free plagiarism checker, this software also offers free scanning for up to 1000 words. Users can directly copy their text and then they can paste it into the text box to start a scan.

  • Supports 7 document formats.
  • Plagiarized: Unique content ratio in percentage.
  • Make it a unique button to resolve plagiarism.
  • Protects privacy and security of content.
  • AI-based technology detects minor traces of plagiarism and also paraphrasing.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Huge database with millions of sources.
  • Highlights duplicated content and grammar errors.
  • Current Plans & Price:
Plans Duration Price Word Count Range
Basic II to Basic X Weekly $5 USD to $21 USD 10000 to 54600
  Monthly $10 USD to $50 USD 30000 to 210000
  Yearly $110 USD to $500 USD 360000 to 2520000
Pro I to Pro X Weekly $23 USD to $41 USD 59800 to 106600
  Monthly $55 USD to $100 USD 239000 to 600000
  Yearly $550 USD to $1000 USD 2868000 to 7200000
Institute I to Institute X Monthly $105 USD to $150 USD 630000 to 900000
  Yearly $1050 USD to $1500 USD 7560000 to 10800000
Enterprise I to Enterprise X Monthly $155 USD to $200 USD 930000 to 1200000
  Yearly $1550 USD to $2000 USD 11160000 to 14400000

16. Scribbr

Scribbr. 21 Best Free Plagiarism Checker

For people who are a part of any academic institution and are in need of the best plagiarism checker for students, Scribbr serves all their needs. Even though it is widely used by teachers and students for educational purposes, the software does not limit its role and can be extensively used by others, such as bloggers and copywriters as well.

  • Detects duplication of content, i.e., complete or direct plagiarism as well as patchwork and use of synonyms to swap words.
  • Impeccable database of nearly 99 billion webpages, and 8 million publications in over 20 languages.
  • Comparison against unpublished work to detect self-plagiarism.
  • Privacy is ensured as the content is never saved on the clouds.
  • Downloadable reports and live-chat with plagiarism experts.
  • Current Plans and Price:
Document Type Price Word Count
Small Document $19.95 USD Up to 7499
Regular Document $29.95 USD 7500 to 49,999
Large Document $39.95 USD 50,000 +

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17. Unicheck


Unicheck does not stand in the list of best plagiarism checker for research papers. However, the paid software is an excellent tool to determine any sort of plagiarism conducted in the document being scrutinized. The interface is just as intriguing and simple as the software is in detecting replications between the scanned text and the sources matched.

  • Easy-to-use and reliable tool
  • 99.9% system uptime as claimed by the company
  • Generates plagiarism reports with clickable sources, color highlights, and much more after detecting more than 91 billion current and archived web pages and library files
  • Encrypted texts to assure the security of documents
  • Personal dashboard and API integration
  • Add-ons for Google Docs, G Suite, Office 365, and Google Chrome extension
  • Current Plans and Price:
Plan Price Page count
Personal and Business $5 USD 20
  $10 USD 50
  $15 USD 100
  $30 USD 250
  $50 USD 500
  $80 USD 1000
  $140 USD 2000
  $600 USD 10000
  Custom Price 10,000 pages +
K-12 & Higher Education Custom Price  

18. Plagium

Plagium. 21 Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Plagium is a basic plagiarism checker but is functional and works just fine in every fundamental aspect for any plagiarism detection task. It is also one of the best online plagiarism checker. It has different levels of analysis. Users can enter text up to 1000 characters in the text box.

  • Quick Search level charges $2 USD/page to detect direct plagiarism sources on their database
  • In-depth plagiarism check with Deep Search at $4 USD/page. It also ensures file uploading.
  • Comparison of two files through File Search at $0.30 USD/page
  • Plans and Price: Prepaid plans for top-up with bonus and monthly plans with bonus also available for separate word count targets. Check the Plagium pricing page for plans, terms, and conditions
Price/Month Free Bonus Number of Characters
$199.99 $40.00 29,99,875
$99.99 $18.00 14,74,875
$24.99 $3.00 3,49,875
$9.99 $1.50 1,43,625

19. Plagramme


Next on the list of best plagiarism checker for students is Plagramme. This one of the best plagiarism checker for research papers scans hundreds of pages in one go to detect plagiarism against its database of more than 80 million articles to detect almost all types of plagiarism. Ultimately, it also provides scores based on the similarity of the content that is plagiarized, rates the risk of plagiarism, determines the percentage of paraphrasing, the percentage of improper citations, and the number of matched parts in the document scanned.

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20. Plagiarisma


Another one of the best plagiarism checker online is Plagiarisma. It is a basic plagiarism detection tool, a free online platform that is available on Windows, Android, and the Web. It detects direct plagiarism and copyright infringement. While users do not need to sign in to use the tool, there are a few advantages for registered users.

  • Free version to use the checker and submit documents up to three times a day.
  • Check work against specific URLs.
  • File types supported include TXT, HTML, and RTF, among others.
  • Searches in over 190 languages.
  • Because its scope for non-registered users is very narrow, it is not the best free plagiarism checker, but it works decently for all users.
  • Current Plans and Price:
Price Number of Scans Number of Users at One Time
$5/day 100 25
$25/month Unlimited 1
$35/quarter Unlimited 1
$65/half-yearly Unlimited 1

21. PlagTracker


If you cannot afford to invest in any of the above plagiarism detection software, PlagTracker is among the best plagiarism checker for research papers with all the usable features of any other paid software. With its unique algorithm, this tool detects for any form of cheating in the text pasted or the files uploaded for scanning.

  • Database of more than 20 million web pages and academic works.
  • Online tool with no complexities to use.
  • Detailed analysis report with the percentage of plagiarism and cited sources.
  • Supports 6 different languages.
  • Widely used by Students, Teachers, Publishers, and Site Owners.


It is important to get your work scanned by plagiarism detection software, to determine any instances of plagiarism in its work and take corrective action before it’s too late. With this, we end the article. We hope that this doc could guide you on the best free plagiarism checker online fit for your purpose. If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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