19 Best Free AI Story Generator Tools

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can write a fairy tale in a few minutes. Therefore, you do not have to sit for days in a hotel to think about the movie plot. If you also want to use best free AI story generator but do not know which one you should use, you are on the right page. In this guide, we will tell you about AI story generator free. So, please keep reading to learn about AI story generator based on prompt.

19 Best Free AI Story Generator Tools

Best Free AI Story Generator Tools

Artificial intelligence will make our life easy as you can complete a month-long task in a few days with its help. Moreover, you can also write short funny shorties with the use of best free AI story generators. In this guide, you will learn about the 19 best AI Story generator free. So, without further ado, let us get started!

1. Rytr


Rytr is an AI-powered writing assistant that uses natural language processing. Apart from this, it uses machine learning to help users generate content quickly and easily. Moreover, it is an easy-to-use software.


  • It offers a variety of tools for content creation, including a text editor, idea generator, and AI writer.
  • Apart from this, it is one of best free AI story generator.
  • Also, it allows users to generate content for a range of purposes, including blog posts, social media posts, and marketing copy.
  • You can shorten a sentence on Rytr.
  • Rytr has a built-in plagiarism checker. So, you can check the plagiarism there only.
  • Furthermore, it offers integration with famous platforms like HubSpot, WordPress, and Shopify, making it easy to incorporate AI-generated content into your existing workflows.
  • Rytr uses an adaptive algorithm that learns from the users writing style and preferences over time, allowing it to generate more accurate and personalized content suggestions.
  • You can write ads for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many more social media platforms.
  • It allows you to write SEO optimized meta titles.
  • In addition to this, it supports more than 30 languages.
  • With the help of Rytr, you can write 1000 words in just fifteen minutes.

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2. NovelAI

NovelAI. 19 Best Free AI Story Generator

If you are looking for an AI story generator online, go for NovelAI. It is an Artificial Intelligence-powered writing tool. It will help you in generating new ideas. Moreover, it will assist you in writing draft stories.


  • It employs natural language processing and machine learning to analyze the written text and create ideas and a storyline.
  • Apart from this, the story that you have written on it is encrypted. So, your writings are secure.
  • NovelAI allows you to edit fonts, sizes and the colour theme.
  • Even for people who are unskilled with writing or Artificial Intelligence technology, the platform is intended to be simple to use and accessible.
  • The standard and uniqueness of writing ultimately depend on your talent and imagination.
  • The best part of the discussed tool is that you can create custom characters, settings, and plotlines, and the tool will generate writing based on those topics.
  • The Adventure Text Module is the most enjoyable feature of this tool.
  • A free trial is also available.

3. DeepStory


Another on the list is DeepStory. As the name of DeepStory suggests, it will assist you in writing dramas. It was initially created in 2017 by ScriptBook. It stands out as a distinctive and potent script generator. Moreover, it can give authors a unique substitute for conventional GPT-powered narrative generators that could lack the specificity and complexity that the discussed platform offers.


  • It can assist authors in creating detailed, complicated characters that connect with readers.
  • The social media share button is also there.
  • You may create an engaging screenplay or movie with the aid of a discussed tool that has the potential to win an Oscar.
  • DeepStory is not one of best free AI story generator. But it is a great AI story generator based on prompt.
  • Artificial intelligence assisted composition has the potential to revolutionize the publishing industry, whether you are a seasoned author or a newcomer trying to break in.
  • The Autosave feature is also there. Therefore, you do not have to do it manually.
  • You can download the poem, story, and passage in PDF format.
  • Starting from scratch, you can compose your script as Artificial Intelligence assists you in including dialogue, actions, and more.
  • You can use the Oscar-winning sample.
  • Premium Price: €12.99/month. But a free trial is also available.

4. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI. 19 Best Free AI Story Generator

Another best AI story generator based on prompt is ShortlyAI. As the name of it suggests, it is an AI-powered writing tool. It uses GPT-3, a state-of-the-art-language model developed by OpenAI. Moreover, it helps you generate high-quality written content.


  • Text editor, AI writer and idea generator are some of the tools that are offered by ShortlyAI.
  • It uses an adaptive algorithm that learns from the user writing style and preferences over time. Therefore, it generates more accurate and personalized content suggestions.
  • Also, it offers integration with some famous platforms, including WordPress, Google Docs and Shopify.
  • Furthermore, it is a powerful tool for authors and content creators who are looking to streamline their content creation process.
  • Apart from this, it helps you in saving time. Thus, it will increase your efficiency.
  • The best part of ShortlyAI is that it is an easy to use tool.
  • It offers you a distraction-free interface.
  • You can use commands like /expand, /rewrite and /shorten to create perfect sentences.
  • Videos that will explain how to use it are also available on its platform.
  • Price: $65 per month. Though it is not one of best free AI story generator, you should give it a try.

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5. Jasper


With the help of Jasper, you can write 10,000 words for free. So, it is also one of best free AI story generator. To come up with story or blog subject ideas and content, you can use pre-made templates like a creative story or blog post outline. Jasper is an AI story generator online.


  • You can have more control over what Jasper writes by using commands.
  • Its AI art generator will provide you with pictures for the story.
  • Jasper Facebook group is also there. Therefore, you can join it to learn tips and tricks.
  • Jasper can have a more difficult learning curve because it allows users more significant influence over the AI than many other AI story generator free. Fortunately, plenty of resources are available, such as Jasper Bootcamp and Jasper Facebook group, to help you quickly catch up.
  • It is a AI story generator online.
  • If you are using Boss Mode, you can give Jasper some basic story information and provide a command to instruct it to create an outline.
  • Apart from this, it generates high-quality content.

6. InferKit

InferKit. 19 Best Free AI Story Generator

For text generators based on Artificial Intelligence, InferKit provides a web interface and API. There is something for everyone, whether you are an application developer or a writer seeking inspiration.


  • It has a user-friendly UI.
  • If you give the generator a longer prompt, it will not start at the beginning because it can only understand a specific amount of text at once (currently, at most 3000 characters).
  • To get the neural network to generate additional text, start by writing some text, and then click Produce Text or press Tab.
  • InferKit is suitable for light usage because you are allowed to write up to 10,000 characters every week for free.
  • InferKit differs from comparable programmes in that you cannot give it textual instructions or a specific tone of voice.
  • Moreover, there are no templates or tools available for reframing, streamlining, or extending text.
  • Furthermore, a few sophisticated options are provided by InferKit for controlling AI writing.
  • InferKit often performs an excellent job of picking up stories where you leave off and learns from your input.
  • Its basic plan costs $20 per month, and its premium plan costs $60 per month.

7. Copy.ai


You can write 2000 words per month for free on Copy.ai. It is an artificial intelligence writing tool that creates writing that resembles that of a person using deep learning algorithms. Product descriptions, emails, blog entries, social media posts, and other sorts of written content can all be produced with the help of the discussed tool.


  • It analyses the text using a GPT-3 language model.
  • Moreover, it creates new content depending on the pattern it finds.
  • You can educate the AI in your own unique ways with the Freestyle tool. It will create a better tale if you provide it with more precise details.
  • By automating the writing process, it is intended to assist marketers, copywriters, and business owners in saving time and effort.
  • Every AI-written tale needs some editing, though some require more than others. However, because Copy.ai consistently produces well-written content, you may need to do less editing.
  • Copy.ai is an AI story generator based on prompt.
  • It offers alternatives with shorter and longer outputs, unlike some tools that produce outputs that are all roughly the same length.
  • There are further uses for the freestyle tool, which is accessible via the short story template. You can compose lengthier stories using a different template or altering the freestyle tool input.

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8. AI-Writer

AI-Writer The next on the list of AI story generator online is AI-Writer. The story you write using the discussed tool will be unique and original. Moreover, the text generated via it will be SEO-friendly. AI-Writer is not one of best free AI story generator. However, it is one of the best paid tool.


  • No one will know that you have used AI-Writer for creating content, as no detectable watermark is added to the content.
  • The best part about it is that it cites the source that it uses for content creation.
  • With the help of the discussed tool, you can write articles on any topic.
  • You can rewrite an article with the help of an AI-Writer.
  • AI-Writer is easy to use as you have to type the topic, and the rest will be done by it.
  • Because of the source audit trail, fact-checking a non-fiction piece will require less time upfront.
  • Tutorials are also available on its website.
  • It will reduce the content cost and increase the profit margins for your company.
  • Its Basic plan costs $29 per month, its premium plan costs $59 per month, and its power plan costs $375 per month.

9. Writecream

Writecream. 19 Best Free AI Story Generator

If storytelling is a part of your company marketing strategy, the Writecream AI writer may be a beneficial tool. However, it is mainly used for marketing content and copy.


  • You can write personalized cold emails with the help of Writecream.
  • It can help you in writing an introduction.
  • Apart from this, it can create outlines and write full stories.
  • Moreover, you can create an outline, introduction, and story in only four simple steps rather than using numerous separate templates.
  • A paragraph generator is also there.
  • Furthermore, a plagiarism checker is also there.
  • You can expand and rewrite a sentence using Writecream.
  • It also has a paraphrasing tool.
  • You can quickly turn your imagination into beautiful artwork and captivating new visuals with Writecream ART.
  • You can write a personalized message on LinkedIn with the help of Writecream.
  • Video tutorials are also there.
  • A free plan is also there. So, it is one of AI story generator free.

10. Plot Generator

Plot Generator

With the help of Plot Generator, you can write a fairy tale, meme, short story, movie script, picture book, story ideas, opening line, twist, headlines, drabble, and many more things.


  • It has a name generator, character generator, dating profile generator, song lyrics generator, letter generator and poem generator.
  • With the help of Plot Generator, you can create a plot line by line.
  • You can write a romantic plot in a few seconds with its help.
  • Apart from this, you can post your fairy tale to the Plot Generator website if you want people to read it and vote on it.
  • Its suggest feature can be helpful for you.
  • The majority of writing tools either offer brief templates that you must fill out or ask you to type one or two lines of text before producing AI content. But Plot Generator requires you to fill out a lengthy form.
  • Plot Generator is one of best free AI story generator.

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11. Writesonic


Writesonic is one of AI story generator based on prompt. Based on your inputs, it often performs a fantastic job of including pertinent data and realistic scenarios. Apart from this, it writes in a natural and exciting manner.


  • To improve clicks, conversions, and sales, create SEO-optimized marketing text for blogs, essays, Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, Quora answers, and sales emails.
  • It allows you to post to your blog quickly. So, there is no need to copy and paste if you are a WordPress user.
  • It has various tools, such as a paraphraser, expander and shortener.
  • Also, it helps you generate new ideas.
  • You can also give a voice command.
  • It can detect your tone.
  • No templates or tools are available for rewriting or enlarging document sections.
  • Chatsonic AI chat helper also serves as your AI art generator.
  • Writesonic is an easy to use tool.
  • Its Long-form plan costs $12.67 per month

12. Simplified

Simplified. 19 Best Free AI Story Generator

The next on the list is Simplified. On Simplified, you can add any AI-generated text you desire with a single click to your long-form document. Moreover, if you are looking for a tool that helps you save time and money, go for it.


  • It has a magic resizer.
  • Apart from this, it has a design tool, background remover and brand kits.
  • It offers hundreds of free professional templates.
  • With the help of Simplified, you can create a professional video.
  • The content written by it will be plagiarism free.
  • It is an AI story generator online.
  • Moreover, it can generate plots in seconds.
  • It allows you to connect with Shopify and other apps.
  • Real-time collaboration is also possible.
  • The short form assistant 30 presets or templates can also be helpful. Yet because it comes with templates for titles, introductions, outlines, and more, the long-form writer is excellent for fleshing out a story essential components.
  • Simplified is one of best free AI story generator.

13. Scalenut


Scalenut is a tale generator that aids in improving your storytelling. It employs natural language processing to recognize a story essential components and provides you with prompts to respond to.


  • It has a content optimizer and automatic grammar correction tool.
  • If you want a tool that provides quality content, go for Scalenut.
  • With the help of Scalenut, you can write an article in less than 5 minutes.
  • Scalenut will help you in saving time.
  • Chrome extension is also available.
  • You can come up with fresh story ideas or enhance existing ones using Scalenut.
  • Apart from this, it can be used to experiment with several storylines and see which one works best.
  • Moreover, a feedback loop is also there. It gives you immediate feedback on how you are doing when authoring tales and receiving user input.
  • Price: $39 per month

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Another on the list is CLOSERS COPY. It is a content generation tool. Apart from this, it uses AI, so CLOSERS COPY is one of the best AI story generator online. Moreover, it helps you generate fresh concepts and plotlines.


  • It can assist you in coming up with characters, stories, and even language.
  • Furthermore, the more you use CloserCopy, the better it grows at developing fresh story concepts because it is always learning.
  • CLOSERS COPY has a user-friendly interface.
  • Its Power plan costs $49.99 per month

15. StoryLab.ai

StoryLab.ai. 19 Best Free AI Story Generator

Another best free AI story generator is StoryLab.ai. StoryLab.ai is an excellent tool if you want to write an introduction for your tales. Moreover, it can help you determine the best title for your story. StoryLab.ai is an easy to use tool as you just have to tell it what you want to write by giving it general ideas.


  • It can write captions for your social media post.
  • Furthermore, it can assist you in composing quality emails.
  • Additionally, it can help you in writing advertisement descriptions.
  • You can select a writing style on StoryLab.ai.
  • Its Starter plan costs $5 per month, and its Pro plan costs $15 per month.

16. Sudowrite


Sudowrite provides authors with beneficial keywords, synonyms, and other writing advice by utilizing machine learning and natural language processing algorithms. In addition, it delivers automated keyword ideas and insights into reader reactions. It is powered by Chat GPT-3 algorithm variations and proprietary narrative processors.


  • By studying responses to written content, authors can modify their works to serve their target audiences better.
  • Sudowrite comes in the list of best free AI story generator.
  • For writers who want to write more quickly and easily, Sudowrite is the ideal instrument.
  • A free trial is available for Sudowrite.
  • Additionally, its extensive library of resources guarantees that you have all the assistance you need to write excellent books in any language.
  • Its user-friendly interface makes crafting engrossing stories a pleasure.

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17. Sassbook


Another AI story generator based on prompt is Sassbook. It assists in finding the perfect keywords. It helps you create a new, distinctive narrative quickly.


  • Sassbook will help you in writing fiction faster.
  • Also, it will help you produce a precise, unique tale that frequently sparks fresh AI-driven ideas.
  • To ensure that you always remain productive, the Sassbook works nonstop to produce a variety of options for you to select from or be inspired by.
  • It has a paraphrasing tool, headline generator, content generator, story writer and summarizer.
  • Sassbook comes in the list of best free AI story generator.

18. Canva


With Canva AI story generator, you can unleash your inner storyteller. You can use Canva Docs Magic Write to get ideas for stories, plot twists, and genre-defying possibilities for your next piece of writing.


  • You can write a funny short story with the help of Canva.
  • It is one of the best AI story generator based on prompt.
  • It is compatible with web browsers, PC, mobile and tablets.
  • Additionally, it has everything that you need for writing.
  • You download your work in PDF format.
  • Canva uses a machine learning model.

19. ToolBaz.com

ToolBaz.com. 19 Best Free AI Story Generator

The next on the list is ToolBaz.com. It uses artificial intelligence. ToolBaz.com has a user-friendly interface. You have to enter the specific details, and it will generate a tale around that.


  • ToolBaz.com is intended to be a valuable resource for anyone trying to come up with fresh story ideas or to rewrite existing stories completely.
  • You can write a LinkedIn bio, job description, blog intro, meta description, Quora answer, plot, thesis statement, blog, book title, poem, product description, email, tales, and many more things with its help.
  • A free trial is also available.


We hope our doc has informed you well about best free AI story generator. You can use any of the above-mentioned AI story generator free to write an exciting fairy tale. So let us know about your favorite tool, and leave your queries or suggestions in the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn next.

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