Microsoft Threatens to Cut Off Rival AI Chatbots from Bing Data

Microsoft aggressive tactics and desperation in encouraging users to experience and continue to use its products is no longer unknown. In the event of a fierce competition on the horizon, taking an even bolder and unapologetic approach, Microsoft threatens to cut off rival AI chatbots from Bing data.

Microsoft Threatens to Cut Off Rival AI Chatbots from Bing Data

The market for AI chatbots and integration is on the rise, with more and more industry giants investing in their own chatbot development or partnering with Artificial Intelligence companies to incorporate AI advancements and abilities into their products. When it comes to web browsers, it’s no secret that Microsoft’s recent partnership with OpenAI to add AI chat to its Bing search engine and other products has caused a stir. Not to be outdone, Google has also announced the development of its own AI chatbot, Bard, now available for early access. In addition, Brave Search also introduced an AI summarizer tool this month, indicating that Microsoft may face challenges in retaining its existing users and attracting new ones in the face of stiff competition.

Bloomberg reports that Microsoft has threatened to prohibit and debar two separate Bing-powered search engines if the companies do not stop developing their own chatbots using the data collected by Microsoft. However, the report still had no specified mention of the warned companies, there are many search engines like Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and who rely on Bing.

Microsoft licenses websites like and DuckDuckGo to use Bing’s internet search data, which they ultimately use to improve the range and richness of their own search engine. Moreover, also came into news with its search engine YouChat 2.0 integrating AI apps. Apollo Global Management Inc’s DuckDuckGo also recently launched DuckAssist and other companies like Neeva also geared themselves up with NeevaAI that combine ChatGPT conversational structure with information collected from search engines.

Taking all that into account, Microsoft warns that at least two of its customers who have been licensed to use Bing search index use it to improve the performance and learning resources for their own chatbot which violates their terms and claims a breach of contract that can result in the tech giant expelling both the search engines from its platform.

While some may view Microsoft’s actions as ruthless, it is also imperative to note that competition being the fundamental aspect, Microsoft clearly is determined to dominate the AI chatbot market for its products. While this does not underscore their commitment to excellence, it will be interesting to see how after this hearsay that Microsoft threatens to cut off rival AI chatbots from Bing data, how and whether they will be able to keep up with the giant’s relentless pursuit of success and establish their presence in the competition.

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