26 Best AI Assistant for Android

In the era of technological breakthroughs, the evolution of artificial intelligence and its integration into software is a foreseen picture. While assistants have already uplifted the capabilities of smartphones, AI has resulted in a more intelligent one, you see a smarter smart. AI assistant, also known as a digital assistant, or virtual assistant is software that understands voice commands in natural language and generates responses accordingly. In this article, we will find out some of the best AI assistant for Android. We are sure that everyone now or then uses personal assistant apps on their phones. Let us find out the best personal assistant apps for Android.

26 Best AI Assistant for Android

Best AI Assistant for Android

Further in this article, we will see some of the top-notch virtual assistants that have integrated the power of artificial intelligence into them.

List of Best Personal Assistant apps for Android

The following are our top picks of personal assistant apps on Android OS that function and assist the users in performing basic to complex tasks under different genres like conversational activities, education, assistance to smart devices, image and audio creation, and more.

Note: Downloading third-party apps can be harmful to your device, so please do it at your own risk. We do not recommend downloading any third-party apps.

1. Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s exceptionally smart, cloud-based voice interactive virtual assistant, Amazon Alexa is one of the most popularly used AI assistants around the globe. Aside from its only drawback, its integration with Amazon’s services and compatibility with Amazon Fire and Amazon Echo devices, this features-rich assistant can be controlled via the Amazon Alexa app on Google Play Store.

  • The user can make phone calls from Alexa
  • Alexa-compatible smart devices like lights, plugs, switches, and many such gadgets can be controlled with a voice command. Not only that but also several other gadgets can be operated with a single command.
  • Alexa briefs about daily happenings and can read news, play radio stations, and play music from multiple platforms.
  • Alexa Guard for security is like someone taking care of your home in your absence.
  • The user can ask web-based questions.
  • Alexa follows instructions such as setting alarms, timers, and other versatile controls as well.

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2. Samsung Bixby

Samsung Bixby

Samsung launched its own virtual assistant for Samsung devices, Bixby in 2017 as a replacement for the S Voice assistant. Besides smartphones in the midrange and flagship categories, Samsung also offers Bixby on electronic appliances. Although it took a long time for Bixby to be popular against its competitors like Google Assistant for Android or Siri for iOS, currently it is one of the finest, most reliable, and loaded with functionalities assistants on the market, undoubtedly on the list of best personal assistant apps for Android.

  • Bixby is integrated into services like Bixby Home, Bixby Vision, Bixby Voice, and Bixby Routines offered by Samsung.
  • Answers all basic questions like the weather forecast, movie or show time, schedule, set reminders, and all the minimum functions a personal assistant offers.
  • That was just peanuts because Bixby can handle complex, two-step commands such as “create a playlist named listen to it and send it to Miss Listener on WhatsApp.”
  • If you think how much of a big deal that is, then let us introduce you to the Quick commands feature in Bixby that enables the assistant to perform multiple actions over a single command given to it. e.g., “open the camera app, enable night mode, set the aspect ratio to 3:4, and click a photo with a single command night shot.”
  • It can interact with all Samsung apps as well as third-party apps like Instagram, Gmail, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Bixby can also be used to translate texts using Bixby Vision.
  • Bixby’s interaction with SmartThings app on Samsung controls smart devices as well.

3. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant has always been the most powerful, most known, and one of best AI assistant for Android. Hey, Google. Google’s voice assistant with the power of Google in terms of richness and accuracy surpasses almost all the leading players.

  • The assistant offers obedient and accurate responses to all the questions asked by the user.
  • It also performs tasks like adding an event to the calendar, setting an appointment, and so on.
  • A good morning to Google Assistant can provide you with a summary of the weather conditions and forecasts, reminders, schedules, and appointments, and also read some news. You just need to grab that mug of coffee, because of course that service is still not available here.
  • It can send messages, use tools to perform any action like taking a screenshot or recording voice, changes the volume, turn on/off the flashlight, and a lot more.
  • In case the phone gets misplaced, find my phone feature in the assistant allows a user to ask any other Google Assistant device that runs the same Google account to ring the phone loudly.
  • Find quick answers, navigate maps, and a lot more.

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4. ELSA – Learn English Speaking

ELSA Learn English Speaking. Best AI assistant for Android

English Language Speech Assistant (ELSA) speaks is an interactive and engaging app that assists the user in improving English pronunciation using artificial intelligence. Would you need anything other than the best personal assistant apps for Android that guides you through the process of improving your language skills? That too without judging your proficiency in the language?

  • ELSA uses data in the form of voice samples of English-speaking people in different accents and recognizes the speech patterns of the ones who do not.
  • It listens to the pronunciation of words, sentences, or conversations of users and points out errors while also providing accurate feedback.
  • New topics every week and free assessment tests.

5. Fireflies


Fireflies app uses natural language processing technology that eliminates the hustle of note-taking for a user while he or she is actively and attentively engaged in a meeting. This assistant works in active integration with Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, and more official platforms widely used to channel calls and meetings. It detangles the process of teamwork in adding comments and marking specific parts of a call.

  • Users can instantly record live meetings.
  • Fireflies generates automated premium AI-generated meeting summaries and allows a user to search for specific keywords within the meetings using smart search filters.
  • The playback speeds include 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2x.
  • A user can download transcripts.
  • Currently, this software offers CRM, Zapier, Slack, and many other dialer integrations for sharing meeting data and transcripts for meeting-bot, and chrome extensions as well.
  • Team Insights helps the admins to track each member’s performance in different meetings.
  • Easy interaction between Fireflies and other platforms crowns it as one of the best AI assistant for Android, taking business tools into consideration.
  • Fireflies app is available for free. In addition to its features, the service offers three different categories of plans: Pro ($10 per seat per month billed annually), Business ($19 per seat per month billed annually), and Enterprise.

6. Fyle: Expense Reports

Fyle: Expense Reports. Best AI assistant for Android

Another one of the best personal assistant apps for Android is Fyle. It is an expense manager and tracker journal that enables users to manage their expenses in an intelligent manner. The expense management software regardless of the size of the business or industry helps users in keeping real-time tracks of all the financial transactions across departments, projects, and locations using Google Places API and streamlines the expense reporting and approval process.

  • Users can track expenses, receipts, mileage, and more with Fyle and keep a record of their travel and expense reports.
  • Real-time data extraction includes capturing a photo of the receipt using the app. Fyle scans and extracts the expense information.
  • This app eliminates the need for spreadsheets and manual work.
  • Real-time policy checks can be done and approved.
  • Fyle imports and syncs personal and corporate credit cards to ease expenses.
  • Global currency support is available for users as well.
  • Integration with Gmail, Office 365, and accounting integrations with Netsuite, QBO, Sage Intacct, and Xero.
  • A user can also request advances or even approve reports from anywhere using the mobile app.

7. Voice Assistant DataBot AI

Voice Assistant DataBot AI. 26 Best AI Assistant for Android

The DataBot assistant app happily makes its way to the best AI assistant for Android, taking productivity into consideration. This app answers users’ voice commands and addresses very pertinent topics by providing images, presentations, and other relevant information based on user-preferred topics using Google searches, Wikipedia, RSS channels, and more widely accessed informational sources. Also, it adapts user-provided information, accumulates it, and recognizes and recognizes the tools most commonly used by the user based on its capabilities.

  • Multi-platform support is provided for this app.
  • DataBot as its name implies enables fast identification of subjects and serves customized multimedia presentations including voice, text, and images on different topics and characters.
  • Aside from gossip, jokes, and riddles, this app’s voice pack friendliness extends to much more entertaining features.
  • The bot speaks multiple languages like English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, etc.
  • The app learns vocabulary words through chats with humans as Smart AI.
  • Users on this app can maintain a personal directory where they can save notes, set reminders and alarms, search for contacts, etc.

8. Extreme – Voice Assistant

Extreme Voice Assistant

Now that we are talking about AI-based personal assistants, Extreme is not among the finest and most versatile assistant services, but it has a few features that are loved by users.

  • It performs all elemental tasks like clicking a selfie, navigating, reading the news, and so on while ensuring privacy.
  • Extreme stores all the conversations between the user and the app securely and deletes them once the app is uninstalled.
  • Free download (Includes in-app purchases)

9. Socratic by Google

Socratic by Google. 26 Best AI Assistant for Android

Google’s Socratic is an educational app and for us one of the best AI assistant for Android considering its genre. The integration of artificial intelligence in this problem-solving app makes it easier for students to work on complicated assignments without stopping, but rather, makes it possible for them to clarify their doubts in the easiest way possible, so they can re-energize their efforts.

  • In addition, it provides learning resources that students can use to identify and solve key problems.
  • Students can also click a photo of a question on the app and allow Socratic to find answers.
  • Additionally, the app also provides videos relevant to detailed conceptual explanations directly from experts in each subject. Currently, it contains over 1000 guides on multiple topics.
  • Subjects include Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and literature.
  • Text and speech recognition.

10. Snipd Smart Podcast Player

Snipd Smart Podcast Player

Podcasts are often a pool of knowledge. As the name suggests, Snipd is a podcast player that integrates artificial intelligence to transcribe podcast content as well as also synchronizes it with note-taking apps. With Snipd, the user can discover and access the best podcast highlights and also can save, export, and share on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Reddit, and more.

  • Snipd has a TikTok-style feed for users to easily access podcast highlights from multiple genres.
  • This app has integrations with Notion, Readwise, Obsidian, Logseq, Bear, and much more. Real-time transcriptions of podcasts are possible on this app and can be added in notes, organized in collections, and also exported.
  • Snipd chapters separate each episode which is easier for users to navigate with the title and additionally users can also search for moments in podcasts.

11. Replika: My AI Friend

Replika: My AI Friend

Replika: My AI Friend is a chatbot companion app that helps a user in building a non-judgmental, compassionate AI-based virtual friend that conducts conversation and helps to form an emotional connection with users who deal with social anxiety.

  • This app can create a unique chatbot AI companion for users that can develop its own personality learning from user’s behavior once they indulge in chatting.
  • Users through this app can talk with virtual friend just like a human friend on lots of topics, interests, and so on.
  • A user can decide the way he or she wants Replika to behave like, whether as a friend, romantic partner, or mentor.
  • Replika uses augmented reality to access real thoughts and feelings, track users’ mood, learn coping skills and calm user’s anxiety, manage stress and improve mental health as well.

12. 24me: Calendar, Tasks, Notes

24me Calendar Tasks Notes

24me is a productivity-boosting assistant that helps the user in managing the calendar, creating a to-do list and also to create notes. Users can also synch the 24me calendar with all other calendars like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and more. Its features make it one of the best AI assistant for Android for its activities.

  • You can use voice to add tasks, notes and meetings.
  • This app eases the process of joining conference calls.
  • One can customize the calendar by adding label colors, photos to the calendar, and even reminder sounds.
  • Smart alerts help users to alert about the right time to leave considering a calculation of the traffic conditions, provide a street view of the target destination, and navigate the route as well.
  • Gives weather alerts, upcoming birthday alerts, etc.
  • Users can also make phone calls, book flights, share lists, and so on.

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13. Bestee


Bestee is a friend-like offline virtual assistant app that responds instantly to user’s texts, faster than any other virtual assistant. The offline feature is more targeted toward privacy concerns. So, now a Hey Bestee would not lead you to wait for long hours to get replied, ending up the excitement.

  • It can talk and speak just like a human and inquire about the user’s day while also asking other feel-good questions.
  • The app assistant maintains a journal and reminds the user of multiple things, affirmations, supportive messages, and giggle-worthy jokes.
  • It also performs primary tasks like changing accent, setting a task or reminder, creating a note, etc.
  • The machine learning and behavioral recognition pattern help the AI understand the comfort level of users and adjusts formality according to him or her. The more a user interacts with the app, the more it understands and gets better with time.
  • It has the potential to turn out one of the best AI assistant for Android.

14. Jarvis Artificial Intelligent

Jarvis Artificial Intelligent

Jarvis artificial intelligence app lets a user control his or her smartphone through voice commands and perform all the tasks an assistant app can do.

  • Users can make calls, read messages, open apps, and so on making their devices to be used hands-free.
  • This app can also play music, set alarms, enable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, alert a user when the charge is full, and even turn on the flashlight in case you lost something in the dark, or even if you are lost. Wait, no, don’t take it seriously. The last one is not possible.

15. Friday: Smart Personal Assistant

Friday: Smart Personal Assistant

The Friday: Smart Personal Assistant app, not ultimately best AI assistant for Android, but in a balanced manner understands user conversations in English and answers to a wide range of questions. The machine learning ability recognizes user behavioral patterns and serves content as per user’s taste and preference.

  • The user interface is simple and easy to use.
  • The app helps a user in posting on Facebook.

16. SoundHound – Music Discovery

SoundHound Music Discovery. 26 Best AI Assistant for Android

SoundHound is a voice and audio AI platform with speech and sound recognition, and natural human language understanding abilities. It also caters to the need for music discovery and identification and enables a voice-controlled audio player.

  • It helps users to search and discover songs.
  • Music journey is like a personal history on which users can save the songs and lyrics that he or she discovers.
  • Real-time lyrics help users to sing along and memorize the lyrics as in a karaoke master.
  • Songs discovered can also be transferred automatically into a Spotify playlist.
  • Users can share music discoveries via Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

17. Hound Voice Search & Personal

Hound Voice Search & Personal

Hound is another digital assistant app that emerged from Sound Hound itself. Hound uses the recognition of human speech in its voice-powered, machine-learning AI technology and talks to users and performs tasks as well. The difference between machine language and natural human speech is the formation of the sentence itself.

  • Users can search, discover and play any music.
  • Hound has answers to lots of questions from users.
  • A user can also access Spotify hands-free using Hound.
  • It can also read news, set alarms, timers, navigate, call, text, and all the basic activities of an assistant.

18. Reface: Face Swap

Reface: Face Swap

Reface: Face swap videos/memes is an app that allows users to make AI art and create avatars by swapping their faces in the photo with that of a celebrity, i.e., Reface.

  • Users can swap their faces with different characters and a wide array of celebrities around the globe.
  • Users can also play with live face swaps, or even swap the gender of the person in a photo.
  • The result can be shared as a clip or a meme or as a GIF or video via social media platforms.
  • The photo animator in the app brings images to life.

19. Robin – AI Voice Assistant

Robin - AI Voice Assistant

Robin is one of the best personal assistant apps for Android, often considered as a tough condition to Siri in iOS. The voice assistant app helps the user to:

  • Build an audio playlist with personalized audio content from podcasts and radio stations including interests like history, politics, celebs, food, and design.
  • Robin navigates road-map and directions for users, makes a call, gives weather forecasts, reads local news, and so on.
  • Topical playlists include news from Sports, Entertainment, World News, Health, Science and Tech, Business, and more.
  • Users can set reminders and alarms.
  • A user can also use Robin to read the Facebook feed or posts of Facebook.

20. Sherpa Assistant

Sherpa Assistant

Sherpa Assistant is a Spanish voice assistant company that provides informational recommendations in the Spanish language. However, it is no different from other personal assistant apps. It can conduct web searches and perform all the underlying tasks for a user using Android Speech Recognition technology.

21. Lyra Virtual Assistant

Lyra personal assistant download page APK Monk

Earlier known as Indigo Virtual Assistant, the Lyra Virtual Assistant app understands the natural language input of users, behavioral patterns, and displays information relevant to users’ likes and wants along with personal opinions.

  • It can forecast weather reports, read news, etc.
  • Using this app, users can navigate to different locations and it also helps in nearby searches.
  • This app also enables easy translation to various languages, nearly over 70 languages.
  • It directly renders and plays videos from YouTube.
  • It can set alarms.

22. Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Cortana

Cortana by Microsoft was one of the best AI assistant for Android and ultimately the most underrated assistant. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the Bing search integration to provide personalized recommendations. Although Microsoft never made it highly popular in the virtual assistant market, Cortona has been a highly capable venture that lacked some integration and marketing failures to serve its anticipated success.

  • The assistant’s recognition of commands is exclusively limited to voice recognition of the host only. This ensures the rigid security of the device.
  • This can perform all the basic tasks like calling, setting reminders, giving daily updates, and more.
  • It also reports traffic jams while navigation and shows alternative routes that can be considered.
  • It tracks users interests and offers prompt recommendations.
  • Users can sync call notifications, app notifications, and reminders between multiple devices.
  • Cortana is available in nine different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian, and Portuguese.
  • Even if Cortana has been officially shut down for Android users, it is still available for Windows users.

23. Iris: Personal Dating AI

 Iris: Personal Dating AI. 26 Best AI Assistant for Android

This Iris: your personal dating AI app on Google Play Store is a virtual dating app that helps a user in nullifying the frustration of seeking a match. With this app, one can teach the AI engine about the preferences of the partners he or she is looking for and the app will personalize categorical recommendations for users to chat and make friends.

24. ChatterBoss Virtual Assistants

ChatterBoss Virtual Assistants

Chatterboss Assistant is among the best personal assistant apps for Android designed for business organizations and entrepreneurs. This assistant uses real-time human assistant teams.

  • A user can use human assistants to schedule appointments, organize the calendar, or even plan business trips.
  • One can also chat with the personal assistant through a video chat, text, or phone call.

25. Tolkie – Your Virtual Assistant

Tolkie - Your Virtual Assistant

Tolkie is another chatbot and virtual assistant that allows a user to control the phone with voice and also engage in any conversation.

26. AIVC

AIVC app download APK Monk page

The AIVC personal assistant app also performs usual personal assistant tasks like playing music, calling, sending a text or email, translating to different languages, navigating, setting an alarm or a timer, and much more. It can also answer a number of questions and perform commands.


With this, we end the article. We hope that this doc could guide you on the best AI assistant for Android. If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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