17 Best App for WhatsApp Hacking

Online or offline, hackers are everywhere. Ethical or unethical, known or hidden, altruistic or selfish, there are several types of hackers and hacking going on with everyone connected to digital media. Similar is the case of WhatsApp hacking. Although we assume you’re pursuing this for study purposes and not to pose threat to someone’s privacy. Hacking WhatsApp can be done through some of the apps already available to download and if you’re also looking for them. Today’s article will be what you’re looking for. Today we’ll share some of the best apps for WhatsApp but before getting to the list, let’s understand how these WhatsApp hacking tools work.

17 Best App for WhatsApp Hacking

Best App for WhatsApp Hacking

The texting program WhatsApp is well-liked and simple to use. End-to-end encryption is one of its security features that work to protect the confidentiality of your messages. Despite the effectiveness of these security measures, WhatsApp is still vulnerable to attacks, which may compromise the privacy of your messages and contacts.

  • Socially Engineered Attacks – Social engineering assaults, which take advantage of psychological flaws in people to steal information or disseminate false information, are another way that WhatsApp is exposed. One example of this attack was disclosed by a security company called Check Point Research, and it was dubbed FakesApp, ironically best app for WhatsApp hacking itself. As a result, it was possible for users to edit the wording of another user’s reply and abuse the group chat function of quotes.
  • Remote Code Execution via GIF – Using a GIF picture, hackers were able to take over WhatsApp using a vulnerability that was made public by security researcher Awakened in October 2019. When a user enters WhatsApp’s Gallery view to transferring a media file, the hack takes advantage of how WhatsApp handles image processing to make it work. As a result, the program analyses the GIF and displays a file preview. The whole conversation history of a person may be exposed if a hacker sent them a malicious GIF. The users’ message recipients and conversations with them would be visible to the hackers. You should constantly keep WhatsApp updated to protect yourself from this issue.
  • Facebook Could Spy on WhatsApp Chats – All communications are not private only because WhatsApp utilizes end-to-end encryption. Apps can access files in a shared container on an operating system like iOS 8 and higher. On smartphones, the WhatsApp and Facebook applications use the same container. As a result, it is possible that the Facebook app will steal data from WhatsApp, posing as best WhatsApp hacking tool.
  • Fake WhatsApp Clones – Cybercriminals all around the world continue to use an old hacking technique called using phony websites to install malware. These clone websites are referred to as harmful websites which also work as the typical best app for WhatsApp hacking.
  • The Pegasus Voice Call Attack – By making a voice call to their target through WhatsApp, the frightening exploit allowed hackers to get access to a device. The assault may still be successful even if the intended victim didn’t answer the phone. A well-known and dated spyware app named Pegasus was deployed as a result of this assault and is still the best app for WhatsApp hacking of all the others, though it was declared illegal long ago.
  • Media File Jacking – Telegram and WhatsApp both suffer from Media File Jacking which works much more dangerously than any best WhatsApp hacking tool. This exploit makes use of the way media assets, such as pictures or videos, are received by apps to copy those items to the external storage of a device. When a new file is received, the virus can replace the legitimate one with a false one.
  • Paid Third-Party Apps –Big businesses that collaborate with repressive governments to target activists and journalists or cybercriminals looking to steal your personal information might be responsible for this. For the purpose of collecting your personal information, apps like Spyzie and mSPY may quickly hack into your WhatsApp account. Purchase, installation, and activation of the app on the target phone are the only steps required.

There are many other ways of hacking WhatsApp but after knowing about the most important ones, let’s move to the list finally:

1. SpyBubble

SpyBubble official website

SpyBubble provides excellent social app tracking just like any other top-notch spy app and is the topmost best app for WhatsApp hacking in our opinion.


  • Its capability to take screenshots is what truly makes it stand out. The target device’s owner won’t be aware that the software is taking screenshots of WhatsApp in use and sending them to you.
  • You are able to gain complete knowledge about WhatsApp discussions in this manner.
  • This platform allows for remote streaming of video and audio in addition to capturing a screenshot.
  • You may watch the target device’s user using the phone’s camera to see what they are up to.

2. mSpy

mSpy official website. Best App for WhatsApp Hacking

Without rooting or jailbreaking your phone, you may monitor WhatsApp using the widely regarded mobile hacking and best WhatsApp hacking tool mSpy.


  • Additionally, you may monitor WhatsApp call records, messages, private conversations, and the list of contacts.
  • You can monitor the GPS position of the targeted Android smartphones with the aid of this WhatsApp hacking application.
  • Even on iOS devices without a jailbreak, you can access WhatsApp activity.
  • You can keep tabs on WhatsApp on Android devices without rooting them.
  • You can use your online Control Panel to remotely access the data that has been gathered.

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3. FlexiSpy

Flexispy official website

You can track WhatsApp activities on both iOS and Android devices using FlexiSPY, another consideration while searching for best app for WhatsApp hacking.


  • The ability to record WhatsApp voicemails and calls makes this one of the uncommon applications.
  • Other social media platforms including Viber, Facebook, Skype, Hangout, etc. may also be monitored using FlexiSPY in addition to WhatsApp, which allows you to secretly and remotely spy on device activities.
  • This program has many features such as tracking and recording calls, tracking messages and social networks, location tracking, etc.

4. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch official website. Best App for WhatsApp Hacking

The powerful and best WhatsApp hacking tool Hoverwatch allows you to keep an eye on all of a phone’s real-time WhatsApp activities, including individual chats, sent or resurrected images, and WhatsApp phone calls.


  • On the target device, the Hoverwatch software operates covertly.
  • You may remotely, covertly, and immediately view the WhatsApp records from your smartphone or computer.
  • All cell phone calls are recorded by this WhatsApp hacking tool, including the parties’ contact details and the call’s duration.
  • The user won’t be able to find this app unless they know where to look.
  • Up to 5 Android devices, including phones and tablets, may be watched from a single account.
  • The targeted hacking device’s call records, text messages, location information, and calls may all be recorded.

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5. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile official website

Highster Mobile is designed to be used by parents, guardians, and employers to keep an eye on their workers’ company-owned smartphones. As well as by parents and guardians to keep an eye on their children under the age of 18. In this way, it is best app for WhatsApp hacking, covered with many other facilities.


  • You may practically observe anything saved on the target device, even erased files, with the help of Highster Mobile Monitoring Software.
  • Only recorded phone calls are prohibited since they are against the law.
  • What all can you watch using Highster Mobile is listed below:
    • Text, SMS, and iMessage messages (including deleted ones).
    • Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Kik, and more services provide private messaging.
    • Website History (Chrome, Safari, etc.)
    • Tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram posts, and other social media activity.
    • Time and date stamps are included in the call record of both incoming and outgoing calls.
    • Pictures and movies are stored on the Android or iPhone smartphone.
    • You may activate the target camera with the stealth camera to snap pictures of the area around the phone.
    • The login information for applications and accounts is recorded by keylogger features.
    • Google Maps-based real-time GPS position tracking.

6. uMobix

uMobix official website

Another one of best WhatsApp hacking tool, uMobix is quite popular. Most effective for parental-controlled mobile and tablet tracking and is another cell phone tracking software.


  • Any social networking app, including WhatsApp, may be hacked by it.
  • After installation, the app will immediately begin sending data from the WhatsApp app on the target device to your uMobix dashboard.
  • On the app, you’ll have access to any messages that have been sent, received, and erased as well as photographs and videos.
  • Every 5 minutes, the app updates its database with new data. You don’t have to worry about missing any WhatsApp activity on the target smartphone at any time.
  • Spying on other social media platforms like Facebook, Viber, and Snapchat with the software is as amazing as with the latter app.
  • This task is made easier by its aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly interface. A free demo of hacking WhatsApp can also be availed on its official app.

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7. eyeZY

eyeZY official website. Best App for WhatsApp Hacking

Parents and spouses can feel secure using the WhatsApp hacking app eyeZy. It is also one of best app for WhatsApp hacking along with all other domains.


  • It’s one of the greatest WhatsApp hacker tools that can quickly find out what your kids are saying online. It’s the best way to monitor your kids’ online behavior.
  • You may check their phone’s calendar to see all the activities they attend, where they go, who they meet with, and when.
  • Using GPS position, the app makes it simple to find the precise location on a map.
  • The WhatsApp number they’re conversing with is one of the contact details you’ll have access to.
  • You can monitor sophisticated Wi-Fi network analyses.

8. TheTruthSpy App

Graphical user interface website Description automatically generated

One of the top phone hacking applications and best WhatsApp hacking tool on the market is TheTruthSpy app. You can utilize all of a smartphone’s features by using its free app.


  • WhatsApp may also be hacked with this program. WhatsApp Spy is included with it.
  • Details about all the WhatsApp chats and messages are availed when you access this function from the dashboard.
  • The WhatsApp call history will also be accessible through hacking. All of the media files can also be hacked.
  • The date and time of the message, as well as all the message data, are all obtained when you hack WhatsApp.
  • Any sort of phone can be hacked with this software.
  • This app’s greatest feature is its ability to enable WhatsApp hacking on a different phone. No further equipment is required on your part.

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9. FamiGuard

Famiguard official website. Best App for WhatsApp Hacking

One of best WhatsApp hacking tool and other social media platform hacking applications is what you get with the FamiGuard app.


  • Up to 2000 phones may be watched live using it.
  • It provides a multiphone Overview and a smooth transition to a thorough Dashboard for all the linked devices.
  • You can pinpoint exactly where your smartphone is by using the GPS tracker.
  • With the help of Wi-Fi-Tracker, you may include more details about the locations of all nearby WIFI networks.
  • With no rooting necessary, it installs in 30 seconds.
  • Front and back cameras secretly live streaming without being seen.

10. Cocospy


The finest monitoring software, covering all the features of best app for WhatsApp hacking currently found in this market segment is Cocospy.


  • The fact that it is the most trustworthy and reputable app has already been proven, and that is supported by several millions of reviews.
  • With Cocospy, you have the option to listen in on any chats that are now taking place on WhatsApp. Even a dialogue in progress may be seen live.
  • You may also examine every piece of media being sent through WhatsApp as well as the sender or recipient’s contact information.
  • The target device’s browsing activity, calls, and message activity may all be monitored using Cocospy in addition to WhatsApp.
  • One of its best qualities is its geo-locating capabilities.

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11. Spy24

Spy24. Best App for WhatsApp Hacking

SPY24 offers one of the most thorough instant message monitoring services, and it assists in monitoring the social media accounts of your family or even workers. With SPY24, you may examine images on certain IM applications and read instant chats, since being one of best WhatsApp hacking tool is just one of its basic qualities.


  • You may send remote commands to the target device and modify feature settings with this app.
  • To shield your children from harm both online and offline, receive immediate notifications when certain terms are used in SMS, emails, phonebooks, and places.
  • Track all of their emails and keep an eye on the websites your children or workers visit. View all the websites they have bookmarked and observe how frequently they visit each one.
  • Examine every image and video that they have stored on their iPads and phones. Observe all of the appointments that are set up on the target devices.
  • You may use this application to examine all missed, incoming, and outgoing calls along with their duration, date, and time of occurrence.
  • You may view all of the photos that the phone’s owner has taken and received with this application.
  • You may see in real-time what is happening on the phone’s screen and nearby with Mobile Tracker Free.
  • You may limit phone use by barring access to all applications with Mobile Tracker Free.
  • View all the websites your kids or workers have visited, and ban any you deem to be too risky.
  • You are informed by Mobile Tracker Free whenever a new contact is added to the address book.
  • You may view incoming and outgoing messages from Facebook, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Viber, Instagram, and YouTube history using Mobile Tracker Free without rooting the target phone. Messages from other apps may also be accessed without the phone being rooted, including Skype, Hangouts, LINE, Kik, WeChat, Tinder, IMO, Gmail, Tango, Snapchat, and Hike.
  • Additionally, you can keep track of keystrokes made on instant messaging apps like Viber, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.
  • Take a look at the top 10 websites visited, the top 5 callers, and the top 5 call lengths. contains a Call Time Activity Punch Card for tracking calls made during specific hours and days of the week.
  • To learn more about their activities and the topics they discuss on and off their phones, record and listen to their phone conversations.
  • You are able to read every SMS and MMS that the phone’s user has sent or received with this application. Click on the following features to learn more: SMS alarm, SMS & MMS tracking.
  • You may follow the location of the target phone in real time with Mobile Tracker Free.
  • You may fully operate the phone via remote control, remove data, make it vibrate or ring, take pictures, and more.
  • It allows you to browse the file explorer in Mobile Tracker Free to see all downloaded and received files.
  • You can access all phone apps and block those you believe to be detrimental to your child.
  • You are informed by Mobile Tracker Free whenever a new event is added to the calendar.
  • You can create PDF and Excel reports detailing the games and people your children play with and referring the most.


XNSPY official website

One of the top companies offering mobile phone tracking and another best app for WhatsApp hacking is XNSPY. Any Android smartphone may be used to track a person’s complete WhatsApp activity.


  • You may record your child’s phone conversations and listen to them with this WhatsApp hacking application.
  • All conversation threads can be read.
  • With WhatsApp photo tagging, you can see every photograph.
  • You may bookmark it, keep track of your surfing history, and view emails that have been sent and received.
  • You can keep tabs on WhatsApp activity on iPhones and iPads using XNSPY without downloading or installing the app.
  • Using a computer or smartphone, you can monitor WhatsApp conversations from any location.
  • You are able to recover any WhatsApp messages that the target device erased.
  • Keylogging, geofencing, geolocation, position history, and more sophisticated functions are available.
  • A competent customer support team and useful after-sales service are both provided by XNSPY.

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13. MobileSpy

MobileSpy.at official website. Best App for WhatsApp Hacking

MobileSpy is an excellent software if you’re still searching for best WhatsApp hacking tool and want to hack into someone’s WhatsApp account. Since it is simple to use and packed with useful features.


  • You’ll require two actions before you can begin eavesdropping. Install the app on the target smartphone after creating a paid membership account with MobileSpy.at.
  • When WhatsApp is installed and configured, you may access it and view all activity on the smartphone in real-time.
  • You’ll be able to keep track of everything, including shared multimedia assets as well as group and individual communications on the social app.
  • A highly developed stealth mode is also included in the software. So, you can be confident that the owner of the target device won’t be aware that they are being spied on.
  • The application not only allows you to hack into WhatsApp but also Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other accounts.
  • Any calls made and received, as well as all texts sent and received on the target device, will also be available to you.

14. iKeyMonitor


Another best app for WhatsApp hacking and parental monitoring tool iKeyMonitor keeps a watch on children’s WhatsApp communications from all angles and enables parents to see the records remotely.


  • You may monitor any computer activity with the help of this robust monitoring application.
  • The iKeyMonitor application runs in the background and records every keystroke made on the PC being watched.
  • It enables you to review every text message sent and received.
  • All of your actions are simply accessible and tracked in a separate panel.
  • You can view screenshots of WhatsApp conversations.
  • All information about the WhatsApp pictures, sent and received, can be gathered.
  • It provides information and a time stamp.
  • You may keep tabs on the target device’s WhatsApp communications.
  • It enables you to receive any message in the WhatsApp app or any messaging service.
  • It gives users access to a sizable database of WhatsApp contacts that are saved locally and are simple to use.
  • Photos, chat applications, and websites viewed may all be seen on the target device.
  • You may use it to keep an eye on website visits, email content entered, and upload logs to an FTP server.
  • It assists you in getting thorough logs of all actions, including websites visited, emails sent and received, screenshots, etc.
  • You may back up the target device’s contacts with this.

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15. Spyier

Spyier official website. Best App for WhatsApp Hacking

You can eavesdrop on someone’s WhatsApp with Spyier in a secret, secure, and covert manner. It is thus in the list of best WhatsApp hacking tool.


  • You may download the application on a target smartphone in a few simple steps and use it to spy on a variety of other apps in addition to WhatsApp.
  • You may view messages containing information like contact names, profile images, and phone numbers through a dedicated WhatsApp window on Spyier’s monitoring dashboard.
  • To assist you in pinpointing the precise time of a given discussion’s occurrence, the messages have time stamps and dates attached.

16. Spyera

Spyera official website

With the help of Spyera, best app for WhatsApp hacking, you may covertly and remotely read all incoming and outgoing messages as well as multimedia.


  • You may use your computer to examine their WhatsApp conversations, SMS messages, and call history. The date and time stamps of WhatsApp talks are also visible.
  • You may access any attachments and the history of group WhatsApp talks.
  • Every contact’s profile image and name are available for inspection.
  • You may record the communications and upload them to your protected web account.
  • You are able to see pictures, stickers, emoticons, videos, and voice messages.
  • You can see all the contacts’ names and profile images.
  • It provides direct access to collected data through your online web account.

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17. KidsGuard

KidsGuard official website

Being one of best WhatsApp hacking tool, KidsGuard also enables you to keep tabs on the messages being sent and received on the target phone.


  • You can keep an eye on data from WhatsApp, including conversations, status updates, calls, audio messages, and other app actions.
  • No login or account is required to use WhatsApp.
  • It operates in stealth and syncs info to you instantly.
  • The majority of smartphones and tablets can run the KidsGuard WhatsApp hacking application.
  • For both the software itself and customer support, KidsGuard provides multilingual support.
  • While WhatsApp is in use, it automatically captures screenshots.
  • You may see several WhatsApp statuses with complete anonymity.


This was the whole list including best app for WhatsApp hacking. There are many apps available on the internet including illegal ones but these are the ones that won’t attract any shady eyes of the government due to being totally legal. Remember, we do not promote any type of privacy intrusion through this article and all the above apps should only be used for safety and educational purposes. If still, any mishap occurs, you as a user are solely responsible for it, hence these should be used by adults only or under adult supervision, which is what we would advise. Do share your comments and experiences in the comment section below regarding your queries or suggestions. Keep reading and we’ll see you in another article with another topic.

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