18 Best Tools for Hacking

Best Tools for Hacking

Hacking cases are increasing at an alarming rate, making it necessary for us to be aware of everyone who accesses your system, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. You need to protect your operating system from hackers who can use your files or documents for false activities, without you knowing about it. In this article, you will learn about the best tools for hacking operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS. So, continue reading to know about the best hacking tools to download for your PC and safeguard it against such threats.

Best Tools for Hacking

Best Tools for Hacking

We have listed the 18 best tools for hacking in this article. These hacking tools will help you in conducting security research that can be beneficial for you and your organization. Go ahead and download the best hacking tool which suits your requirements.

Note: These hacking tools do not promote any kind of illegal activity and we do not endorse any of these apps.

1. Metasploit

download Metasploit hacking tool from official website

Metasploit is an infrastructure collection that you can use for the construction of your tools.

  • This free tool for searching vulnerabilities on different platforms is one of the most common cybersecurity tools.
  • Metasploit is supported by more than 200,000 users and contributors who help you gain insight and detect system weaknesses.

Download Metasploit

2. Nmap

Nmap hacking tool homepage

Unix has developed Network Mapper or Nmap that is now available on Windows and Android too. It is one of the best network scanners or port finders. The map can be used for discovering computers and services on a network of computers to create a network map

  • This hacking tool is developed to scan large networks.
  • It works well with individual hosts.

Download Nmap

3. Acunetix WVS

Acunetix Wix hacking tool official website

This is one of the most useful hacking tools. Acunetix is a WVS scanner that scans and identifies the flaws that could prove fatal on the website. Other features of this tool are listed below:

  • It creates a website and detects malicious cross-site scripts, SQL injections, and other faults.
  • This is a quick WordPress tool that scans websites from over 1200 WordPress to find faults.

Download Acunetix WVS

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4. Wireshark

Wireshark hacking tool official website

Originally, this free open-source tool was named Ethereal. Wireshark is also supplied in the TShark command-line version.

  • The Network Protocol Analyzer for GTK+ works with Linux, Windows, and macOS X.
  • Wireshark is a GTK+ based web analyzer or sniffer for network frames that allows you to capture and browse network frame content interactively.
  • Its objective is to create a business quality analyzer for Unix and to build the missing features in Wireshark.

Download WireShark

5. oclHashcat

oclHashcat hacking tool download page

You might have heard of free password cracking tool Hashcat if you crack passwords for work. You can download this useful hacking tool for Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows which is a CPU-based password cracking tool. A few noteworthy features of this tool are:

  •  oclHashcat is the advanced version of Hashcat, which uses your GPU power. The world’s first and only GPGPU-based engine makes OclHashcat a unique worldwide password cracking tool.
  • You can also use this tool as a decryptor for WiFi passwords.

Note: NVIDIA users need ForceWare 346.59 or later for using the tool, and AMD users require Catalyst 15.7 or later.

Download oclHashcat

6. Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

Nessus Vulnerability Scanner by Tenable official website

The tool, developed by Tenable Network Security, is one of our most popular vulnerability scanners. A few unique features of this tool include:

  • It supports a variety of platforms such as Windows 7 and 8, Mac OS X, and popular Linux distros such as Debian, Ubuntu, and Kali Linux, etc.
  • It is the first free hacking tool of 2020, which works on a client-server framework
  • Nessus serves various user types with different editions like Nessus Home, Nessus Professional, Nessus Manager, and Nessus Cloud.

Download Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

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7. Maltego

maltego hacking tool official website

This tool can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • This hacking tool is an open-source forensic platform.
  • It provides rigorous mining & information collection to paint a picture of cyber threats.
  • Also, Maltego exemplifies the complexity and severity of failure points in your infrastructure and the environment.

So, go ahead, try out this hacking tool, and protect your work.

Download Maltego

8. Social-Engineer Toolkit

Social-Engineer Toolkit by TrustedSec official page

Social-Engineer Toolkit can be used on LINUX, Mac OS X, and Windows. Moreover,

  • The tool is featured on Mr. Robot.
  • It can be used as an advanced framework for simulating various kinds of attacks.
  • It performs phishing attacks.
  • It can do credential harvesting as well.
  • The interface of this hacking tool is nicely organized.

This hacking tool is free of charge! So, go ahead and try it out.

Download Social Engineer Toolkit

9. Kismet

kismet hacking tool official webpage

Kismet is an 802.11 layer 2 wireless network detector which can can sniff 802.11g, 802.11b & 802.11a traffic. 

  • It acts as a sniffer and intrusion detection system which is capable of supporting raw monitoring (rfomon) mode.
  • It can be used through a kismet wireless card.
  • This hacking tool is completely free to use.

Download Kismet

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10. John The Ripper

John the ripper password cracker official website

John The Ripper is open-source software that is available free of cost. Its notable features include:

  • The tool is distributed in the form of source code. Thus, it has a customizable cracker.
  • It is a reputed password cracking software available for many operating systems.
  • It combines the features of many password crackers and detects password hash types.

Download John The Ripper

11. Unicornscan

unicornscan hacking tool official website

Unicornscan is an attempt to collect information and correlation on a User-Land Distributed TCP / IP stack. It aims to create a superior interface for a researcher to introduce a stimulus to a TCP / IP device or network in order to measure its response. This hacking tool provides its users with a large variety of features such as:

  • asynchronous stateless TCP scans with all TCP flag variations,
  • asynchronous stateless TCP banner grabbing,
  • remote OS application, and
  • component recognition by analyzing responses.

Download Unicornscan

12. Netsparker

netsparker hacking tool official website

Netsparker hacking tool is a user-friendly web application security scanner. Following are some features of this tool.

  • It uses advanced Proof-Based vulnerability scanning and has integrated penetration testing and reporting tools.
  • The identified vulnerabilities are automatically exploited by Netsparker safely and are also demonstrated by the use.

So, go ahead and try out this hacking tool.

Download Netsparker

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13. Burp Suite

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a built-in platform for web application security checks and is considered to be one of the best hacking tools. During the entire testing process, its different devices work together seamlessly,

  • from initial mapping and analysis of the attack surface of an application
  • to determination and exploitation of security vulnerabilities.

You can consider this application for ethical hacking. So, go ahead and give this hacking tool a try!

Download Burp Siute

14. Superscan 4.0

superscan 4.0 download

This is another popular PC hacking software that scans Windows ports. SuperScan is a mighty TCP port scanner, pinger, and solver.

  • This is a free port scan tool for connecting TCP and UDP ports to an objective computer.
  •  Also, this application is very easy to use and you will not face any difficulty while using it.

Download Superscan 4.0

15. Aircrack


This is one of the best hacking tools for WiFi. Following are some remarkable features of AirCrack hacking tool:

  • It has a detector, sniffer, WEP, WPA / WPA2-PSK, and an analysis tool.
  • You’ll find a wide range of tools for tasks like surveillance, attack, pen testing, and cracking in AirCrack.

Download Aircrack

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16. w3af


If you’re looking for a web application security scanner that is free and open-source, then w3af is your best bet because:

  • W3aF is used to gather security vulnerability information.
  • It could be further utilized in penetration testing commitments with web application attack and audit framework.

Thus, hackers and security researchers widely use the tool.

Download w3af

17. OWASP Zed


This hacking tool is one of the best OWASP projects! With the help of this hacking tool, you can protect your PC as:

  • This hacking tool provides a variety of tools and resources that enable security researchers to identify security vulnerabilities and gaps.
  • This is also a pen-testing tool that anyone can set up and use this hacking tool very easily.

So, go ahead and try it out!

Download OWASP Zed

18. Nikto Website Vulnerability Scanner

Nikto Website Vulnerability Scanner

Pen-testers extensively use Nikto Website Vulnerability Scanner as it is an open-source web server scanner. Here are some essential features of this hacking tool available for download:

  • It can scan and detect vulnerabilities very quickly.
  • Out-dated versions of more than 1300 servers can also be scanned using this tool.
  • It is helpful in determining server configuration issues.

Download Nikto Website Vulnerability Scanner


This was our list of best tools for hacking to download that you can use to protect your work on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. These hacking tools will surely be helpful for you and your organization. All of the above applications are for privacy experiments, and this article does not promote any kind of illegal activity. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. And keep visiting our page for more cool tips & tricks.

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