22 Best and Safe Websites to Download Free Textbooks

Books are indeed a person’s best friend. Books are knowledgeable and also perfectly help in utilizing time. Especially in times like the pandemic that has made people suffer a great deal mentally and physically, books have been a great support. While there are a number of ways that you can try to read your favorite book including physical copies, e-books, and others, using best and safe websites to download free textbooks is also one. This gives users a chance to binge-read books on any electronic device via the internet. There are a number of sites that give readers a chance to download the whole PDF of the book and then read it at their comfort. If you are looking for similar sites over the internet, then our today’s guide will help you a lot. To know more about which is best site for free textbook PDF, let us get started with our guide right away.

22 Best and Safe Websites to Download Free Textbooks

Best and Safe Websites to Download Free Textbooks

Without wasting any time, let us get started with some of the best websites that you can use to download a number of books in PDF on your device. It will not only be a piece of cake to read a book anytime and anywhere but with a free PDF textbook, you can use any electronic platform too.

1. Open Textbook Library

Open Textbook Library

To start with, the first website that you will be informed about is none other than Open Textbook Library. Textbooks in Open Textbook Library are licensed by publishers and authors to be freely used and adapted. The platform is all about transforming higher education and student learning. You can find about 1140 open textbooks on the platform.


  • Textbooks on Open Textbook Library can be easily downloaded, edited, and distributed at no cost.
  • The platform is supported by Open Education Network.
  • The textbooks present on this website are mainly used by college students.
  • The site has college textbooks that can be downloaded as PDFs and are sorted by 12 different subjects.
  • Subjects covered on the site include Computer Science, Mathematics, Law, Business, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and others.
  • The website has books that cover college learning for free.
  • The broad range of books category for learning purposes is what makes it one of the best websites to download textbooks.

2. OpenStax

OpenStax. 22 Best and Safe Websites to Download Free Textbooks

OpenStax is the next perfect choice if you are looking for answers to what is the website for free textbooks. It is a platform where you can easily find free and flexible textbooks & resources. Along with that, OpenStax is also known for its low-cost technology. Let us get to know more about this textbook website’s features.


  • OpenStax is a non-profit textbook platform for educational purposes.
  • The website is based at Rice University.
  • There are a number of subjects available on the website including Mathematics, Social Sciences, Humanities, Physics, Biology, Business, and more.
  • Textbooks on the platform are easy to use because of their standardized scope and sequence requirements.
  • Books on OpenStax adapt to existing courses and hence are convenient.
  • The main focus of OpenStax is college education as well as high school education.
  • Textbooks on OpenStax are free to access.
  • Multiple textbook formats are also available on the platform.
  • The quality of educational books on OpenStax is not compromised.

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3. PDF Books World

PDF Books World. 22 Best and Safe Websites to Download Free Textbooks

PDF Books World is one of safe textbook download sites that you can use to read a book of your choice. The platform is known to have high-quality books. Books on PDF Books World have digitalized versions that attained public domain status.


  • PDF Books World has book editions with legible font sizes and other features.
  • Readers can enjoy different book genres on the platform including Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children’s writing, and Academic.
  • The books can be downloaded from PDF Books World on different platforms like mobile devices, tablets, and others.
  • The website has books with separate editions that are optimized for different screen devices like Tablets, PCs, and mobile phones.
  • You can download PDF books online from the website’s library with membership registration.
  • Books on this site have legible font sizes, illustrations, table of contents, and internal reference links.
  • The website has important links to books, author pages, genres, and more that help readers explore the library quickly.
  • Readers can also use the search option provided on the website.

4. Open Library

Open Library. 22 Best and Safe Websites to Download Free Textbooks

Open Library is another one of best and safe websites to download free textbooks that readers can use. Open Library is an editable library catalog that is extremely helpful for readers. The software, data, and documentation of the website are open to all. The website is a non-profit internet archive for book readers.


  • You can easily use free library books online from millions of books available through Controlled Digital Lending.
  • Readers can also keep track of their favorite books and can organize books using the lists and the reading log.
  • You can also try the website’s virtual library explorer which has digital shelves organized like a physical library.
  • Readers with an Open Library account can contribute as well to building the free textbooks catalog.
  • There is a wide range of books on the website to choose from.
  • Users can also borrow books from this e-book platform.

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5. Scholar Works

Scholar Works

What is the website for free textbooks is a question that every reader has asked once in their lifetime. If you are one of them then Scholar Works is the answer for you. It is heaven for college students as the website contains a number of college textbooks.


  • Scholar Works is a service provided by the Grand Valley State University Libraries.
  • The website contains 21,385 papers to date that represent research and scholarly output.
  • This output is selected and deposited by individual university departments and centers on the campus.
  • These items have 1,712,908 full-text downloads that also help researchers to increase the visibility and impact of their work.
  • Readers can search college textbooks PDFs across authors, titles, keywords, citations, and others.
  • College students have access to all PDF textbooks.
  • You can download books from the website without a student ID.
  • The website contains dissertations, published textbooks, projects, articles, and master theses as well.

6. Libre Texts

Libre Texts

Libre Texts is another best site for free textbook PDF that is also known as the world’s most popular online textbook platform. The website is non-profit and is directed toward college students. It is extremely easy to use as well, all thanks to its Open Educational Resources which makes its user interface convenient.


  • The website has over 398 textbooks, textmaps, and LibreTexts.
  • You can get your hands on over 154 courses using Libre Texts.
  • You can easily access the Libre Texts library via the internet.
  • The website is completely free to use.
  • The libraries of Libre Texts are known to provide not just single textbooks but an infinite library through which new texts can be developed and shared.
  • The content of the website is always up to date ensuring consistency and the newest information possible.
  • Libre Texts provides a more engaging platform and learning experience for students without any financial burden.
  • The website also uses interactive visualizations for a better learning experience.

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7. Planet eBook

Planet eBook. 22 Best and Safe Websites to Download Free Textbooks

Another name in the list of safe textbook download sites is Planet eBook. It is the home of free classic literature with multi-format eBooks. The website is also mobile-friendly and can be used on other electronic devices.


  • Planet eBook contains a small selection of high-quality eBooks.
  • Readers can enjoy eBooks on the platform for free.
  • The website is perfect for classic literature fans.
  • Planet eBook publishes PDF versions of selected readings.
  • The website has a simple and user-friendly interface that can be used on a mobile.

8. Bookboon


The next one of best and safe websites to download free textbooks is Bookboon. Bookboon gets you free access to hundreds of textbooks that are written by professors from the world’s top universities.


  • Bookboon is an easy-to-access online ebook platform.
  • The topics covered on Bookboon include Engineering, Economics, Business, and IT.
  • Bookboon works with industry-leading authors.
  • You can also discover new books on the platform written exclusively for Bookboon.
  • You can also create teams in Bookboon in which as an admin, you can add or remove other readers from your team.
  • Users can also explore other topics including Law, Natural Sciences, Marketing, Engineering, Finance, Economics, Accounting, and Management.
  • Readers can sign up for a free subscription to use Bookboon.
  • You can also sign up for a paid subscription on the platform.

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9. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a library for free eBooks with over 60,000 to explore from. If you want to know what is the website for free textbooks then you can head over to Project Gutenberg for free epub and Kindle eBooks.


  • Readers can find the world’s best literature at Project Gutenberg.
  • The website also focuses on older works that are not easy to find on other websites.
  • eBooks on Project Gutenberg are digitalized and proofread by volunteers on the website.
  • Readers can enjoy reading unlimited free redistribution.
  • You can browse books on Project Gutenberg by title, subject, author, type, language, popularity, and more.
  • The website also offers eBook listings and metadata to consult offline.
  • All the eBooks on Project Gutenberg are the latest and updated.
  • You can access the website from Kindle, tablets, mobile devices, and Nook.
  • Project Gutenberg is also one of the old ebook reading platforms.

10. Internet Archive Books

Internet Archive Books

Another famous and best site for free textbook PDF is Internet Archive Books. Readers can easily go through books and download them as per choice. Also, books on Internet Archive can be borrowed and read on the website’s online book reader platform.


  • Internet Archive books provide access to a public or academic libraries with a good collection of digital versions of books.
  • About 4,300 books are scanned every day on Internet Archive in 18 locations around the world.
  • Even books that were published prior to 1927 are available for download for readers.
  • Hundreds of books can also be borrowed through the website’s open library.
  • The website’s goal is to make life simpler for readers with disabilities and who find it difficult to interact with physical books.
  • There is a wide range of books, audio, and videos available on the Internet Archive.
  • Readers can contribute by uploading digital materials directly to the Internet Archive.

11. Google eBookstore

Google eBookstore

Google eBookstore is another one of those safe textbook download sites that are popularly used by people all around the world. Readers can choose from a variety of book collection that features classic and contemporary bestsellers.


  • Google eBookstore helps users read, download, and preview books.
  • You can easily find a book on Google eBookstore which is otherwise not available online on other platforms.
  • You can also buy, borrow, and read books from the website.
  • On Google eBookstore, there are books that are provided by publishers whereas other books are scanned as part of the Library Project.
  • There are over 10 million free books that are available for readers to download on Google eBookstore.
  • Books on Google eBookstore are completely safe to read and download.

12. Amazon Kindle Books

Amazon Kindle Books. 22 Best and Safe Websites to Download Free Textbooks

Kindle users have an advantage over other ebook readers as they can get their hands on a number of books online on Amazon Kindle Books. The platform offers free books for download to Kindle users. Amazon Kindle Books is the next one of best and safe websites to download free textbooks on your device.


  • Kindle books have a variety of books including romantic, adventure, finance, and more.
  • Along with free books to download, Amazon Kindle also provides books that can be bought.
  • Most books that are free to download follow Kindle reading features.
  • Users can also search on Amazon Kindle Books to find and download the book of their choice.
  • You can also browse on the platform with the help of reviews and ratings provided for the book.

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13. Free-Ebooks.net


If you are still wondering about what is the website for free textbooks then we have come up with a perfect name to answer your question and that is Free.Ebooks.net. On becoming a member of Free-Ebooks.net, you can read and download five books of your choice every month.


  • There is a variety of book genres on Free-Ebooks.net including Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic, Textbooks, Classics, and Audiobooks.
  • Books from this website can be downloaded in PDF form.
  • Free-Ebooks.net categorizes books in a drop-down menu which makes it an easy-to-use interface.
  • The platform also organizes video chats with experts in the world of literature and academia.
  • Free-Ebooks.net also runs an active blog which can be extremely useful for readers.
  • Books can be downloaded for free here.
  • Informational videos on the platform make it a preferred choice by readers.

14. Manybooks.net


Manybooks.net is a website that was established in 2004 and since then has been one of safe textbook download sites. Manybooks.net is known for an extensive library of books that are available in digital format on the internet.


  • There are a number of classic books available on Manybooks.net.
  • Self-publishing authors can also introduce their work on Manybooks.net.
  • Books on the website are of quality and safe to download.
  • PDF books are available to download from Manybooks.net.
  • The website is completely free to access and open to all.
  • Books on Manybooks.net are available in a wide range of languages.
  • Readers can go through graphic images of books on the website to select a book of their choice.

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15. Freeditorial


The next best site for free textbook PDF is Freeditorial. On freeditorial, readers can download and enjoy tens of thousands of books for free in the most widely used digital formats. Readers from all around the world can access and download books on Freeditorial.


  • White cover books are free to download on Freeditorial.
  • Writers can also publish and sell their books on the website.
  • Freeditorial is an open library for all readers.
  • The main goal of Freeditorial is to promote literature.
  • Freeditorial is also available in different languages like English and Spanish.

16. OnlineProgrammingBooks

OnlineProgrammingBooks. 22 Best and Safe Websites to Download Free Textbooks

While there are a number of best and safe websites to download free textbooks for readers who enjoy Fiction, Non-Fiction, Classics, Literature, and other books, OnlinProgrammingBooks is a website that is specifically for those who love books in the IT field.


  • The website is home to free eBooks related to computer science, programming, web design, software engineering, networking, AI graphics, networking, databases, and computer hardware.
  • Books on OnlineProgrammingBooks are provided by publishers or authors legally.
  • The website regularly updates books that are available for free for IT enthusiasts.

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17. Open Culture

Open Culture. 22 Best and Safe Websites to Download Free Textbooks

Open Culture is the next answer to the most widely asked question by e-readers which is what is the website for free textbooks? Open Culture is best free educational and cultural media on the internet.


  • Open Culture has over 800 free eBooks for iPad, Kindle, and other electronic devices.
  • Open Culture offers online courses, eBooks, audiobooks, online certificate programs, podcasts, language lessons, and more for free.
  • Readers can enjoy books of different categories including Non-Fiction, Fiction, and Poetry.

18. Free Kids Books

Free Kids Books

Not only can you find best site for free textbook PDF for adults in the list today but we have a website exclusively for kids too who love reading books. Free Kids Books is a well-known platform on the internet that offers textbooks for K-12 students.


  • Free Kids Books is a popularly opted platform by children of K-12, pre-primary, primary, and secondary education.
  • The website has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to browse books of choice.
  • It is a great platform for teachers, parents, and students.
  • Books on the website are beginner-level that are suitable for toddlers and young adults.
  • The website supports different languages including German, French, Spanish, Farsi, and Hindi.

19. Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy

Another name in the list of safe textbook download sites is Saylor Academy. With Saylor Academy, you can learn new skills, earn credit toward a degree, and advance your career at your own pace. Saylor Academy offers free courses to readers around the world.


  • Saylor Academy was established in 2008 as a non-profit organization.
  • The website offers free online courses to everyone.
  • Saylor Academy provides 100 full-length courses at the college and professional levels.
  • The courses at Saylor Academy are built by subject matter experts.
  • Courses are available as per the user’s schedule and are free of cost.
  • Course deadlines at Saylor Academy are flexible.

20. Z Library

Z Library

The next one of best and safe websites to download free textbooks is Z Library. Z Library is a free online library platform that contains over 100 million books. It is one of the largest e-book libraries on the internet.


  • Z Library is available to people around the world for free.
  • Readers can download books from Z Library without any registration.
  • The main goal of Z Library is to encourage people to read and to make literature accessible to everyone.
  • Readers can use the search option in Z Library to find books and articles by year, publisher, language, author, MD5, and via International Standard Book Number (ISBN).
  • You can enjoy reading books from Z Library on your Kindle, HTML, ePub, or plain text.
  • Z Library also has over 9 million articles.
  • Books on Z Library are available in different languages including English, German, Chinese, and more.

21. Free Computer Books

Free Computer Books. 22 Best and Safe Websites to Download Free Textbooks

Free Computer Books is another website for computer and IT geeks. It is best site for free textbook PDF that provides links to free computers, technical books, mathematics, and a lot more.


  • Readers can download free PDF books based on Science from Free Computer Books.
  • Other categories of books provided by the website are machine learning, software design, data science, computer languages, and more.
  • On clicking on the name of the book, readers can see all the information about it.
  • Different book categories are provided on the homepage of Free Computer Books.
  • Links are also provided to readers to download PDF books.

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22. KnowFree


The last website in the list of safe textbook download sites is KnowFree. KnowFree is a place where you can easily find the latest magazines, technical research papers, eBooks, case studies, and white papers.


  • KnowFree was established in 1994 to provide professional content to readers.
  • KnowFree is a perfect website for working professionals.
  • The website has curated resources on behalf of the world’s largest and most influential companies.
  • Professionals can sign up on this website for free.
  • Readers have unlimited access to the library of KnowFree.
  • The website publishes the newest research and publications.
  • KnowFree offers free eBooks and professional services.
  • Material on KnowFree can be accessed on the go from any device or browser.

What is the Website for Free Textbooks Requirements?

Before opting for a website to download your favorite textbook as PDF, you must be aware of the requirements for the same:

  • PDF Reader Features: There are a few features that your PDF reader must possess due to the heavy-texted documents of a PDF file. Your PDF reader must-have features including annotation, navigation, editing, bookmarks, reading mode, and easy sharing. You can opt for PDF readers like WPS Office, Google PDF Viewer, Foxit MobilePDF, or Moon+Reader for Android devices. iOS users can opt for Google Playbooks and PDF Max. Finally, for Windows users, options for PDF Reader include Nitro Reader and Adobe Reader.
  • User Requirement: Another important thing to keep in mind is the requirement of the reader. To download free PDF books, one must be aware of different parameters like book type, different genres, books for kids, college students, or for adults, and other possible factors that can impact your book choice.
  • User Interface: Another point to note down is to have a simple and easy-to-use interface of the website where you can easily find your book. If the interface of the website you choose is easy, it will be easier to download and enjoy your e-book.
  • Safety: Another requirement to keep in mind is website safety. You must make sure that the website you are using is safe and secure. You can also use antivirus software to protect your device from virus attacks that can corrupt your network.


We hope that our detailed guide on best and safe websites to download free textbooks was helpful and informative enough to acquaint you with different websites that will help you in downloading the eBooks of your choice. Let us know about your thoughts and queries, if any, by leaving them in the comments section below.

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